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Chapter 276: White Pupil Burning

White demonic devil fire burned, quickly burning through Chu Mu’s body, burning it into ashes!

Duan Xinhe recoiled slightly, but immediately realized that this was the technique Chu Mu used to dodge his lethal blow back in Soul Palace

After using his remembrance to protect his own soul, Duan Xinhe immediately locked onto another location. Indeed, a dozen meters away, a blaze of white demonic devil flames quickly appeared, and with them, Chu Mu’s body.

“Qingzi, quickly leave, leave this place.” Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate, immediately summoning Mo Xie.

Ye Qingzi stood to the side of Chu Mu. Seeing that Chu Mu escaped successfully, her beautiful face finally blossomed into a smile.

Ye Qingzi also knew of Duan Xinhe’s scariness, immediately retracting her War Court Black Beast to her soul pet s.p.a.ce. The War Court Black Beast would very likely be attacked by the Gluttonous Insect Monsters if exposed. If Ye Qingzi didn’t retract it, it would definitely die.

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!!” Chu Mu commanded.


Mo Xie raised her head proudly, as the two different colored flames started burning on her, quickly forming beams of radiant fire that brightened up the intersecting white silks within the Innards of a G.o.d.

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!” An incantation sounded. While Duan Xinhe was still defending the white demonic devil fire from before, Chu Mu started chanting an incantation hurriedly!

While Chu Mu was chanting, Duan Xinhe started as well. A special black energy seemed to have enveloped this Innards of a G.o.d, like the embrace of death, giving everyone within an invisible pressure.

Ye Qingzi also started casting an incantation. However, her remembrance was clearly weaker. When the black plague-like substance came over, Ye Qingzi’s face slowly became dark green and her fragile body started wavering, on the verge of falling over.

When Ye Qingzi started showing signs of abnormal weakness, Chu Mu similarly felt the strange energy restricting him, causing his breathing to be laboured and his awareness to be fuzzy.

The fuzzy awareness made Chu Mu’s incantation chanting speed slower and slower. The Heavenly Flame Rite incantation only needed two seconds, but Chu Mu felt that, because of the strange curse upon him, he needed five seconds.

Yet five seconds was enough for Duan Xinhe and his soul pets to kill both Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.


Mo Xie seemed unaffected by this strange technique. With a loud call, immediately, bright flames again covered the region!!

A crimson beam and bright red beam fell side by side, creating a magnificent scene within the white criss crosses of silk.

The fire light’s coverage caused Chu Mu to instantly awaken. Seeing that Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite was about to truly appear, Chu Mu forced himself to finish the last part of his incantation despite the strange power’s influence.

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!”

A white demonic devil fire even stronger than blood flames started burning on Chu Mu. Two fire beams were held between Chu Mu’s palms, as the fire darted three to four meters tall.

Throwing both his hands up, immediately a white beam of light followed Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite. In a moment, they collided and merged!

Three different flames combined, and there was a clear explosion within the Innards of a G.o.d. Right after, the heavenly flame dragon coiled up and brought all of their aura straight into the air.

The two eighth rank fire techniques didn’t completely merge. There was still a slight discrepancy in timing, so their powers weren’t truly at their peak.

Chu Mu knew this technique couldn’t block Duan Xinhe’s two soul pets, so when the heavenly flame dragon jumped up into the air, Chu Mu took a breath and quickly grabbed the weakened Ye Qingzi before jumping onto Mo Xie’s back.

“Mo Xie, run!”

Mo Xie let out a long call as her paws started burning with flames. Crouching down slightly, she instantly released, quickly disappearing…...


Mo Xie’s instant speed was very quick. Within the fire lit and complicated Innards of a G.o.d, one could see only a silver light blinking left and right, up and down, sometimes barging straight through…...

Mo Xie’s instant speed could reach fifty meters a second. When Mo Xie ran for about four seconds, from within the Heavenly Flame Rite flames came two transparent silhouettes that barrelled out of the fire like a gust of wind, running towards Mo Xie and chasing back quite some distance within a short few seconds!!

“He’s so fast!” Ye Qingzi’s head was cus.h.i.+oned on Chu Mu’s shoulder as she looked, terrified, at the quickly approaching Duan Xinhe and Gluttonous Insect Monster.

Chu Mu, through his soul remembrance, could know where Duan Xinhe was. Duan Xinhe’s two Gluttonous Insect Monsters were incredibly fast. Mo Xie’s greatest strength is instant acceleration. In one minute, Mo Xie could outrun Chu Mu’s fastest soul pet, Ye, by nearly 1500 meters, which is basically half of her total distance.[1].

But, Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monster didn’t seem to have any instant acceleration speed. It’s normal sprinting speed was already the same as Mo Xie’s burst. In other words, Mo Xie’s running could only keep Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi safe for a minute!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s initial speed wasn’t as fast as Mo Xie, but the Night Thunder Dream Beast needed an acceleration process. With Reach for the Midnight Moon, it could reach a maximum of four times its normal full sprint. Four times its speed may be able to maintain distance with the Gluttonous Insect Monster, but Duan Xinhe clearly wouldn’t leave any time for Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast to slowly ramp up.


Quickly, Mo Xie ran out of the range of the Innards of a G.o.d. Chu Mu specially looked at the dug open hole above and said to Mo Xie, “Flame Step!”

Mo Xie’s four paws’ flames started burning even brighter. Her elegant silver body nimbly leaped on the criss crossing white silks. Every jump, she would lightly tap the vein like silks while shooting herself higher.

“Thank goodness, the Gluttonous Insect Monsters don’t have much jumping capabilities.” Chu Mu lowered his head to look down and found that, in terms of jumping the Gluttonous Insect Monsters were clearly not as nimble as Mo Xie.

From the hole dug for the Innards of a G.o.d, Mo Xie used her Flame Step and jumped quickly to return to the secret room before.

At this moment, the distance between Chu Mu and the Duan Xinhe’s two Gluttonous Insect Monsters was finally lengthened.

But, it wouldn’t take long before Mo Xie was caught up to by the Gluttonous Insect Monster again, so when reaching the secret room, Chu Mu didn’t dare to stay for even a single second, telling Mo Xie to run at her fastest speed!

Mo Xie’s minute burst was quickly about to end, yet they were still a distance away from the old site main hall…...

“We can’t run anymore……” Ye Qingzi looked down the black tunnel behind them and vaguely saw the Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ silhouettes just about three hundred meters away.

As if feeling the nearing of death, even the perpetually calm Ye Qingzi revealed nervousness, her slightly pale face tightly placed against Chu Mu’s shoulder…...

“Don’t worry, just a little longer, it’ll be okay.” Chu Mu stroked Ye Qingzi’s hair and said quietly to her.

Ye Qingzi’s eyelids became very heavy. Even she didn’t know why. She didn’t get hurt in any way, yet her body felt abnormally weak. She even found sitting on Mo Xie difficult, constantly needing Chu Mu to hug her tightly.

Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi probably got hit by some technique of Duan Xinhe and wanted to use his remembrance to dispel the plague-like substance within her.


Suddenly, a cold claw flew over from behind Chu Mu. The claw was still glimmering coldly in the dark. Because of the narrow s.p.a.ce, the walls on each side were also marked by two deep gouges, as if it was trying to cut the entire tunnel in half horizontally!

“Mo Xie, Phantom!!”

With such a powerful and quick attack, Chu Mu’s heart tightened as he made Mo Xie cast a evasion technique.

Chu Mu and Mo Xie were connected by heart, so when Chu Mu realized the danger, she immediately reacted. Her silver body quickly became five images while running!

Mo Xie’s Phantom technique had already raised a stage. Five phantom effects meant Mo Xie’s evasion was even stronger!


Five silver bodies quickly appeared in the narrow tunnel. When a terrifying ripping power pa.s.sed over, strands of silver fur fell from Mo Xie’s body and slowly floated down…...

After dodging the technique, Phantom quickly disappeared. However, Mo Xie’s speed burst was at its end, causing her to slow down.

When Mo Xie entered the slightly wet old site main hall, Chu Mu could already clearly feel that Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monsters were just two hundred meters away.

“Chu Mu……” Ye Qingzi seemed to have recovered slightly. However, The disgusting cold aura of the Gluttonous Insect Monster caused her face to become paler and paler.

Chu Mu also knew that running was futile, so he just leaped down from Mo Xie with Ye Qingzi in his hands. After putting Ye Qingzi onto the ground lightly, he lightly caressed the lost Ye Qingzi and said calmly, “Hide behind me.”

Ye Qingzi looked at the unbelievably calm Chu Mu. His black eyes were emotionless, but these emotionless eyes made her feel a strange trust…...

Suddenly, these black eyes changed, slowly becoming a demonic white!

It was a ball of flame. This ball of white devil fire burned in Chu Mu’s pupil, yet this strange gaze was something Ye Qingzi strangely found familiar.

In the beginning, when Chu Mu was locked out of the stone palace and nearly died coming back, when he was letting off a s.h.i.+vering evil energy, he had the exact same expression!

(apparently the author has some extreme phobia and nearly went into a coma, causing his update to be slowed and his hands to still be shaky with fear :(  )


  1. TL note: wow, author actually did the math. 50m/s for a minute means 3000 meters, so 1500 is indeed half of what she would run

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