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Chapter 756: Night Talk

The b.l.o.o.d.y battle of the Warlock Fortress finally came to an end. Raizen agreed to the request made by the Fallen Angel Empire and withdrew the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire Army back to the Iron Fist Estate. Catherine and the Demon Overlords of the Dark Shadow Empire were stationed in the Warlock Fortress. The armistice negotiation for the 3 empires was set for the next morning, and the location was Town Nimbus in the middle area.

The repair of the Warlock Fortress and the treatment of the wounded were carried out in an orderly manner. Chen Rui’s Yuan Recovery Tree played an important role, especially the Demon Overlords, who had exhausted their strength and were seriously injured, were well recovered. The replenishment of logistical materials and troops was also being carried out as soon as possible because the start of the peace talks did not mean a truce. Especially at this time, the vigilance shouldn’t be relaxed. After all, there had been such a precedent of defeat out of carelessness in history.

Catherine just greeted Shea casually, then she brought her subordinates to the high tower camp. Zola and Paglio returned to the City of Stars in the sky to recuperate.

In the evening, Chen Rui appeared outside the Dark Shadow Empire’s camp.

After a while, he was invited into the camp and came to the main tent with the highest protection tower where Catherine was. This was a modified mountain peak. Catherine looked back at the night sky that had gradually turned purple, and her figure looked like an ethereal fairy.

The female Demon Overlord who led the way respectfully bowed and retreated to the back, leaving only Chen Rui and Catherine on the top of the peak.

“No one would have thought that the illusory Castle in the Sky at the concert was actually real.” Catherine said while looking at the huge castle in the sky, “Tell me, what is that?”

“The City of Stars, it is the ruin of the ancient alchemy civilization.” Chen Rui did not hide it, “By chance, I became its inheritor.”

Catherine finally realized something as she nodded, “So you got the inheritance of the ancient alchemy civilization. No wonder you have black potions and incredible mechanics talent.”

It was reasonable to use the ancient alchemy civilization to interpret the ‘grand master inheritance’, but it was actually a coincidence.

Chen Rui did not explain this ‘misunderstanding’. Everyone had his own secret. The Super System and the ident.i.ty as a crossover was his biggest secret in his subconscious mind. This was a secret that he did not intend to disclose to anyone.

“This sky castle should also have terrifying strength. How many trump cards do you still hide?”

“It’s just an empty sh.e.l.l to bluff people.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Whether inheritance or others, it is not omnipotent. Otherwise, I won’t wander around on the edge of death several times in succession.”

Catherine’s eyes softened. She and him had gone through the test of death more than once. Every time, he did not hesitate to block in front of her.

She turned her head slowly. Those eyes became indifferent and tranquil, “Her Majesty Shea made you come? Sir Aguile.”

Chen Rui pretended not to hear that deliberate t.i.tle, “Catherine… thank you.”

“Did you thank me for saving your Royal Majesty Empress? Or thank me for saving the Warlock Fortress or the Fallen Angel Empire?” Catherine’s voice became colder again.

“My Royal Majesty Empress?”

Chen Rui’s ‘answer’ looked more like a t.i.tle referring to Catherine. Catherine’s eyes, which were previously s.h.i.+elded by silence, moved slightly. She felt that her heartbeat was inexplicably fast, and she immediately suppressed it vigilantly while frowning, “A living Shea, and a stable Fallen Angel Empire can better serve as a buffer between the Dark Shadow Empire and the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. Raizen originally thought that I was dead, so he did not hesitate to abandon his dignity and norm to personally kill Shea. He tries to take advantage of the situation to unify the Demon Realm. Now instead of dying, I have reached the kingdom level, so Raizen will not attack Shea again. Therefore, you should be relieved that your Royal Majesty Empress is now safer than ever… “

Chen Rui changed the topic smartly, “You just said the norm? Is there any clear restriction that the powerhouses above the kingdom level can’t deal with ordinary people?”

“When ‘quant.i.ty’ is completely unable to determine ‘quality’, there must be corresponding restrictions. I heard that the human world has a corresponding… Demi-G.o.d contract?” Catherine’s words were more like questioning him back.

Demi-G.o.d contract? Chen Rui remembered when Isyorul descended on the Jade Forest Sea in the human world, the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse of the elf tribe mentioned this term. It should be a convention that restricts Demi-G.o.d-level powerhouses from intervening in the world.

“It seems that there are.” Chen Rui pondered and said, “The Demon Realm also has it?”

“As far as I know, the Demon Realm does not have a formal contract. It is just an unwritten convention. I have only entered the kingdom level. From the legendary road of Demi-G.o.d to G.o.d, it is only just starting. It’s been a long time since G.o.d has shown a miracle in the record, but G.o.d’s years are endless. Our tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years are just a nap for G.o.d, so we can’t guess or estimate. What we know is that this legendary road has a very key vocabulary which is ‘faith’. If you compare the kingdom to the world, then faith is the pillar of the world. If there is faith, there will be believers. Faith can be transformed, converted, destroyed or created, but it cannot be directly interfered by the controller. For example, G.o.d can use believers in our world to affect each other and even launch wars to fight for faith, but he must never act by himself to kill or change the other’s faith. Demi-G.o.d powerhouse should also have this because unless he is G.o.d, these believers cannot survive in the kingdom; they can only survive in the ordinary world.” Catherine didn’t know that the man in front of him not only had faith power, but also had believers in different planets. Based on the concept she explained, the ‘planets’ was the ‘Kingdom of G.o.d’.

