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Chapter 991: Shocking Change

On that day, a major event that shocked the entire human world broke out in the Blue Glory Capital Fansidian.

The cause was a spectacular wedding event, but no one expected that the Dragon Bright Empire’s Third Prince Arthur, who came to Fansidian to marry Princess Pearl Landbis, actually publicly refused to marry Landbis at the engagement ceremony!

This was a great disgrace for both Landbis and the Blue Glory Empire as a whole. The Blue Glory Empire’s King Klongter was slapped hard in front of everyone.

The furious Klongter the Great became hostile on the spot and ordered the imperial guards to take Arthur down. Prince Arthur, who felt guilty, stopped his guardian from taking action and let the imperial guards put him in prison.

As the top beauty of the empire, Princess Pearl Landbis became the focus of the whole incident. After Arthur was voluntarily imprisoned, Princess Landbis angrily cut off her beautiful shawl and long hair and swore a poisonous vow that she would never marry.

As soon as this story spread, there was an uproar — Princess Landbis, who had been a widow 7 for seven years, finally waited for her fiancé Arthur to reappear, but this happened at the engagement ceremony!

For a while, all kinds of rumors about Arthur and Landbis were revealed, so everyone knew that when Prince Arthur was still studying at Starlight College, he had been in love with the college teacher at that time, who was also the Blue Glory Empire’s n.o.ble lady, Veronica.

Although she was a n.o.ble lady, in the huge Blue Glory royal family, Veronica was only a relatively poor branch. Her parents died young, and she had no special background or power. At the special request of the Dragon Bright Empire’s Lex the Great, Veronica became a victim to a political deal and was forced to marry Sophil, the first prince of the Dragon Bright Empire who was much older than her father.

Prince Arthur had rushed back to the Dragon Bright Empire to beg his father Lex for 3 days and 3 nights, and he fell ill in the end, but he still could not stop this political marriage full of tragedy. Even more tragically, soon after Veronica married the prince, she became a veritable widow and had not been able to return to the Blue Glory Empire.

It was said that the original words of Arthur’s rejection of the marriage vows at the engagement ceremony were “I’m sorry, you know who I love, I will not marry you”, so it was obvious that the person Arthur loved should be Veronica.

However, in any case, Princess Landbis was innocent. She was the biggest victim. After learning that this top beauty princess had made up her mind and vowed not to marry for the rest of her life, many people sighed in pity.

Just when everyone felt sorry for Princess Landbis, another amazing thing happened.

The next night, the prison where the ‘heartless man’ Prince Arthur was imprisoned was raided by a large number of mysterious people. During the fierce battle, a violent explosion occurred in the prison. At that time, the Holy Light Mountain Cardinal Gralin and Second Prince Victor who were going to visit Prince Arthur also endured the terrifying catastrophe; Gralin also fainted due to serious injuries.

The entire prison including Arthur was reduced to nothing under the terrifying power. There was news that the prince might be kidnapped by the mysterious person, and there was news that Prince Arthur had unfortunately died in the explosion. Prince Arthur’s guardians were splitting up to investigate, and Proyo was staying in Fansidian as the representative of the envoy team to prepare a series of negotiations.

After investigations and confirmations, the mysterious man was the believer of the evil cult who was arrested by the Holy Church. The main purpose of this raid on the Blue Glory Empire prison was to avenge the Blue Glory Empire’s scavenging of a large base of evil cult in the area some time ago and to stimulate the conflict between the Blue Glory Empire and the Dragon Bright Empire.

Klongter the Great was the most worried one. The nature of this incident was much more serious than the refusal of marriage. He imprisoned Arthur in prison to save his reputation. How would he expect that such emergencies would actually occur? Arthur’s life or death was now uncertain. The most optimistic outcome was to be held hostage, but he couldn’t help but plan for the worst. Anyway, Arthur encountered the accident in the Blue Glory Empire after being imprisoned by him. It was not him asking the Dragon Bright Empire for an explanation, but the Blue Glory Empire must give the Dragon Bright Empire an explanation now. The only solution now was to find Arthur. That was the only way to break this predicament and regain control.

In addition to Proyo of the envoy team, there was also Cardinal Gralin. As 1 of the witnesses, he had fought against those attackers. He could be sure that the opponent was the church’s worst enemy, the Black Death Follower – This is definitely not Prince ‘Arthur”s escape plan, but a real accidental attack!

