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The carriage immediately entered the designated area and didn’t show up again.

This made people curious - was it really Luminous Master in there? Unfortunately, no one could give them an answer.

None from Immortal Bronze Mountain divulged anything to the crowd. Of course, they weren’t obligated to do so either.

They didn’t need to explain to anyone why they sealed off an area. None would dare to question them in the first place.

Luminous Master and his system have reached a level high enough to be this domineering.

“Fellow Daoist, please leave this continent or face the consequence.” A while later, an expert from Immortal Bronze Mountain finally announced.

“Leave the continent?” Many became surprised.

“Why should we? On what basis are they making us leave?” One guy became unhappy.

“Because they’re under the banner of Luminous Master and members of Immortal Bronze, that’s enough.” His friend immediately whispered.

The unhappy fellow and his group had no choice but to swallow this indignation.

Yes, just the prestige of Luminous Master alone demanded cooperation and submission.

“Why is Luminous Master doing this? This isn’t his style.” The powerful Everlastings started wondering after hearing the announcement.

“Fellow Daoists, please leave. Immortal Bronze is carrying out official business.” A formal seal was erected on the barrier not long after the announcement.

The treasure hunters had no choice but to leave, losing their chance to get rich as a result. Some of the ancestors also left on their own accord, albeit begrudgingly.

They knew that something big was going on because Luminous Master wasn’t an overbearing person.

“Creak…” Another group came from above, only consisting of a few hundred members on a large carriage pulled by eight dragons with an impressive bloodline.

Auspicious clouds hovered above while a grand path stretched beneath the wheels. A divine bridge was slowly being formed on the carriage’s path.

It was made from the most precious heavystar wood. Draconic laws draped down on all four directions along with primordial chaos.

Behind the carriage were mythical birds, white tigers, black tortoises - all powerful demons.

“Zhe Long is actually here!” Not a single soul could stay calm at this sight. [1]

A while ago, a few proud ancestors chose to stay on the continent, confident in their strength. They immediately left after seeing this group.

“Something shocking is unraveling here, maybe an ultimate artifact.” One ancestor gasped.

“So that’s Zhe Long.”

Zhe Long’s reputation wasn’t inferior to Luminous Master. This was another top being looming above all in Immortal Lineage.

Why? He was a Fardao Everlasting! A being capable of challenging progenitors!

In fact, across the years, many progenitors would still address him as “senior”.

He became Luminous Master’s dao protector early on. This actually propelled Luminous Master’s fame. After all, a person viewed highly by Zhe Long should be special.

Sure enough, time proved this since Luminous Master went on to become the most talented genius in Immortal Lineage then a progenitor.

Orchid Sage wasn’t as lucky to have such a capable dao protector. Many considered Luminous Master to have the strongest supporting camp out of the current three progenitors.

“A surviving Fardao Everlasting, so strong.” The other Everlastings watched the carriage slowly entering the continent with respect.

“Isn’t Everlasting Jiang still around?” A junior said softly.

In the contemporary, whenever people talked about Everlastings, the first name that would usually come up was Everlasting Jiang.

He was part of the Ten Radiance and had defeated a myriad-level progenitor before, Truefire. [2]

Everlasting Jiang’s fame was akin to the brightest star up above illuminating the night sky.

“Everlasting Jiang hasn’t appeared in a long time, even Longevity Hall doesn’t know if he’s still around. I’ve heard rumors about him dying during his final cultivation attempt.” An Everlasting solemnly said.

Everlasting Jiang was also a Fardao Everlasting just like Zhe Long. The latter had higher seniority but the former was superior in terms of talents. Unfortunately, most believed that Everlasting Jiang was no longer in this world.

Thus, in this current generation, Zhe Long was treated just like a progenitor, if not better.

That’s why the unhappy cultivators chose to leave, realizing that Immortal Bronze Mountain was not messing around this time.

It didn’t matter whether Luminous Master was here or not. Just Zhe Long alone was enough to intimidate everyone.

Furthermore, his very presence indicated the gravity of the situation. Provoking Immortal Bronze Mountain in this crucial moment was suicidal.

No one knew why Zhe Long was here. Was whatever inside worth him taking a trip here?

All eyes became fixated on the continent, eagerly waiting for the next development.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, they heard loud footsteps. s.p.a.ce was nearly crushed.

Everyone could tell that a ma.s.sive monster was moving over yonder. Sure enough, a while later, these large creatures became visible.

Each of their steps crossed through 100,000 miles due to their sheer size. They looked as if they were walking slowly but their speed was quite impressive.

These monsters looked like ma.s.sive elephants. However, they didn’t have a long nose. A thick layer of armor covered their shoulders.

So how large were they? If they were standing in an ocean, the water would only reach their knees.

“Vigors…” The spectators took a deep breath while watching the beasts.

Vigors were rare ancient beasts with incredible strength, capable of lifting up heaven and earth. Perhaps only Zhe Long would have these creatures in the contemporary.

The crowd exchanged glances. They seemed to have a pretty good idea of what Immortal Bronze wanted to do and why Zhe Long was here in person.

Once they got close enough to the continent, they stopped and turned around.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Ancestors from Immortal Bronze were seen on top of their armored shoulders.

1. Hibernation Dragon, not sure if it’s a t.i.tle or a name. Sleeping Dragon like Zhuge Liang is a better t.i.tle but it’s not the same character so I can’t use it

2. Ten Radiance used to be Radiant Decemvirate. The problem is that Decemvirate is also used for progenitors, so I’m changing it to Ten Radiance

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