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Xuan Xiao stood there a long time, biting his lips while maintaining a firm expression. He seemed to be a man with a heart made of steel. Nothing could shake his conviction.

“I will personally take care of it.” Xuan Xiao said softly but no one would question his determination.

“Yes, the burden shall be mine since I’m the one who started it.” Xuan Xiao took a deep breath and had a complicated glint in his eyes. He stared at her, seemingly recalling their time together.

Li Qiye sighed and didn’t say anything else. He turned to leave.

“Sir, you’re at the apex, a thousand times greater than I. I wish to ask, is there anyone who would make you risk it all, that you would lose your life for?” Xuan Xiao shouted at his departing back.

“No. I am alone.” Li Qiye paused for a while before giving an answer.

“The apex is emotionless. Although that’s not entirely true. You worry about the grand scheme of things while I’m bound by romance, I’m ashamed to say.” Xuan Xiao stared at Li Qiye for a bit before replying.

“No one has the same pursuit in life and we mustn’t judge them. You have the strongest physique possible and incredible talents. Your obsession with love also allows you to excel in the dao.” Li Qiye turned around and smiled.

“It’s just that our choices are different. I will not stop for anyone, that’s my choice. You can call this being emotionless or selfish, it’s fine.” He continued.

“You’re certainly not selfish or you wouldn’t be here right now. There are things you must do and worry about, they move you to action.” Xuan Xiao finally showed a wide smile.

“Think what you will.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Are you lonely?” Xuan Xiao earnestly asked.

“You’re lonely, which is why you will pay any price to revive your wife. Her existence gives meaning to your life. Your unique physique and talents are meaningless and ephemeral without her. With her comes the spring and happiness.” Li Qiye didn’t answer.

“You’re right.” Xuan Xiao sighed and said: “And I see now, your loneliness allows you to move forward. I wonder if this will ever change.”

Li Qiye smiled and left without answering.

“Just one man. Just one is enough to save the ages, enough to change the course of history.” Xuan Xiao reflected afterward.

He then looked up at the sky and murmured: “It would be great if you were here with me. I miss you.”

Having said that, he sat back down and the extreme cold froze him again. It was as if Li Qiye had never been here in the first place.


Li Qiye left this area and resumed his training. This wasn’t the only thing in his mind since the dark existence hidden in the expanse also interested him.

He wasn’t trying too hard to find this being but when an opportunity presented itself, he wouldn’t miss the clues. Most importantly, this was his target to warm up.

Of course, Li Qiye was always one to plan before a battle. Thus, he needed to fully understand a few things beforehand.

There was a bottomless abyss engulfed by darkness at the expanse. This place was his next destination.

Eternal Abyss - a dangerous area and a paradise for treasure seekers. It looked like the jaw of a great monster, ready to devour anyone and anything.

It used to produce many divine rocks and stones, a great vein of resources. This made people forget about the danger here.

A few supreme metals and rocks would appear beneath. Numerous progenitors and top characters would come here to find their desired materials.

Later on, the terrible existence came to the abyss and refined this place before disappearing altogether. No progenitors wanted to visit afterward.

The terrible existence had left a dreadful power here. Who knows what he was trying to do here? Alas, the remnant darkness was enough to poison even the most unyielding progenitor. Staying here meant undergoing a reckless mental test.

The vast expanse had other mines available. No need to take the risk found in Eternal Abyss.

“Boom!” The entire abyss quaked violently with waves rus.h.i.+ng to the sky. Cracks appeared all over the walls of the abyss and they eventually crumbled.

“What’s going on?” Numerous masters in the expanse became startled.

All eyes were on the abyss. They saw a domineering brilliance chasing away the darkness in a shocking manner.

“So strong, who is it? Is this a challenge?” A progenitor wondered.

Since the darkness was gone now, they could see a person meditating in the broken abyss. Immortal flames danced around him as if he was a true immortal.

“That’s Li Qiye alright.” One progenitor recognized him.

Li Qiye has been here long enough to meet many top existences in this place. His fame had spread as well.

“He’s finally challenging the supreme existence.” They knew what he wanted to do.

In a sense, the darkness created from the refinement at the abyss was a symbol of the terrible existence’s supremacy and authority.

Now, Li Qiye had destroyed the abyss and swept away the darkness - a move akin to stomping on the dark being’s symbol of authority. This was undoubtedly a declaration of war.

“Let’s have a fight.” Li Qiye’s leisure voice echoed across the expanse.

This fiery form made him look like the only true immortal around. He seemingly possessed everlasting life and ultimate power.

Everyone felt respect towards him since it has been several million years since someone dared to challenge this existence, especially alone.

“Will the being come out?” Many watched with bated breath.

The terrible existence had disappeared completely after the great war back then along with many progenitors.

However, there was no way this being was killed. Perhaps a more treacherous plot was being planned in the shadow.

Many progenitors have tried to find the being’s whereabouts to no avail. Now, Li Qiye had declared a direct challenge.

The spectators wondered if the terrible existence would actually accept it and show up.

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