‘Arthur’ is the ‘Holy Child’ designated by the 3 archangels, Raphael. He actually encountered the Black Death Follower’s ambush under my watch. It is very likely that something bad has happened to him!

d.a.m.n cultist!

Despite the serious injury, Gralin rushed to Jaqda immediately after waking up. He returned to the Holy Light Mountain through the [Teleportation Portal] and reported the incident to Pope Vantis. Arthur was the recognized owner of the Crown of Thorns. After the loss of the Snow Dallet Tree, the Crown of Thorns’ key role was irreplaceable. Now that Arthur had the Holy Grail, this attack had a big and far-reaching effect on the church. Certainly, even archangels like Raphael would be alarmed.

News of Third Prince ‘Arthur’ blatantly rejecting his marriage and being attacked in prison by the Black Death Follower was soon spread to the Dragon Bright Empire, causing the same commotion.

Dragon Bright Empire’s Lex the Great had a special bloodline sense that could clearly feel the life and death of Arthur. However, he did not make any response in this regard, and he also rejected Second Prince Garfield’s request to temporarily take over the Golden Estate. He only ordered a full search for the whereabouts of Prince Arthur.

While the various forces were racking their brains to find Prince ‘Arthur’, Chen Rui was in another safe place, the Storm Island.

Gralin still guessed wrongly. This was precisely ‘Arthur”s plan. Due to the trade with the Holy Grail, the public rejection at the wedding was to follow Landbis’ plan to create a pathetic ident.i.ty for her so that she not only justifiably get the name of celibacy in order to cut off the thoughts of some people, but it also won the sympathy of the people. For a compet.i.tor like Second Prince Victor, it was tantamount to a huge blow.

The disappearance incident caused by the attack of the Black Death Follower was Chen Rui’s original plan, but it was only slightly changed by taking the opportunity of being imprisoned in the prison. Even Landbis didn’t know the truth.

The biggest characteristic of this plan was that the attackers were not fake but the real Black Death Follower. This was an by the Black Death Followers of the east district. The planner was Chief Bishop Soranly of the east district, and the first guardian ‘Shura’ of the mysterious cult of the east district was the one who personally partic.i.p.ated and directed the operation!

This time, he ‘succeeded’ in killing Arthur and made great achievements. Therefore, Shura should have the opportunity to gain Soranly’s trust and get in touch with the senior level of the Black Death Follower. Now Shura’s mission was not just to steal the faith and master the intel of the mysterious cult, but also to find and try to destroy the main altar of the 3 rulers of the abyss!

Despite repelling Quilliana in the Silver Moon Celestial Capital and completely destroying the abyss pa.s.sage of the Tree of Nature, the great threat of the Abyss to the entire world had not been fundamentally uprooted, so he must not put his guard down.

Next to Chen Rui were Zola, Paglio, and Dodo. They were all in a merged state with the Star Conferring Platform. At the moment before the explosion of the prison, they came to the Storm Island through the [Star Gate].

The reason why Chen Rui chose Storm Island was a more important reason. In the Psychedelic Forest, after Zola was lucky enough to get the artifact, the Element G.o.ddess Crown, the legendary prophet Alucier of the elf tribe once said, “Take it to meet the controller of elements, and you will have unexpected gains.”

Although Alucier did scam and cheat him before, his prediction was by no means deceitful. Chen Rui brought Zola and the rest straight to the Cloud Palace of the wind elementals and met the Wind Elemental King Sethtine.

The Wind Elemental King immediately sensed the change in Zola. This fairy dragon with the [6 Elements Kingdom] once competed against Demi-G.o.d with the strength of the peak stage of the Kingdom level and left a deep impression on Sethtine. After just a short time, she actually had broken through to Demi-G.o.d, and her power breath was quite stable. Zola advanced to Demi-G.o.d in a battle with the elf tribe Demi-G.o.d powerhouse Dursa. Following that, she stayed in the Magician Tower Group during Chen Rui’s ‘recovery’ period. With the help of Dursa, she stabilized the kingdom step by step.

Whether it was Chen Rui or Zola, they had an extraordinary ident.i.ty for the elf tribe, so Dursa naturally had no reason to refuse. Not to mention that Zola, who was also an early stage of the Demi-G.o.d, was also a rare training opponent. After learning and discussing with each other, Dursa and Zola, who were good at various researches and magic circles, got closer. They felt like they were confidants who wished they could meet early. The 2 women even established a considerable friends.h.i.+p.

