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Chapter 3631: Going Too Far

True or not, there were plenty of rumors and stories regarding this Foredoomed Star. Many students believed in them so they viewed her as something to avoid.

“Look, they’re coming out now.” One student shouted and all eyes turned towards the entrance.

Li Qiye walked out first with Yang Ling and Fan Bai behind him.

Though Fan Bai walked with confidence due to Li Qiye’s encouragement, her eyes still avoided others. Her expression remained timid. It became worse once she noticed herself being the focus of everyone. She hid behind Li Qiye right away.

“That’s her.” Another pointed it out.

“She’s the Foredoomed Star?” One student had seen her back in Myriad Beast Mountains and became surprised.

It was hard to connect her to the symbol of bad luck since she looked just like an ordinary girl.

“Why would misfortunes linger around her?” A female student sympathized after seeing the delicate and frail girl.

“Perhaps it is a curse from the high heaven, a predetermined fate.” One student speculated.

“It’s that serious?” Most felt dread after hearing this.

Cultivators certainly had impressive abilities, able to soar in the sky and enter the earth. They weren’t afraid of anything. Well, there was one exception - the high heaven.

Even the strongest cultivator feared the heavenly tribulations. Most believed that the high heaven had eyes, meaning that it was real and could affect the mortal realms. A curse from the high heaven was nothing short of horrific.

“She’s the Foredoomed Star!” A member of Zhang Changyu’s group pointed at Fan Bai.

“So?” Li Qiye lazily stared at the crowd and smiled.

“Hand her over, this is for the sake of the academy!” Zhang Changyu roared. He still remembered how Li Qiye stomped his face a while ago and wanted to drink the guy’s blood. He gathered powerful students in order to deal with Li Qiye this time.

“You must be tired of living, no need for the young master, I alone can teach you a lesson!” Yang Ling barked back.

Zhang Changyu found it exasperating that Yang Ling would always stand up for Li Qiye against him.

“Princess, this is not my opinion alone but rather, the will of the academy. Must you go against the tides?” Zhang Changyu actually retorted this time.

“Who cares what others want, I just know that I’m more than enough to deal with you, someone who wants to bully a little girl. You’re throwing the academy’s reputation away along with your manhood.” She answered with disdain.

Changyu turned red, unable to answer because she was indeed stronger than him.

“Junior Brother, you’re incorrect.” Yan Jingxuan standing next to him replied: “This pertains to the safety of everyone at the academy, we need to be prudent. This has nothing to do with bullying.”

“Bah! Look at how aggressive you are. I thought students of Duality are dragons and phoenixes among men. Why are you all so afraid of this ominous legend? How are you going to go outside and make a name out of yourself? Might as well just run back to your mother.” Yang Ling snorted.

She naturally offended the majority of students. They didn’t take it in stride.

“I agree with Senior Sister Yang.” One student nodded. The female students seemed more to support her.

“Well said, I like how straightforward you are.” Li Qiye clapped and said: “As for you lot, look at how afraid you are despite being students of Duality. It can’t be the number one academy of West King like this.”

“Li, watch your mouth! You only got here recently yet have caused so much trouble, is it still not enough?!” One student roared at Li Qiye.

It was none other than Huang Qibing. His divine bull was roasted by the old servant. Though Li Xiangquan compensated him later, he was still annoyed.

Of course, this was rather understandable. Most would feel the same way.

“I agree that there has been so much trouble since he got here. It’s not a good sign.” One student said.

The others thought about it and sure enough, Li Qiye was the source of many events recently.

“Maybe a Heavenly Tribulation will be next.” One student said: “I was there at Myriad Beast Mountains. Li Qiye tricked one hundred thousand men. Corpses piled up and blood flowed like rivers. A tribulation might be possible.”

“True.” Most have heard about this horrific event by this point.

“So now he’s together with the Foredoomed Star, it’s a terrible sign. If it’s an actual curse from the high heaven, anyone who made contact with them is probably going to be very unlucky.” Students started talking among themselves.

Zhang Changyu’s group was glad to see this s.h.i.+ft in narrative.

“Li, did you hear that? You can’t stay here out of consideration for Duality Academy.” He declared.

“Have you forgotten about the previous lesson and my words? Still so stupid. I can only a.s.sume that you’re tired of living. It’ll be a miracle if you can walk out of this place.” Li Qiye lazily glanced at him.

This was pouring salt on the wound. Li Qiye specifically brought up this humiliating event so Changyu was furious.

“Li, if you don’t give us a reasonable explanation, it won’t end well for you and that unlucky girl! You can’t do whatever you want at the academy!” He shouted.

“As if your bunch can stop me from doing what I want here.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Fellow Student, you’re being too arrogant and inconsiderate of others.” A calm voice answered. The speaker landed from above, not far from the temple.

He had an impressive momentum - akin to an awe-inspiring rainbow.

Though he didn’t have a silver spear and a stallion, people could easily see the scene of him riding one into battle. He seemed ready to rush into an enemy’s camp and sweep through his foes uncontested.

“Stallion Silver Spear!” Many shouted after seeing him. The girls were especially loud, completely taken by his heroic style.

“Senior Brother Zhang.” The older male students put on a serious expression.

Stallion Silver Spear - Zhang Yunzhi, one of the five heroes. Some considered him to be on the same level as Li Xiangquan; both were from Vajra.

His father was the current Grand Chancellor in Vajra; this was about even with Li Xiangquan’s father. One was in charge of the officials; the other was in charge of the generals.

Coincidentally enough, the two of them were excellent students in Duality, also evenly matched.

The most interesting part was that Li Xiangquan looked like a scholar despite having a military background. On the other hand, Zhang Yunzhi looked like a young general. This contrast made the rivals quite interesting.

Moreover, the Zhang was actually quite ancient. They have been supporting previous dynasties way before Vajra.

Thus, this clan was more than just a cultivation clan. They were also versed in education and administration.

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