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Nightmare Holy Region had always been opened to only a select few. After not stepping into Nightmare Holy Region for a long time, Chu Mu realized the fire aura and other aura in this dark world became much denser after entering again.

Chu Mu entered with Bai Yu. Bai Yu flew at the front, towards Evil Temple.

Bai Yu felt that Chu Mu should also visit that strange Evil Temple.

Evil Temple located deep within Nightmare Holy Region. Both of them flew in the sky, leaving a long trail of bright and bewitching flame behind them.

Bai Yu turned his head to take a look at Chu Mu whose body was enveloped in two colors of Devil Fire.

Bai Yu had not seen Chu Mu transforming into a half devil for a long time. He was surprised that Chu Mu’s half devil transformation had an additional bloodline.

The black and white color were clearly separated. Wildness clashed against coldness. The evil aura exuded by Chu Mu was much denser than his pure silver half devil.

“Your new appearance looks great,” Bai Yu made a humorous comment while looking at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly and spoke, “Remember that White Nightmare Emperor which mutated into Black Nightmare?”

“Hmm?” Bai Yu naturally remembered that. He was the first to discover the White Nightmare Emperor which mutated to Black Nightmare. Also, it happened inside Evil Temple. He could still remember clearly about the situation back then.

Chu Mu briefly told Bai Yu the situation leading to becoming Dual Evil Half Devil.

After Bai Yu listened, his expression also became solemn.

It was difficult to imagine a Nightmare could actually sacrifice its soul like that!

After staying silent for a long time, Bai Yu suddenly remembered something and told Chu Mu, “Jinrou is still resting, she should wake up after a while.”

“Alright,” Chu Mu nodded, he also had good news for Bai Yu.

However, before Chu Mu could speak, Bai Yu continued, “The awaken I mean is resurrection.”

Chu Mu’s words stopped at his throat.

Resurrection? Bai Jinrou’s soul and body integrated?

“You found Limbo Flower?” asked Chu Mu hurriedly.

“Something like that,” Bai Yu briefly mentioned his encounter in Dual Earth Mountain.

“The jade pendant that Family Master Rong gave you worked?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, I can sense Jinrou’s life energy gradually recovering...... Unfortunately, she said this jade pendant can only sustain her life for one to two months,” said Bai Yu.

“I want to know what she want to make you do,” said Chu Mu a little worriedly.

“I can only find out in future, I will see first.”

“I went to Demonic Mound Heavenly Realm, an elder from Demon Species knows how to concoct medicine that removes corpsification. My Night once turned into a corpse, but it's not any different from most Demons now. This elder is now helping me concoct the medicine for Jinrou......” Chu Mu told this matter to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu showed a surprised smile and spoke, “What’s the probability?”

“I don’t know that either. I can only find out after it delivered the finished medicine......”


Nightmare’s territory was vast. While flying through the sky, Chu Mu saw various Nightmare tribes and empires scattered in various positions.

Nightmares were compet.i.tive and bloodthirsty. Although they became a Dynasty, Chu Mu realized those Nightmares remained disorderly. They either attacked other races which lived in this territory, or attacked each other. Chu Mu often saw some Nightmares with the ability to devour souls eating their brethren.

Such a phenomenon was not really shocking amongst the Nightmare race.

A piece of burnt land entered Chu Mu’s view. A mountain erected at the end of the burnt land.

This mountain looked like a devil’s palace, giving off an evil and terrifying aura by erecting on this land.

This Devil Mountain was the headquarter of Nightmare Dynasty. He had to admit, Nightmare Ruler really knew how to pick the place. This mountain certainly gave off an intimidating aura, it would be decent according to Nightmare’s perspective.

With this Devil Mountain as the center, high rank Nightmares from various empires spread over this burnt land. When Chu Mu flew past from the sky, blue, white and silver Devil Fire formed into a piece of Devil Fire sea. They were so densely packed that they looked like an endless army.

“Nie! Nie!”

Chu Mu and Bai Yu flew in directly. Perhaps, there were still many native Nightmare in Nightmare Holy Region which did not recognize them. When Chu Mu and Bai Yu barged in, they immediately made warning cries.

After that warning cry, Chu Mu noticed a large cl.u.s.ter of flame surging out from the Devil Mountain all of a sudden, almost occupying the entire Devil Mountain. The evil aura exuded from them even astonished Chu Mu and Bai Yu.

Why are there so many Nightmares? And their aura is so strong!


Another long cry carrying a commanding tone silenced those warning cries.

Chu Mu traced to the source of that cry and noticed a familiar figure standing at the side of Devil Mountain. It ordered the Nightmares to return.

The reason Chu Mu felt that figure familiar was because its physique was almost the same as Chu Mu. It looked like Chu Mu’s shadow burning in flames.

