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Yu Suo’s Flower’s Stamen was in Chu Mu’s spatial ring. Chu Mu used his will to gather a cl.u.s.ter of Devil Fire and slowly made the Devil Fire approach the Flower’s Stamen.

This Flower’s Stamen was Yu Suo’s heart. In order to let Chu Mu spare her, she handed over this Flower’s Stamen to Chu Mu to prove her determination not to do anything that would hard Chu Mu.

Many years had pa.s.sed since then. When Chu Mu was about to burn this woman’s heart again, he started to feel reluctance.

After interacting for a long time and with her memories flowing into his mental world, his knowledge about her was no longer an arrogant soul pet which betrayed him. He was able to comprehend her deeds from a higher perspective......

Just like what she said, her encounter was similar to Ning Maner. What was different was that she was forced to choose this evil path.

Chu Mu no longer wanted to kill Yu Suo. If not for such a ridiculous turn of event, he would not be using Devil Fire to burn Yu Suo’s heart.

“What? You can’t bear to do it?” Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu expressionlessly.

Chu Mu looked back at her and asked, “In what way do you want to die?”

Yu s...o...b..t her lips. Why would she want to die? She still had many things to do, she did not want to die.

She also considered compromising herself to this d.a.m.ned primeval reproduction. She would just treat as if nothing happened afterwards.

However, when she recalled everything this detestable man did to her, she felt that she would tear herself alive after the deed.

She could not tolerate it, there was no way to tolerate it!

“From the moment I fell from Darkness Cliff, I vowed to myself that I would never be used by others again. Giving you my Flower’s Stamen is already the bottom line, I would rather die than losing this final dignity!” said Yu Suo furiously.

“Chaste,” Chu Mu nodded.

“Just burn it. Don’t you hate me and want to kill me? I don’t need your sympathy and don’t touch me. I have lethal poison in my body. If you try to do something, you will also die!” warned Yu Suo.

“Young master, she’s lying. Evil Good Ancestor is currently in reproducing stage, she won’t have any poison,” Old Li’s voice came from far away.

Yu Suo really wanted to make that busybody Old Li into fertilizer!

She knew her lie was already exposed, so she stared at Chu Mu and realized that Chu Mu was staring at her body.

She covered her chest with her arms, but her slim arms could not completely block the view.

Exposing nakedly before Chu Mu caused Yu Suo to be even more frustrated. She used her hair which did not turn into flower threads to cover the rest.

However, this way of covering made her even more seductive instead. Chu Mu felt his consciousness a little wavering.

“Burn it now!” Yu Suo noticed the wavering in Chu Mu’s gaze and became scared.

Chu Mu shook his head to clear up his mind.

“If I undo the soul pact, can it stop this nonsense?” asked Chu Mu in a serious tone.

Yu Suo answered, “If you want to undo the soul pact, you have to return my Flower’s Stamen. Otherwise, if the soul pact is forcefully undone, I will still die.”

“Here,” Chu Mu pa.s.sed over the Flower’s Stamen.

Yu Suo was dumbfounded and looked at Chu Mu in confusion.

“You’re returning my Flower’s Stamen?” asked Yu Suo.

“Yes, undo the soul pact,” said Chu Mu.

“If you return my Flower’s Stamen and then undo the soul pact, you can’t escape if I want to kill you!” Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu in disbelief.

To her, Chu Mu would use soul pact to bound her for life. Furthermore, with her Flower’s Stamen in his hand, she would never be able to change the situation.

“Are you stronger than me?” asked Chu Mu.

“Hmph, after the tenth phase, you are no match for me. With G.o.d Dew’s nourishment, your flame won’t deal much damage to me,” snorted Yu Suo.

Chu Mu frowned. He suddenly felt that returning Yu Suo’s Flower Stamen and then undoing their soul pact was a mistake.

If this woman seeked his life right after regaining freedom, he would not be able to resolve the problem. Furthermore, he did not know if this woman would also involve those close to him. She might be getting along with them now, but she might have acc.u.mulated years of grudges!

Chu Mu also felt a headache now. If he let Yu Suo regain freedom, he might be adding a terrifying and dangerous enemy.

However, he also felt it was too cruel to burn her to death with Devil Fire.

“You’re being so generous...... Are you buying time on purpose? I warn you first, even if you obtain my body, I will use whatever method I can to poison you to death. You better give up such thoughts!” warned Yu Suo.

Aphrodisiac fluid was still being injected into Chu Mu’s body, while Yu Suo similarly felt her body getting hotter. She felt that Chu Mu was looking more and more pleasing, and even occasionally thought of diving into his bosom. She was shocked to realize such thoughts. She would never allow herself to do such a thing with Chu Mu while she was still conscious.

Seeing Chu Mu hesitate, Yu Suo sneered, “It’s not a difficult choice. Just burn my heart and nothing will happen. If you allow this to continue developing while you’re still conscious, this means you already have such thoughts. Even without this ridiculous situation, you will vent your desire on me one day. Why must you pretend to be a chaste person? Anyway, you are already not chaste anymore, this is your true self.”

Chu Mu was speechless. Did this woman become crazy?

“Take it, I will undo the soul pact,” said Chu Mu as he eventually pa.s.sed Yu Suo her Flower’s Stamen.

Flower’s Stamen was put right in front of Yu Suo. Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu and even suspected whether he was using a fake one to deceive her.

However, the pulsing frequency of this Flower’s Stamen completely matched her pulse, she could clearly sense this was part of her body.

She slowly reached out and took back this Flower’s Stamen which left her body for a long time, even forgetting to cover her chest.

“I will begin undoing the soul pact. Our souls will suffer damage, but it shouldn’t be a big problem......” said Chu Mu.

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