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Chapter 1393: The G.o.d of t.i.ta!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Golden energy flowed into Bonehead’s mech like golden mercury. Bonehead’s mech slowly transformed with a huge lightning sign on the pilot’s cabin.

w.a.n.g Zheng was already up when the golden beam disappeared. He disappeared from where he stood originally and appeared in the pilot seat.

Three-hundred and sixty degrees field of vision, controlled with telepathy, the strongest Bonehead mech!

Rara Durai had been completely restricted on the battlefield. The s.p.a.ce spiral electromagnetic gun was in position. The four super warriors were more than enough to deal with them. Shan Meng and several of the giant guards were now tackled by countless beast-type mecha. They bit them crazily, causing blood to flow out like a river. Shan Meng struggled to crawl forward only to see his arm being torn off. He gnashed his teeth and went forward bravely. Rara Durai was just above him, but this distance that could be reached easily was now unapproachable. His leg had been torn off too.


An ear-piercingly loud bang. The alloy warhead dropped. A wave of energy exploded, creating a bright flame in the atmosphere towards Rara Durai.

The whole of t.i.ta was filled with despair at that moment. Was this the start of the end of t.i.ta?

No one could speak a word in the command room. They had no power in the face of the war, no matter how capable and influential they were.

Ye Zisu and the rest were numb. They were too young after all. Their minds were blank. Only Old Merchant’s eyes were still dignified. He was nearing the end of his life anyway, death and despair were long gone from his dictionary.

My dear w.a.n.g Zheng, you little rascal, come out quickly if you’re not dead yet. If you don’t, it will really be too late!

Haddis sucked the end of his cigar in s.p.a.ce. He even had an exquisite hundred year old Château Latour by his side. Actually, the taste really wasn’t much different, but Haddis was only after this feeling. He was going to celebrate at the moment of his victory.

That was now!

Yang Fan and the rest knew that the main protagonist of this war wasn’t them. He killed a t.i.tan Guard. These giants really didn’t defend when they went crazy. However, it was futile. No one could save t.i.ta, just like how no one could save w.a.n.g Zheng.

The warhead arrived in an instant. Masdar also increased their power to ensure that Rara Durai wouldn’t escape at this critical moment. This giant was difficult to deal with. Their men on the ground had dispersed. The Sirius warriors weren’t idiots. They knew the power of this warhead. The super warriors might be able to survive, but ordinary soldiers would be killed instantly.

Giants were rus.h.i.+ng in still, totally unafraid of death.

Rara Durai didn’t give up. He was still struggling. He didn’t believe, couldn’t believe, and would never believe!

That ball of fire blasted towards him from the sky. He could feel the strong wind pressure. This level of attack could smash him instantly.

He wouldn’t believe it even if he died!

Masdar and his team calculated the time. They needed to defend themselves at the last second to survive!

The four super warriors dispersed and concentrated their power in their attacks. The shock wave was strong, but it wasn’t enough to destroy them.

That was the difference in their abilities. This was the smallest price to pay to kill a super warrior.

People were looking at the video in their hands, many of them with their eyes clamped tightly, unable to look at it. The giants were silent. They had to watch the death of their brave warrior. It was a form of respect.



Someone didn’t agree to it!

A harsh whistling sound cut through the skies. Even the relaxed Haddis was surprised by it. A golden mech appeared in the sky, a little larger than an average mech.

What the h.e.l.l was this???

Whatever it was, it had to die!

The golden mech opened his arms, as though he was going to embrace the warhead.

Haddis bit the cigar hard. Where did this idiot come from!?

The golden mech drew a slit in s.p.a.ce and it opened, like a black curtain.


The warhead flew in and the destructive power sprayed out in an oscillating umbrella shape, but towards s.p.a.ce.

This sound was completely inconsistent with the sound made previously. More than 10 seconds had pa.s.sed but nothing had happened???

The golden mech clapped its hands and s.p.a.ce returned back to normal.

This kind of weapon would be dealt with as long as one had the power of s.p.a.ce.

Rara Durai gazed at the golden mech up in the sky. His heart thumped when their eyes met.

The giants roared, “Ada’s back!”

The roars were hoa.r.s.e, but they were as loud as the spring thunder.

“Ada’s back!”

“Ada’s back!”

“Ada’s back!”

w.a.n.g Zheng’s eyes were cold and cruel! He teleported!

Masdar’s alert signal waned, only to find the enemy’s blade coming at him. He blocked it without hesitation.

w.a.n.g Zheng’s eyes were filled with cold killing intent. Atomic Burst Sword!


Masdar never thought he would die this way. He was sliced into two parts. w.a.n.g Zheng took the top part of his carca.s.s with one hand and held the golden sword to the sky with the other hand. “Saruman Snake Army, heed my command: death battle!”

The numb giants’ eyes turned ferocious when they turned back to their battlefields.

They had become undying warriors from that moment on!


The true power of the Saruman Snake army erupted. w.a.n.g Zheng’s Primordial Regression Technique seemed to have completely resonated with the giants, supporting and encouraging one another!

Rara Durai also took the chance to grab a super warrior and pushed his fist through the pilot cabin.

The four super warriors had been working on teamwork for so long that they had lost their touch when fighting alone.

Shan Meng smiled in the face of the alloy claw nearing his face. He could now die without any regrets. Ada would surely save t.i.ta.


w.a.n.g Zheng swept towards him like a whirlwind and swept the atomic sword to rid the four beast mecha surrounding Shan Meng. He used his force to seal Shan Meng’s bleeding wounds. “Live on!”

Warriors from the Saruman Snake army rushed up immediately to protect Shan Meng. w.a.n.g Zheng was once again in the air. The golden mech was the root of power in the Saruman Snake army. The warriors of Sirius felt it very clearly. These guys seemed to have been shot with steroids, fearless and crazy. The warriors of Sirius weren’t afraid of dying either, but they were afraid of these “crazy” warriors. These giants weren’t very far off from being crazy. They viewed death as an ultimate honor and lurched at the warriors of Sirius as though they were meat. This crazy roar gradually became a call to death.

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