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Chapter 490: s.p.a.ce Seed! The Key to the Human World

In the mountains outside the city, the entire factory building of the Terry Family had become a ruin. There were terrifying force fields within hundreds of meters of radius. Many people desperately fled to the nearby mountains and stared in horror at the distant scenes.

There were blue mist and black flame in that area from time to time. They twisted into a ball and repeatedly entangled; even the line of sight became distorted.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” With a few deafening sounds, everyone felt that there were waves of fluctuation in the initially distorted line of sight which rippled outward, then the s.p.a.ce finally returned to calmness.

In the dense smoke and dust, they couldn’t see the scene inside, but some demons with special eyesight could faintly see the traces of the terrifying power rampaging in it. Suddenly, a figure flew out from the thick smoke. He looked haggard with a few wisps of green mist on his body, and a faint laughter sounded behind him.

Jason, who was hiding in the crowd, recognized that the figure was the capital’s powerhouse Sarandi, and he was secretly shocked. Isn’t Sarandi a royal family powerhouse at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord? How could he be defeated?!

“Sir Sarandi!” Jason yelled in a panic. Since Sarandi had failed, Jason would be doomed if he stayed in the Dark Moon. He must act decisively and escape to the capital with Sarandi and surrender to Regent Obsidian.

When Sarandi heard Jason’s voice, his flying direction changed and turned back. Jason was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted him. Sarandi arrived in an instant, but what Jason saw was his ghastly and murderous gaze. He knew that something was amiss. Before he could say “Spare me,” he had lost consciousness.

The people nearby only saw the swift figure pa.s.sing by Jason. Jason’s body was already stained with a kind of green smoke, then he turned into ashes.

Since Jason knew a lot of secrets, Sarandi didn’t want this survivor to fall into the hands of the Dark Moon, so he killed Jason. Then, he fled forward without stopping all the way.

After flying for a while, he dived into the jungle. Feeling that he had lost the enemies who were chasing behind him, and the poison invading his body became more and more intense, Sarandi slowly stopped. He found a hidden stone pile in front of a big blue lake and sat down.

Sarandi tried to use his power to get rid of the poison, but those poison seemed to have stuck to his bones, viscera and even every blood vessel like a glue. He couldn’t remove them in a short time.

Sarandi’s brows wrinkled tightly. He didn’t expect that he would encounter such a terrifying enemy during this trip to the Dark Moon. Not only he possessed great power, there was also the terrifying poison technique which even the body of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord couldn’t resist!

Just now he obliterated Jason, in addition to avoiding leakage, another purpose was to use the power of the [Heart of Light and Dark] to transfer part of the poison on his body surface in order to reduce his burden. But the poison in his body couldn’t be removed in this way. If it stayed in his body for a long time, there would perhaps be a big obstacle.

I must find a safer place as soon as possible. With the talent of the [Dark Flame], I’ll see if I can completely remove it.

At this moment, Sarandi suddenly had a bad omen. As soon as he raised his head abruptly, he saw a huge black shadow in the opposite sky.

This was a giant dragon that was tens of meters long. Its whole body was tawny, and its scales faintly glowed with a metallic l.u.s.ter. It had a ferocious appearance with a single horn on its head. There were fin-like things on its cheeks. The dark golden vertical pupils flashed with a frightening cold light. When its huge wings spread out, even the light of 2 moons was blocked.

Sarandi was very surprised. Where did this terrifying dragon come from? I didn’t even notice it flying. That familiar breath… is the opponent who hurt me!

It turns out that it is an extremely rare poison dragon among dragons!

“Hmph, you still want to run away after being poisoned by me? This is my nest. I know where you are even with my eyes closed!” A familiar voice sounded from the poison dragon’s mouth. It was the enemy named Paglio!

Sarandi sighed. My skills are not as good as others, I am poisoned, and the other party is a dragon who is good at flying. There is no hope of escaping now. He simply gave up resistance, patted the dust on his body and stood up gracefully. His expression became very calm, “I admit my failure. Before I die, I ask to see Princess Royal Shea of ​​the Dark Moon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the giant dragon shook his body and turned into a human form as he flew over. With a punch, Sarandi, who didn’t defend, was knocked out. Paglio cursed and said, “Just admit you lost. Don’t put up a manner in front of me.”

While Paglio knocked down Sarandi, Chen Rui was loosening his fingers that crushed Nero’s skull in another place.

The shriveled body suddenly stiffly scattered to the ground. An object with a green halo flew out from the corpse slowly. Chen Rui’s red eyes flashed, and he grabbed it.

This was a lush green item the size of a jujube seed. It was flowing with strange energy fluctuations in his palm.

“This is…” A certain memory segment in Chen Rui’s mind instantly became clear, and a sparkle flashed in his blood-red pupils, “s.p.a.ce seed!”

Humans came to the Demon Realm generally by opening the s.p.a.ce channel which was relatively risky. As for returning, there was no danger. They just needed to rely on a kind of “seed” that was implanted into the body in the human world in advance. This was the s.p.a.ce seed in Chen Rui’s hands.