When Zola showed the Element G.o.ddess Crown at the suggestion of Chen Rui, Sethtine was greatly moved, the Wind Elemental King looked at the fairy dragon with a strange gaze for a long time. In the end, he nodded with affirmation.

This att.i.tude confused Ms. Fairy Dragon. Even Chen Rui didn’t understand what happened. Sethtine did not answer, but he asked Chen Rui and others to stay on the Storm Island for a few days.

3 days later, the ‘answer’ seemed to be revealed. When Chen Rui and Zola were invited to the Cloud Palace again, 2 guests were already waiting in the main hall.

The Fire Elemental King Ogmarton, Light Elemental King Delkus, and Sethtine the ‘host’. The 3 Kings of Light were all here!

“This… Ms. Zola, can you show your Element G.o.ddess Crown?” Ogmarton was the most impatient. Before Sethtine could speak, he asked the Fairy Dragon eagerly.

Zola had been instructed by Chen Rui beforehand, so she did not care about the other party’s rudeness. The delicate crown appeared on her head. The 3 Elemental Kings all looked over, including Sethtine, who had already seen the Element G.o.ddess Crown.

Light Elemental King Delkus spoke up, “Ms. Zola, may I take another look at your power of the [6 Elements Kingdom]?”

A ray of soft and warm light appeared from the fingertips of the fairy dragon. It looked translucent, but it faintly revealed 6 colors.

Although it was just this simple light, with the eyesight and sensing power of the 3 Elemental Kings, they had noticed the level of power contained in this light.

“The 6 element source powers are in a perfect fusion!” Ogmarton praised. He now naturally understood who the beneficiaries of Chen Rui’s efforts to obtain element source power from several Elemental Kings were.

Delkus pondered for a moment before he quickly exchanged glances with the 2 kings and asked, “Ms. Zola, it seems that you not only have the most perfect [6 Elements Kingdom], but you also have been recognized by the Element G.o.ddess Crown… Do you want to get a higher level of power?”

Higher? Higher than Demi-G.o.d? Zola’s eyes lit up as she nodded.

“Power and responsibility coexist, so are you equally prepared to accept greater responsibility?”

Zola was stunned. The same was said by the legendary prophet when she got the Element G.o.ddess Crown. She turned to look at Chen Rui who smiled back at her. In this smile, Zola saw many things. So, the fairy dragon also smiled and didn’t say more. She just nodded again to the 3 Elemental Kings.

There was no lengthy speech, but the 3 Kings of Light clearly saw the unwavering faith in her eyes. After looking at each other for a moment, the 3 Elemental Kings seemed to have made some kind of important decision.

“It’s uncertain whether Ms. Zola chose fate or fate chose her. What is certain is that… she and the Element G.o.ddess Crown chose each other.” Delkus’ words had an incomprehensible esoteric meaning, “You better take her to meet 3 Kings of Darkness again. I’m sure it will be a surprise. But before that, you should try to get another important thing: the origin fragment.”

Chen Rui’s spirit lifted. 4 of the current 6 origin fragments had returned to the corresponding Elemental King, and there were still 2 to be collected – earth origin fragment and fire origin fragment.

The whereabouts of the fire origin fragment was unknown. As for the whereabouts of the earth origin fragment, only the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton knew. In the last meeting between Chen Rui and the 3 Kings of Light, Ogmarton put forward a condition that the fire origin fragment should be used in exchange for the whereabouts of the earth origin fragment.

“I’ll tell you where the earth origin fragment is now.” Fire Elemental King said directly without mentioning the previous conditions.

Chen Rui nodded and said sincerely, “Thank you, Your Highness Ogmarton. I solemnly promise that I will do my best to find the fire origin fragment and try to get it into your hands before the next Elemental War.”

“I feel like this verbal promise is more credible than the last deal. You’re a good friend.” Ogmarton smiled, as did the other 2 Elemental Kings, “You do need to go all out to find the fire origin fragment, but not because of the Elemental War. Compared to the meaning of completing the collection of the 6 origin fragments, Elemental War is simply insignificant.”

Insignificant? Elemental War is related to the fall of the Elemental Kings. Once they fall, who knows how many years it will take to be reborn? This has always been what the kings care about the most.

Could it be that as long as the origin fragment is completely collected, it doesn’t matter who falls?

The Wind Elemental King saw Chen Rui’s surprise, so he nodded and said, “Yes, this is the most important. My friend, you don’t need to doubt. As long as the time comes, all the mysteries will be revealed.”

TL: Elemental War is insignificant? What role does Zola play in this?

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