“If the super powerhouses slaughter ordinary people at every turn, it may not only affect the mentality and the realization of faith, but also the more troublesome thing is that you don’t know how many of these ordinary people are believers in other powerhouses, which will incur many unknown powerful enemies… In addition, super powerhouses also have their own pride. Unless provoked, they will not easily kill.”

Chen Rui nodded slowly, “I see, no wonder Raizen made a bad excuse when he wanted to kill Shea.”

“Raizen is a very prideful person. If it is an opponent of the same level, he will not have the slightest hesitation. It is actually a great shame for him to kill Shea in public, but he actually gave up his dignity and pride. The unification of the Demon Realm is certainly a reason, but the most important thing is probably his secret illness. He wants to clear the obstacles for the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire at all costs before the injury is triggered or before he retires. However, I can sense that Raizen’s life breath has a certain kind of abnormality. Once it is triggered, I’m afraid it’s hard for even Raizen to escape death. He should have been using the b.l.o.o.d.y Ring, 1 of the 7 artifacts, to contain this abnormality. Perhaps the longevity potion alone is hard to cure him.”

“In any case, this is 1 of the most important bargaining chips in negotiations with Raizen. I will definitely try my best.”

“The person you want to negotiate with is not only Raizen, but also me.” Catherine looked at him faintly, “Since you, prince consort, are here today, it must not be as simple as chatting and thanking, so let’s open it up.

As a strategic ally, you must promise me 2 conditions. First, no matter what changes will happen in the future, the City of Stars will never appear on the battlefields on the Dark Shadow Empire. Secondly, all the new things and new technologies that the Fallen Angel Empire will possess in the future, the Dark Shadow Empire must also possess them at the same time. “

Chen Rui shook his head, “In the future… will we not be able to escape war after all?”

“This question is naive, but you already know the answer in your mind.” Catherine looked away, “I’m not really a sage. Sometimes I get tired of that cold and ruthless throne, but I have to keep sitting; I have to give up more… Give up our future.” Chen Rui sighed, “Only in this way can your people have more? This is not the first time I have seen your persistence. To be honest, I really admire you. “

“Have you ever lost the person closest to you? I not only lost them, but also buried them with my own hands…” Catherine’s eyes were a bit blurred, “That year, I wore a crown on my hands which was stained with the blood of my brother. I vowed to use everything to protect this land that was once filled with mourning and blood. I can’t let more people lose. I’m not clear about Shea’s story, but it is certain that she is as persistent as I am. As a ruler, we will not let go of our persistence. So, sooner or later…” Her Majesty Empress paused and sighed, “I won’t give you multiple choice questions anymore. I can only tell you that what your so-called our future is just an illusion. You’re a smart person. Let go early, this is good for both of us. “

Chen Rui was silent for a long time, then he suddenly smiled.

“My Royal Majesty Empress, has anyone told you that when you encounter things related to the empire, you are always far-sighted, careful in calculation, and come up with smart strategies from time to time. Even if you are not a hyped top sage, you are by no means an idiot. But once you encounter personal feelings, you will be a total fool? Is this the legendary high IQ and low EQ?”

Catherine did not understand some vocabulary that was almost like a poisonous mocking, but her gaze was obviously colder, “I don’t have time to say this nonsense with you. What I want to listen to is your reply!”

“IQ is innate, and EQ is acquired. To be precise, this EQ is a bit ambiguous. Let’s just treat it as a feeling to relations.h.i.+p…”

“Since you can’t give me an answer, then let Shea come and talk to me.” Catherine’s voice became colder.

“Don’t be angry, Your Majesty Empress… Isn’t it just not using this big guy on the battlefield? Plus you must have whatever Shea has…” Chen Rui said with a grin, “I will promise you. But the second condition… Let’s tentatively set a 2-year time limit.”

Catherine thought about the time when she left that day. The voice of ‘2 years’ came from behind. She nodded and closed her eyes, “I’m going to rest, Sir Aguile. You can go back and report your task.”

Chen Rui turned around and walked a few steps before suddenly stopping, “The closest person in this world… I also lost it before. It was a life that I once regarded as my daughter. Although she has left me forever, she left an eternal imprint in my mind. Your success in Nirvana should be the result of this imprint, and a strange connection has also been formed between us. I believe you have sensed it. It is precisely because I have lost it, that’s why I will cherish it even more. Lastly, the ‘illusion’ you have seen before is not necessarily an illusion. Perhaps it has now become a real existence.”

As the footsteps walked away, Catherine slowly opened her eyes as she looked at the castle in the sky under the purple moonlight.

TL: How will the negotiation go? Will Chen Rui have a way to cure Raizen? Or will he?

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