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No one expected him to give away this wondrous treasure just like that. They stared at Lu Daowei with nothing but jealousy and envy in their eyes. It would be so great if they were in his shoes right now, gaining something for nothing.

“Thank you, Young Master, your kindness is forever remembered.” Daowei got on his knees and bowed towards Li Qiye.

For Lu Daowei, it would require immense effort and resources to gain something like this in the future. That’s why his grat.i.tude was immense.

No one laughed at him for bowing because they would be more than willing to do the same for it.

It became awfully hard for Li Qiye’s haters to say a word right now. They had no choice but to keep their grievances to themselves.

“You still want to continue?” Li Qiye stared at Zhan Hu and asked.

Though he probably didn’t have any underlying intent, the demons on Zhan Hu’s side thought that he was purposely provoking them.

Many eyes were on Zhan Hu. Huang Ning had completely lost during the fourth trial. It wasn’t even close.

The fifth trial was between Li Qiye and Zhan Hu. The crowd hesitated, both the humans and demons.

A while ago, both races would naturally bet on Zhan Hu. He was one of the most gifted disciples in Divine Black, possessing a prestigious bloodline and ample resources. Thus, he had a great advantage going into the fifth trial.

Huang Ning was stronger than him but this didn’t mean that he would lose to Huang Ning. He had a high probability of outdoing Huang Ning in the fifth trial.

That’s why Huang Ning picked the fourth while Zhan Hu stuck with the last one.

This was no longer the case. Li Qiye’s miracle had shaken everyone to the core. Zhan Hu suddenly became a heavy underdog.

“Who will win in the last trial?” One spectator quietly said.

Zhan Hu was mightier in terms of cultivation but this no longer seemed to matter when it came to Li Qiye.

Even the hall leaders, protectors, and elders were eagerly antic.i.p.ating this compet.i.tion since it was so entertaining.

Zhan Hu’s expression soured. This statement just a bit ago would have been construed as the babbling of an ignorant idiot.

Now, given what they have seen about Li Qiye, it became a disdainful statement coming from someone of a higher status. Li Qiye was looking down on him.

Zhan Hu and his supporters naturally didn’t feel good about it.

“You believe you have won already?” Zhan Hu scowled.

He has never been treated in this manner before, being the son of Iron Whip Demon King and the First Brother of Jade Bird.

He maintained a prejudice towards Li Qiye despite what the guy had done. This notion of superiority has been around ever since they first met. It was tough for Zhan Hu to see otherwise.

“Of course, it’s too easy. It’s not too late for you to give up to save yourself from further embarra.s.sment.” Li Qiye ignored Zhan Hu’s anger and answered casually.

He was telling the truth but it sounded so grating to his opponents, causing them to give him the dirty eye.

“So arrogant, the fifth trial hasn’t even started. You’re too conceited for declaring so early!” One demon close to Zhan Hu shouted.

“You think too highly of yourself! Senior Brother Zhan Hu is at the conqueror realm with a prestigious bloodline and peerless clan arts…” Another demon chimed in.

“Yes, yes.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted them: “Such exaggerations over one descendant of a demon king, no big deal. His defeat is a.s.sured.”

Many took a deep breath, once again in shock at Li Qiye’s words.

Just a demon king? This was insulting both Zhan Hu and his father, poking straight at the bee’s hive.

The elders smiled wryly. Iron Whip Demon King was famous for his hot temper and s.h.i.+elding his own people. Li Qiye had offended him just now.

“Too arrogant and complacent.” A human quietly said.

Iron Whip Demon King was a peak lord here with plenty of authority. Offending him wouldn’t end well for anyone.

Though Li Qiye won many humans over with his miraculous feat just now. His cultivation was still too low and they were afraid that he was courting death. Maybe they should keep a distance from him.

“Our Iron Whip Clan won’t let you off for this statement.” Zhan Hu threatened, wanting to come up with an excuse to bring his clan into the mix.

“It’s just a careless comment, no need to pursue it.” The elder in charge shook his head, standing up for Li Qiye.

The Iron Whip Clan was very influential here. Many experts from the demon faction came from this race.

Li Qiye could still stay around Divine Black after offending this clan but it wouldn’t be easy for him.

“Not quite, they can come if they want, Iron Whip or Iron C*ck Clan, whatever. I’ll deal with them all.” Li Qiye shook his head. [1]

“Ridiculous!” Zhan Hu’s rage intensified.

At this point, even a few seniors and protectors became aggressive towards Li Qiye since they were from Iron Whip.

The elder in charge wanted to help Li Qiye out but he decided to pour oil onto the fire, fully offending this clan.

The elders couldn’t do anything but exchange glances.

One of them decided to change the topic by looking up and said: “Off to the grave of weapons for the fifth trial.”

This conflict would escalate even more at this rate.

“Right, to the grave!” The disciples became excited and put this fight to the sideline.

Right now, the other four peak lords were paying attention to the fifth trial. In the past, only Jade Bird Peak Lord cared about the trial since they were in charge. Now, the entire sect was watching because Li Qiye had made it up all the steps.

The big shots couldn’t sit still and needed to watch.

1. I localized a bit here, the raw would be iron whip or bull’s p.e.n.i.s. The character for rod can mean both whip and p.e.n.i.s. C*ck keeps the vulgarity and rolls off the tongue better. I’m censoring since this might not be okay with ads.

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