The human entering the Demon Realm could activate the s.p.a.ce seed through some special conditions, then return to the coordinates specified at the human world. It was equivalent to a one-time fixed coordinate teleportation.

“With this thing, I can go to interesting places even like the human world.” Chen Rui laughed loudly, and his laughter was full of sinister. When his mind moved slightly, the seed had been integrated into his body. He thought of something suddenly, and he glanced at Isabella next to him.

Facing the fierce and bloodthirsty red pupils, Isabella did not panic or avoid him, but she just looked at him quietly.

Chen Rui’s eyes were narrowed, and he snorted coldly. The blood in his pupils gradually disappeared, and they returned to the original black. The red of the armor on his body also faded, changing into its original form and l.u.s.ter. It was just that he seemed to exhaust a lot of energy as he was gasping for breath.

When Chen Rui was in extreme anger just now, he accidentally merged Shura’s power of destruction into the black hole of the [Star Devouring], and he finally absorbed all the power and flesh of Nero.

Although Nero was wiped out, the brutal and violent power and means still horrified him. Is this the embodiment of “destruction”?

In the status bar of the Super System, the Experience Value had changed again, 2%.

This is Phecda? Do I really want to do this in the future?

The way of training is dangerous and risky. How can I advance without going through obstacles.

Chen Rui took a deep breath, and his will became firm again. The armor on his body gradually disappeared as he looked at Isabella who was staring at him, “Isabella, how is your injury?”

When Isabella heard her name, her gaze became cold suddenly, “Your strength is beyond imagination. It seems that I outsmarted myself just now.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and wanted to leave. However, at this time, her physical condition was extremely weak due to the serious injury and the exhaustion of strength. She staggered and collapsed forward. A figure appeared in time to hold her.

“Drink it.” Chen Rui had a bottle of black potion in his hand.

Isabella saw that he took out black potions this time without hiding, and she said coldly, “What kind of potion is this?”

“Longevity potion. In addition to prolonging life, it has the magical effect of restoring injuries.” Chen Rui helped her sit down slowly on the ground. “Don’t simply burn your vitality in the future. This potion can only be used once.”

Looking at this bottle of grand master-level’s highest achievement potion that could drive the Demon Realm’s countless powerhouses crazy, Isabella coldly replied, “No, isn’t it just right for me to die? Dead people won’t reveal secrets.”

“You really don’t want to drink it?”

Isabella said nothing and glanced aside.

“I have only one way to deal with a sulky woman.” Chen Rui uncorked the bottle, focused his power in his mouth and drank the longevity potion gruntly, then he held the face of the sulky woman and pa.s.sed it mouth to mouth.

Isabella struggled desperately, but now she had no strength at all. She was forced to kiss him face to face. Gradually, her struggling strength diminished, and her beating hand wrapped around the man’s neck. Even after the longevity potion was “transferred”, both of their lips still did not separate, but they greedily searched for each other’s lips in each other’s heartbeat.

This was the first time that Chen Rui took the initiative to kiss Isabella so boldly, instead of being “coerced” as before. This kiss was likely to have endless troubles. However, regardless of whether it was because the woman diverted the enemy for him or committing suicide, it was worth it.

After a long time, the two finally separated.

Isabella stared at him, feeling the wonderful feeling in her heart that was almost forgotten. Suddenly, she put away the tenderness in her eyes and said viciously, “Don’t tell anyone about the matter just now!”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “It’s this kind of threat again… I don’t seem to have any other choice, Madam Yini.”

Hearing that satisfactory address, Isabella’s face suddenly blushed; not sure if she was shy or it was the effect of the potion. She snorted coldly and said, “Are you going to the palace tonight?”

“Palace” was almost like the secret sign between the two of them. Chen Rui shook his head with an extremely exhausted look on his face, “I want to go, but unfortunately I can’t because I just used some secret technique. I will enter the sleeping state soon… This time, the Dark Demon has suffered a heavy loss. It is probably also very difficult to keep the capital’s contact point . We suffered a defeat. In any case, you should heal your injury first…”

At the mention of the Dark Demon, Isabella’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

Chen Rui’s eyelids had already begun to shut. The exhaustion after fully activating the [Royal Star Transformation] was hard to resist, not to mention that he also merged with Shura’s power of destruction. His body slowly softened, and Isabella quickly put him down, resting his head on her lap.

Chen Rui stretched out his hand, trying to touch her face, but his vision was blurry. He was out of energy when he stretched out halfway. He held on to the last trace of consciousness before falling asleep and said, “I like the flower…”

When he uttered the last word, he was already asleep.

Although the sentence was vague, Isabella heard it.

Staring at the face of the man who was sleeping like a baby, a drop of tear slowly slipped from her blue eyes. It dripped onto his face. Her lilac cherry lips formed a shallow smile like a quietly blooming fresh flower. It was beautiful and intoxicating.

Now that he had made up his mind, would he introduce her to the Governance a.s.sociation ‘again’?

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