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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 354 Part 1 – I Will Definitely Eat You

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


As soon as he saw Yu s.h.i.+ Ran running away, the fat man began to struggle desperately, and kept crying with his covered mouth.

But how could Ling Mo possibly pay any attention to him? He was concentrating all his spiritual force onto Yu s.h.i.+ Ran.

Sure enough, a leader-level zombie's strength wasn't ordinary. Despite being in the ruins, Yu s.h.i.+ Ran's speed was quite fast, and soon, her figure was about to disappear into an alley.

Ling Mo quickly shut his eyes and when he opened them again, Yu s.h.i.+ Ran cried out "Ah!", and directly ran into a wall.

"Bang!" a loud m.u.f.fled sound echoed out, causing Ling Mo to even feel the ground tremble a little.

His second spiritual strangulation attack was much more powerful than the first one. Yu s.h.i.+ Ran shook her head as she struggled several times, failing to get up.

However, Ling Mo's head also felt dizzy as well. A sharp pain instantly came from his brain. It hurt so much that if he relaxed his legs, he would have fall to the ground.

Shana grabbed onto him, as he hurriedly fished out the zombie drug, and drank a mouthful.

A warmth quickly rose from his abdomen and spread throughout his body, and the pain in his head had started to ease.

"Cough* Cough* It seems that it's too difficult to directly take care of a zombie leader with just using the spiritual strangulation attack…. But it is enough to get rid of ordinary advanced zombies. However, it's too costly to use it repeatedly."

Ling Mo's spiritual strangulation attack was actually just a type of spiritual attack where spiritual energies collided with each other.

However, unlike his substantialize spiritual tentacles, this kind of attack wasn't able to kill, but it would completely destroy the person's consciousness, making the target become a complete walking dead, which was much worse than ordinary zombies.

While Ling Mo was taking the drug, Hei Si had already ran over to Yu s.h.i.+ Ran, lifted her up, and brought her back.

Her actions made her seem like a faithful hound. However, compared to ordinary dogs, when Hei Si ran, those two lumps on her chest constantly moved up and down, displaying the charms of a dog girl.

"However, I still miss my big hound from before…." Ling Mo sighed.

Yu s.h.i.+ Ran was thrown in front of Ling Mo by Hei Si. She seemed as if she wanted to say something, but the dizziness continued to invade her mind, making her feel very harmless.

Looking at her semi-opened eyes and confused expression, Ling Mo felt that she wasn't as terrifying as before. She was missing that zombie-leader aura now, and started to look like a little Loli.

"I already told you that you wouldn't be able to run away, didn't I?"

Just as Ling Mo crouched down in front of her, this Loli zombie opened her mouth and tried to bite into Ling Mo's pants as if she was provoked by something.


Her teeth immediately bit onto a tactical knife that Ling Mo quickly used to defend with. She bit with so much force that it shattered the blade.


Ling Mo's scalp turned numb. If she had actually bitten into his pants…. the consequences were unimaginable!

After Yu s.h.i.+ Ran got rid of the tactical knife, she immediately tried pounce onto Ling Mo, however, she was met with a weaker spiritual strangulation attack by Ling Mo.

The strength of this attack was average, but it was enough to make her fall back down again……

Considering the fact that leader-level zombies have the ability to quickly recover, Ling Mo intended to only use the minimal amount of strength that was required to incapacitate her.

Zombie spouses also had some sort of feeling similar to a spiritual connection with each other. If Yu s.h.i.+ Ran was injured, Half-moon would feel it as well.

This point had been said by both Li Ya Lin and Shana, therefore, Ling Mo didn't attack Yu s.h.i.+ Ran physically and used his spiritual strangulation attack instead.

Of course, another reason being that he didn't wish to face a zombie leader that went berserk after being injured.

Killing her with a headshot? As a Loli zombie who is keen on selling out her teammates, she is more valuable alive than dead.

As for her running into that wall just now…. The tenacity and resistance of a zombie leader's skin couldn't be compared to a human. They wouldn't have much of a problem even if they were hitting against a steel plate.

"Enough, just give up already, you don't have the fate of eating sausages."

Even though he said that, Ling Mo still quietly took two steps back, and crouched down at a farther place, "Now you're my captive. Whatever I ask, you'll have to answer."

Yu s.h.i.+ Ran humphed, then shook her head and said, "NOT GOING TO!"

Hearing her cry out "Aiya" right after, it seems that she had bitten her tongue.

Ling Mo pretended as if he didn't hear Yu s.h.i.+ Ran's rejection and continued to ask, "The one that brought you guys here, what is he like? And how strong is he?"

"Hmph*, of course he's amazing!" Yu s.h.i.+ Ran said with enthusiasm. "He's even more amazing than me and Half-moon!"

to be continued….

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