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Chapter 4047: s.h.i.+ Yingxue

Omniscient Home remained lively with the horde coming to congratulate Li Qiye. Of course, none of them got a glimpse of him and only saw Xu Yiyun instead.

There was one exception. Today, she came and asked him: “Young n.o.ble, the sect master of Armament Mountain wishes to have an audience for an important matter.”

“You’re making an exception today? What’s the reason?” Li Qiye smiled since no one else in the last several days was introduced by Yiyun.

“Yes, Young n.o.ble.” She nodded and said: “Master s.h.i.+ was kind to me during my travels. I have no choice but to put on a thick skin and ask you to see her, but if you don’t wish to see anyone, I’ll tell her to leave.”

“I can’t refuse once you’ve asked. Let her come.” He didn’t mind.

“Thank you, Young n.o.ble.” She bowed, aware that he was being considerate and doing her a favor.

A while later, she brought another woman into the chamber. The latter’s presence lit up the room right away.

She wore a purple dress unaccompanied by other ornaments. Nonetheless, the craftsmans.h.i.+p alone made its value apparent.

She was a true beauty with curves in all the right places. The slightest movement from her would captivate any audience.

Despite her s.e.xy figure, her face was one of authoritative elegance instead of seduction - starry eyes, crescent eyebrows, and a shape of perfect proportions.

Two contrasting styles manifested in her - n.o.bility and sensuality.

“I am s.h.i.+ Yingxue, a member of Armament Mountain. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Young n.o.ble Li.” She bowed deeply towards him and introduced herself.

She was no ordinary disciple but was the sect master of War Mountain. Another status of her was being one of the Six Kings in Sword continent.

She belonged in the same generation as Peace Ocean Sword King, only a little older. Her reputation matched his.

Armament Mountain was created by Armament Dao Lord. It had two dao lords and was close to being as strong as sects such as Sword Temple and Nine-wheel Citadel.

She purposely displayed humility by introducing herself as a member of Armament instead of the sect master.

“I’m sure it has to be an important matter to bring you here, Sect Master s.h.i.+.” Li Qiye invited her to sit down.

“Yes, Young n.o.ble. The truth is that I’m here to ask for help, hoping that you’ll be able to solve a problem plaguing us.” She got straight to the point.

“I don’t have much outside of money. If money can solve it, then I will help you out of consideration for Yiyun. As for anything else, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee anything.” He responded.

“I wouldn’t be here to bother you if money can solve it. I’m also aware that money is a trivial issue for the world’s richest man.” She glanced at Yiyun before smiling wryly and shaking her head.

“I do enjoy hearing praises.” He nodded: “Go on.”

“Something happened in our sect and we are powerless. Please come to our mountain and help us.” She said.

“I see, if it’s something dangerous such as the place being haunted, I don’t think I can help.” He replied.

“How do you know, Young n.o.ble?” She thought that Li Qiye knew what was going on despite her vague description.

“Just a guess. You wouldn’t be here asking an outsider for help if it were an internal conflict. If it was an external enemy, you wouldn’t be as calm. It has to be something strange and bizarre for you to think of me.” Li Qiye said.

“You’re right, Young n.o.ble. Looks like I have found the right person. You will definitely be able to help.” She commented.

“Hold it. Don’t you know that the only thing I know how to do right now is to spend and spend some more?” He shook his head.

“You’re joking, Young n.o.ble. You are unmatched in the current generation and are comparable to Omniscient Dao Lord. Your benevolence knows no bounds and everything you do is nothing short of a miracle…”

“You’re going to make me conceited with all these praises. I might just have to say yes.” He smiled: “But then again, a new-rich like me can’t do anything unrelated to money. You’ve found the wrong person.”

“You’re the only one who opened the Preeminent Legacy. If you’re incapable, then everyone else is worthless.” She solemnly said.

“Pretty and know just what to say. But don’t you think I was just lucky?” He asked.

“No, countless have tested their luck in history but you’re the only one successful after a single attempt. This level of luck doesn’t exist.” She answered.

“You’re making it really difficult for me to refuse.” He said.

“So you’ll help?” She became excited.

“Fine, since you’re sensible, beautiful, and smart, I’ll take a trip to Armament Mountain. It’s not a big deal, just know that my price is very, very high. I don’t give out free lunches.” He smiled.

“Well…” She hesitated after hearing this.

Although her sect was definitely first-rate in both power and wealth, it would be silly to talk about wealth in front of Li Qiye.

He might find a sum normally considered large to others as insulting. However, they wouldn’t be able to afford a sky-high price. Sects had a limit to their wealth, unlike Li Qiye.

“May I ask what you want, Young n.o.ble?” She said, hoping that he would go easy on them.

“Hmm…” He stroked his chin: “There aren’t that many things in Armament that I’m interested in. Maybe just that peak.”

“Peak?” She shuddered after hearing this and blurted out: “You’re talking about the peak left behind by our progenitor?”

“What else can it be?” He chuckled.

Armament Dao Lord was known as a master of weapons. However, other weapons paled before the sword in this land.

The dao lord went against the grain and didn’t cultivate the sword dao, becoming the master of all weapons. Strangely enough, the only weapon he refused to train was the sword.

According to the rumor, he once took back a peak from one of the seven forbidden zones - Sword Burial. It was then used as an armory.

His fascinating deeds earned him great fame. Some even listed him among the top ten dao lords.

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