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Chapter 3589: Entering The Valley

They naturally didn’t heed his warning in the slightest while being fully tempted by the golden egg. The only thing on their mind was entering the valley.

“Don’t worry, just take us inside and we’ll handle other matters.” One expert became impatient.

“But…” Li Qiye remained hesitant: “The golden egg is evil and bloodthirsty, a disaster might be looming.”

“If it’s truly evil, then Vajra should guard it so that no one will become its victim.” Sir Shang said.

“In that case, it’s actually better to take the egg out so that everyone can work together to keep the world safe. Young n.o.ble Li, you have a responsibility to take us in there.” An elder on the other side actually agreed with Sir Shang. He took the side of justice without feeling shameless at all.

“Young n.o.ble Li, let’s hurry up.” Others became restless.

“Fine.” Li Qiye gave up and said: “Don’t blame me if anything happens.”

He looked unwilling before warning: “It’s not too late to give up or death might be the outcome.”

“We know, we’re responsible for any danger, don’t you worry.” They all wanted to rush for the golden egg right now and actually thought that Li Qiye was being annoying.

“I’ll take everyone in then.” Li Qiye relented.

“Men, get ready!” Everyone has been waiting for this; an elder commanded his group.

Numerous groups lined up, seemingly ready to a.s.sault the valley. Secret alliances were made on the spot too.

It became obvious that working alone wasn’t enough to obtain the egg, hence the need for allies.

“Provide backline support and create a dao platform. We’re leaving the moment we get it.” A few powers prepared backup plans and didn’t bring all disciples inside.

Those left behind needed to prepare formations and even dao platforms. This would allow them a swift retreat once successful.

Whoever obtained the egg would become everyone’s target. That’s why a retreat plan was crucial.

“Sir Shang, members of South Peak will stay outside the valley as support. We’ll wait for your triumphant return.” South Peak Marquis didn’t want to take the risk and decided to stay outside.

“Very well, I’m counting on you, Marquis.” Sir Shang nodded.

Due to their ranks, he actually couldn’t order the marquis. Moreover, he personally didn’t want the guy to enter in the first place since he would need to share credit with the marquis after getting the egg.

He thought that he did all the work in creating an alliance. Sharing the limelight and rewards was unacceptable.

“Teacher, do we go too?” Many students were eager to try while watching the mobilization.

They were hopeful too. Perhaps they would be blessed by heaven and managed to grab the egg during the skirmishes.

“Tired of living already?” The oldest teacher glared at them and scolded: “Just watch here given your skills because when a fight actually starts, all of you will be crushed like ants. Stop fantasizing about being lucky.”

The students didn’t dare to retort. Though they were gifted and could be considered heaven’s favorites, they were still too young and weak compared to the senior students, let alone big shots such as ancestors from the other powers.

The teacher was right. They would be crushed like ants in an actual fight.

“There’s something strange amidst. That golden egg might actually be dangerous. We’ll just observe.” Teacher Du exercised caution.

“That guy might just be scaring people.” Zhang Changyu quietly said.

However, Yang Ling still heard it and glared at him: “Young n.o.ble Li has never lied before.”

Zhang Changyu once again lost to Yang Ling, unable to respond.

“Okay, let’s go.” Sir Shang didn’t wait for people to get ready and told Li Qiye.

“Sure, are we good to go?” Li Qiye shrugged and smiled.

“Yes, we’re ready, lead the way, Young n.o.ble Li.” Others didn’t want to wait a single second more and shouted.

“Off we go.” Li Qiye looked helpless as he walked forward to guide the group.

The group followed right behind him; everyone wanted to be closer to the front.

Meanwhile, the chaos primal beasts still patrolled outside the valley. Their b.e.s.t.i.a.l auras combined together into an ethereal ocean of dread.

As the group got closer, the beasts immediately glared at them. They naturally shuddered with trepidation.

Even the ancestors became tense after getting close enough. They took out their weapons and put on a defensive posture, ready to fight at any moment.

Li Qiye began talking with the beasts. No one understood what he was saying but it seemed effective.

The patrolling beasts retreated like the receding tides and watched from the distance. Cultivators heaved a sigh of relief at this sight.

“It’s impossible not to have a meteoric rise with such an ability.” One expert became jealous. Li Qiye could definitely become the king of this mountain range.

“I would be world-renowned right now instead of a woodchopper, what a fool.” Others thought that there was something wrong with Li Qiye for not taking advantage of this opportunity.

All in all, the nervous cultivators followed Li Qiye into the entrance.

“This is the last chance, it’s not too late to change your mind.” Li Qiye told them: “It’s better to not mess with that ominous egg.”

“We appreciate your concern.” One ancestor immediately said: “But as Buddhists say, who will venture into h.e.l.l if not me? We need to take this risk if the egg is actually evil in order to watch over it.”

“That’s right, we need to make the sacrifice.” Everyone else chimed in, thinking that Li Qiye has been wasting too much time.

“Very well, let’s go in.” Li Qiye turned back towards the entrance and whispered to himself: “There’s nothing I can do if you all want to suicide.”

Unfortunately, no one heard his last sentence.

At the same time, the spectators outside the valley watched the group enter. They regretted it since nothing dangerous happened so far. If they had known this, they would have joined in for a chance at the golden egg.

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