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The gentle sea breezes induced drowsiness. The moon tonight was especially round on top of the night sky.

It poured down a silver light, resulting in the same silvery reflection on the water surface. Whenever a carp leaped out of the water, the splas.h.i.+ng resembled a flower blossoming. Maybe it would turn into a dragon in due time.

A small island had old, tough trees and thick foliage. It looked like a jade pendant carved on a silver plate.

The sh.o.r.eline was quite long with exquisite sand. Each speech had a golden s.h.i.+mmer.

Picking the sand up and letting it run down one’s fingers would create a beautiful golden stream.

A youth was laying on a bed beneath a palm tree there, enjoying the breeze and the moonlight.

He wore a silvery robe, meticulously crafted by a great master. He was quite handsome and would always stand out like a crane among a flock of chicken.

His hands were beautiful, especially his thin and long fingers. Girls would go crazy from jealousy.

Time froze as he enjoyed his time there. However, he immediately got up and greeted: “A visitor? What a pleasant surprise.”

s.p.a.ce rippled and Li Qiye came out, landing on the beach. He looked around the area before focusing on the youth. He had leaped through s.p.a.ce several times and ended up here by chance.

“Oh, I should call you Senior.” The youth stopped looking lazy and put on a respectful smile.

“No, I’m only eighteen.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Then I’ll call you Sir. Respect should be given to those who have achieved more in the dao.” The youth knew how to act with propriety.

Li Qiye only smiled, not refusing this address.

The youth summoned a courtyard facing the ocean. He prepared a table and hot tea before inviting Li Qiye over.

Li Qiye sat down without any reservation. The youth poured him a cup and said: “I don’t know anything about tea so please excuse me, Sir.”

“It’s not too bad.” Li Qiye took a sip and smiled.

“My name is Zheng Yin, may I have yours?” The youth laughed happily before introducing himself.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye said before looking at the youth: “Emperor Zheng of Nine Secrets, quite famous.”

“It’s all in the past, so trivial before you, Sir.” The youth shook his head.

Zheng Yin, a peerless cultivator who revived Nine Secrets, a member of the Ten Radiance. He was famous alongside Everlasting Jiang and Lotus Ancestor.

Born in War Saint Dynasty in a declining system, he rose above everything and revived it. His Lucidity Scripture was well known just the Nine Secrets of this system’s progenitor.

He had entered a redemption ground and fought many great battles there. His feats weren’t inferior to a progenitor so he was worthy of his spot in the Ten Radiance.

A disciple from Nine Secrets would never believe that this youth was their ancestor. It has been several million years.

“A peak progenitor now, worthy of being a member of the Ten Radiance.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Just a false reputation. Nothing brilliant about being gifted from the start thanks to the heaven. Otherwise, someone as lazy as me would never be able to reach the progenitorial realm.” Emperor Zheng humbly said.

His humility didn’t imply weakness. In reality, he was just as strong as Everlasting Jiang or Lotus Ancestor.

Li Qiye smiled and held his teacup while gazing quietly at the horizon.

“Why are you here, Sir?” The emperor asked.

“Just pa.s.sing by. Oh, and killing anyone who stands in my way.” Li Qiye took a sip and responded casually.

“So daring and imposing. No one in this vast ocean should be able to stop you.” The emperor praised.

The two of them stopped talking and simply enjoyed the night sky.

“Why are you here?” Li Qiye eventually broke the silence.

“I actually don’t know the answer.” The emperor pondered carefully and eventually put on a wry smile.

“Some progenitors come seeking everlasting life; others want the other sh.o.r.e, more seek strength…” He went on with a soft tone.

“Hmm, I came out of curiosity while hoping to break through. Someone told me to go so I did. Now, so many years have pa.s.sed and I’ve forgotten most of my original intentions.”

“Time is the best thing to have while capable of being a source of torment.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Yes, I’ve forgotten so many things. I only remember myself now.” The emperor became slightly emotional.

Both fell into silence again, looking like two old friends.

“You’re not my contemporary and have experienced far more, may I ask what do you live for?” The emperor earnestly said.

“You answer first.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperor took his time thinking before coming up with a response: “I don’t know. I asked myself this a long time ago, maybe several hundred thousand years, I don’t quite remember. I couldn’t come up with an answer then and I don’t have one now. I just know that I’m living for the sake of living.”

“Everything else is insignificant.” Li Qiye understood.

“Yes, some progenitors still move forward after reaching the top. They want to become true immortals. Others searched for everlasting life. Some are righteous and wish to protect Three Immortals.” He paused for a bit and sighed: “I had enough. I’ve experienced the pleasures of mortal life and dabbled in the myriad dao. This is my limit. Trying more won’t turn me into a true immortal. Thus, I no longer have a goal. I don’t care for everlasting life or the battle between good and evil either. Everyone has their own fate; the epochs will continue to cycle, no need to try so hard to survive.”

“Seems like the rest of my time is doomed to boredom.” He then finished with a bitter smile. His words contained plenty of emotions - a testament to his rich past.

As a brilliant emperor, his life was magnificent, to say the least.

He had both authority and prestige, more than enough beauties as well. The things people so desired? He possessed them all.

He also swept through the realms uncontested. People wrote tales about his battles.

As for his talents? He understood the mysteries of this world and wrote the incredible Lucidity Scripture.

Did he have any regret in life? No.

Next came his journey to the expanse. He survived the danger and saw many things, eventually becoming a top progenitor.

What more could he ask for in life? Therefore, his future prospect came to a halt for he no longer had any desire.

That’s why self-reflection became necessary. What was his reason for living? This question haunted the great genius.

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