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Chapter 4556: Fromheaven Stone G.o.d

Everyone maintained their focus after the appearance of the emissary. Some even gripped their weapons harder, ready to go all out.

Meanwhile, the emissary glanced over in Li Qiye’s direction and noticed Li Qiye. He then bowed deeply and astounded the crowd.

Of course, no one thought that he was bowing to Li Qiye. They a.s.sumed that it was symbolic, showing respect for something over yonder in that direction.

“What was that? The emissary never did something like this before.” A big shot found it strange.

“True.” An ancestor who has been here several times became curious.

In the past, the emissary never made any needless action while standing on the bridge. Even if his expression changed, no one would know due to the ta.s.seled beads draping down in front of him. Thus, this bowing action was unprecedented.

“What is over in that direction?” A high elder stared at the horizon.

“Don’t tell me that there is something special about this opening? Completely different than before?” An expert speculated.

Jian Ming and the daoist became overwhelmed with emotion. They immediately knew that Li Qiye was the emissary’s target.

“Young n.o.ble, the emissary is bowing to you.” Si Jingru said softly.

Li Qiye didn’t return the gesture. He stared at the emissary and accepted the bow.

“There is a karmic string between you two.” Lin Mo added.

He smiled and didn’t answer since it was too long ago. The bowing made him recall several people hidden deep in his memories - in the center of the mysterious ancestral city was a divine throne placed on top of many steps. A being had sat there for millions of years without making a sound.

Now, the emissary was here after many eras. His previous ident.i.ty contained too many secrets and legends. Now, no one remembered them anymore, not the frightening burial ground either.

Li Qiye sighed and didn’t say anything else. Millions of dao yet none might last forever; all things in life were all but ephemeral.

“Boom!” A loud explosion came from the Yang Cemetery. Next came earth-shattering quakes.

Everyone looked over and saw the peaks deep in the cemetery moving. Some started shattering so debris went flying. Something inside seemed to be tearing them apart.

“Rumble!” After the debris and dust cleared, they saw a giant breaking out of the largest one.

He was a golem towering at a hundred meters and surrounded by clouds. He had sharp lines and edges. They seemed capable of cutting through s.p.a.ce during his movement.

His stone eyes s.h.i.+fted slightly but they were devoid of light and flesh. His weapon of choice was a stone sword but instead of a sharp end, it had something resembling a hammer. It had dao indentations and markings. They intertwined together to form dao runes.

In other words, whenever this sword would attack, it would also release the power of all the embedded sword dao. Only a top master would be able to directly embed these dao onto a sword.

“Any idea who that is?” A spectator asked.

“No idea, do statues die?” An ignorant youth said while watching this astonis.h.i.+ng scene.

“He is a golem, not a statue. He was once a living being, extremely strong too. His entire body has reached atavism, meaning that he would be able to defeat virtually anyone in our generation.” A big shot said.

“That’s putting it lightly. He was one of the strongest golems in history, a direct disciple of Skystone Dao Lord. His t.i.tle was Fromheaven Stone G.o.d.” A gray-haired ancestor said solemnly.

“A dao lord’s disciple…” Everyone understood right away how strong this golem was.

Skystone Dao Lord came from West King’s Divine Stone Ridge. He used to be a divine stone but with the help of the dao, he gained sentience and became a dao lord.

According to the rumors, Dao Sanqian had taught him before. Therefore, some considered Dao Sanqian to be the pseudo-master of the dao lord.

“Putting the disciple thing aside, he’s invincible in his own right. He was a divine stone from the eight branches, his talents were immaculate.” A golem ancestor said: “Look at that sword, it was formed naturally next to him. Skystone Dao Lord once said that its power is not inferior to his patrimony weapon.”

The last comment made the crowd gasp. There were plenty of dao lord weapons but patrimony weapons were unique. Their power was comparable to their creator, far exceeding anything else.

Nonetheless, this stone sword born from the heaven and earth was comparable to a patrimony weapon? It might still have room to grow stronger in the future.

“There’s nothing else like it.” A big shot felt his heart beating faster.

Everyone started salivating for this ultimate sword. To say that they didn’t want it would be a lie.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The golem started walking.

The earthquakes seemed to be affecting the other graves. More started opening and various phenomena occurred.

One grave released a divine beam. Another had auspicious violet radiance. One more had s.h.i.+mmering golden rays…

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