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Chapter 3588: Let’s Go In Together

“Ahem, I have reached an agreement with Sir Shang’s group and will be bringing everyone into the valley…” The center of attention, Li Qiye, cleared his throat and spoke with a smile.

“Just our group.” Sir Shang interrupted him right away.

Everyone else became surprised. They thought about it and it seemed that Li Qiye was forced into submission a bit back.

“No, he said everyone.” A quick-witted listener said. Since Li Qiye could come into the valley freely, maybe he would be able to bring everyone else in too.

They would have the chance to obtain that golden egg then.

Li Qiye acted startled by the shout. He then innocently stared at the senior defender and said: “Not everyone? Just your group?”

“Of course you’re bringing everyone in!” The experts who didn’t join the temporary alliance immediately shouted.

“That’s right. Young n.o.ble Li, this egg is a gift from heaven and everyone has claims to it, as long as they are virtuous. You have to bring everyone in order to make it fair.” A high elder tapped on Li Qiye’s shoulder and showed support.

“Why should Senior Defender Shang get to monopolize it? Does everything beneath the sky belong to Vajra? That would be too imperious and tyrannical.” Another expert added.

“Vajra can’t stop us from entering the valley. Does it wish to antagonize all other powers?” Another side suddenly rose, completely opposing Sir Shang.

The first alliance naturally didn’t like this development. They wanted the egg for themselves but now, everyone else wanted a piece.

“Hmph, the young friend agreed to let my group in, it has nothing to do with you!” Sir Shang coldly uttered. The more people, the worse it was for them.

“Young n.o.ble Li has agreed to let us in now too.” One ancestor didn’t relent and snorted: “He’s not a member of Vajra and doesn’t need to listen to you.”

“Yes.” A royal lord immediately added: “Don’t worry, Young n.o.ble Li. Take us in there and we’ll guarantee your safety. If you only bring the senior defender in, he might kill you after obtaining the egg to keep it a secret.”

“What are you trying to say?!” Sir Shang’s group became furious after hearing this.

“You heard me.” The speaker wasn’t afraid of the group because the tempting egg has emboldened him. No one would give ground when the egg was on the line.

“We’re simply telling the truth. Your group might try to kill him but if everyone else gets to go in, then I’m sure no one will dare to do anything to Young n.o.ble Li.” He continued.

“I think he’s right.” Li Qiye said: “Your group might really kill me to keep it a secret. I would rather have other powers join too.”

Sir Shang’s group had an ugly expression. They already had an agreement with Li Qiye but things got more complicated now.

“Haha, Vajra can’t monopolize the egg, we’ll see what the other powers have to say about it.” Teacher Du had a good time gloating.

“If Vajra insists on entering the valley alone, it means that it wishes to kill Young n.o.ble Li on top of antagonizing everyone else.” Another master took advantage of this opportunity for a serious accusation.

“Ahem.” Li Qiye said: “Seems like your group really plans on killing me. It’s better if I stay with them.” He then slowly walked towards the other group.

“Yes, Young n.o.ble Li, stay with us and we’ll guarantee your safety. There are thousands of sects on our side, far safer than if you stay with them.” This group immediately cheered.

“Come over here, Young n.o.ble Li.” One ancestor walked forward, seemingly ready to protect Li Qiye at all cost.

Sir Shang’s group became more alarmed. This was akin to having their boiled duck flying away. [1]

“No, no.” The sect master of s.h.i.+fting Cloud smiled at Li Qiye and said: “Young n.o.ble LI, nothing like that will ever happen. We guarantee your safety after entering the valley.”

“You’re worrying too much, Young n.o.ble Li.” The royal lord of Night Court also chased after Li Qiye and said: “You’re perfectly fine staying with us.”

“Really? I still think I’m safer with them.” Li Qiye remained skeptical.

“Absolutely.” s.h.i.+fting Cloud Sect Master patted his chest and guaranteed: “I stake my reputation as the sect master of s.h.i.+fting Cloud on it. I will protect you.”

Li Qiye still looked doubtful after hearing this.

“In my opinion, we all need to go in together in order to keep Young n.o.ble Li safe. That’s the best course of action. You should really think about it, Young n.o.ble Li.” A clan master from the other side said with a serious tone.

The members of this side loudly expressed their agreement. They naturally wanted to enter the valley too.

Sir Shang and his allies exchanged glances. Their alliance was strong but still not enough to fight against all the other powers.

Plus, Li Qiye seemed tempted to join them right now. All of their efforts would be wasted in that case. Therefore, they reached a decision while debating it using their eyes and expression.

The oldest elder of the alliance coughed and said: “Ahem, let’s just go in together.”

They had no choice but to agree because the majority was about to rob Li Qiye from them. At that point, they would all die fighting outside before anyone could set foot into the valley.

“That’s fine, we unanimously agree.” An elder acted as the representative of the other powers: “However, this doesn’t mean that the egg is divided equally. Whoever is the most capable will get it.”

The listeners thought about it before nodding their head.

Sir Shang’s alliance was extremely strong but everyone remained confident and hopeful. They thought that during the actual skirmish, they might be the ones lucky enough to grab the egg first.

Thus, the goal here was to enter the valley first. Of course, Sir Shang’s alliance still had the biggest advantage right now.

“It’s decided then.” All eyes were on Li Qiye.

He stared at them and waved his hand: “I can bring all of you in but that egg is ominous. Don’t blame me if something happens.”

1. Idiom meaning that something good is already in your grasp yet you still lose it

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