It was White Nightmare Emperor!

Chu Mu immediately recognized that figure.

He really did not expect it to become a Nightmare General which commanded so many Nightmare Dominators after not seeing it for many years!

Nightmare Holy Region’s territory had been constantly expanding. The more they expanded, the more resources they gained. As the leader, Nightmare Ruler naturally took the greatest share of resources.

Chu Mu and Bai Yu flew to the peak of Devil Mountain. When White Nightmare Emperor saw Chu Mu’s arrival, it was elated. It cracked open its wide mouth and made an honest evil smile.

Nightmare wors.h.i.+ped the strong. If one wanted to rule over the Nightmare Dynasty, it would be impossible with sufficient strength.

The appearance of Evil Temple allowed these Nightmares to obtain a method to break through to Immortal rank. White Nightmare Emperor became an Immortal rank Nightmare now.

Bai Yu also told Chu Mu that a few Nightmares also became Immortal rank after entering Evil Temple with him. If they had been utilizing Evil Temple’s special resources, these Nightmares should become even stronger.

White Nightmare Emperor led the way and they entered the interior of the black Devil Mountain.

The interior also had sculptures, paintings and stone pillars. This was evidence that Nightmare race also had their own civilization.

“The evil aura here is dense,” Chu Mu took a deep breath. He felt really comfortable in this aura.

“This Devil Mountain should have a long history. Jinrou had been here before, but she can’t interpret Nightmare’s language and ill.u.s.trations,” said Bai Yu.

While they were conversing, they pa.s.sed by a natural abyssal stone bridge guarded rows of Dominator rank Nightmares. In a stalact.i.te cave, Chu Mu saw a group of Nightmare completely in silver Devil Fire. Those Nightmares were far stronger than the Nightmares outside. They were actually all Immortal rank Silver Nightmares!

“Jiejie~! JIejie~!”

The creepy laughters those Nightmares made sounded like a group of devils whispering.

When White Nightmare Emperor brought Chu Mu and Bai Yu into here, those Immortal rank Silver Nightmares all turned towards them. Pairs of evil-looking eyes immediately stared at Chu Mu and Bai Yu who possessed human presence.

Above these Immortal rank Silver Nightmares, there was still an old Nightmare with even brighter flames!

This old Nightmare was not the Nightmare Ruler, but an old Nightmare from the Northern Forbidden Region. It was one of the earliest Nightmares sent by the Northern Forbidden Region’s master to develop this territory. Its strength seemed to be the strongest amongst all the Nightmares here.

The group of Nightmares which entered Evil Temple with Bai Yu included it.

This old Nightmare naturally recognized Chu Mu. It flew down from the high Nightmare altar and greeted Chu Mu.

“Where’s White One?” asked Chu Mu.

Nightmare Ruler was actually the subordinate Chu Mu saw most potential in. That fellow had far greater talent than other Nightmares and possessed the best qualities of a Nightmare: Cunning, despicable and quick-witted.

Nightmare Ruler was different from other Nightmares. It had a motto: Escape if it could not win, crush if it could win.

That motto proved it to be much smarter than the other Nightmares which only knew how to slaughter. It could even be on par with the cunning humans, allowing it to maintain the best survival ability in the Nightmare race which followed survival of the fittest.

In Nightmare race, the strong ones would usually survive until the end. Nightmare Ruler adhered to this belief. Chu Mu believed that if that fellow did not perish in the compet.i.tion within its race, it would surely be living a good life now.

“Nie~! Nie~!”

Before the old Nightmare could answer, the screeching cries of a Nightmare rang out from nearby.

Chu Mu was very familiar with this cry. As expected, another figure which looked like Chu Mu’s shadow flew over. It flew around Chu Mu excitedly and kept crying.

The other native Immortal rank Nightmares were rather confused. They could not understand why Nightmare Ruler was flying around a half human and seemed to be flattering that half human.

“Alright, enough. Stop that flatter,” Chu Mu was here on official business, he did not have that much time to be chattering with Nightmare Ruler.

Nightmare Ruler also fixed its att.i.tude and commanded the Nightmares nearby. It was probably telling those Immortal rank Nightmares that Chu Mu was its boss, so they had to listen to Chu Mu.

Nightmare Ruler had stayed in human world for a few years, and it was heavily influenced by the ruffian att.i.tude of the humans. This was due to Ning Maner bringing Nightmare Ruler to stroll in the streets of the cities.

Chu Mu briefly told his objective to Nightmare Ruler and told it to deploy its Dynasty’s army.

On the other hand, when Nightmare Ruler heard that there would be a large scale war, its eyes shone brightly!

Chu Mu did not know how boring Nightmare Ruler was cultivating day after day in Nightmare Holy Region. Now that it had the chance to run rampage in human territory, how could it not feel excited?

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