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Chapter 4664: Divine Fist Dynasty

While everyone wanted to be the first to find Golden Fist Emperor, news came out from Worldbreaker.

“True Immortal Dao and the other behemoths are teaming up.” The first to hear this couldn’t keep it a secret.

“An alliance between the behemoths?! They would be the strongest force in Sky Border!” Both regular cultivators and ancestors gasped in response.

The alliance included True Immortal, Three Thousand Dao, Divine Dragon Valley, and Five-sun School.

Sky Border had a total of four regions, each with a strongest lineage acting as its leader.

Currently, Five-sun School seemed to be replacing the Puresun as the leader of the east. Meanwhile, the other three lineages represented their own region.

Therefore, the strongest lineages have come together with the exception of Lion’s Roar. No one could hope to compete against them. Antagonizing this alliance could end with total annihilation in the blink of an eye.

“Why did they team up? They’re compet.i.tors.” An expert found this hard to believe.

“Right, their successor will fight each other to the death. This doesn’t make any sense.” A genius murmured.

Everyone in Sky Border knew that a fight between the conquerors was inevitable. This wasn’t a personal event either since their sect would also join the fray. This war would only end with the appearance of a new dao lord.

“Cosmic Lord is the one taking charge.” A knowledgeable expert revealed.

Big shots were no longer surprised after hearing this t.i.tle.

“Cosmic Lord’s prestige didn’t wane in the slightest, and neither did his wisdom. Only he can form an alliance between these lineages.” A clan high elder commented. After all, he had done so before in the past. The alliance was even greater back then since it consisted of more powerful sects and races.

“It’ll be a short-lived alliance. They’ll fight each other again once the dao lord compet.i.tion starts.” A big shot said: “Nothing matters compared to winning this position.”

“It looks like they’re determined to not let anyone else obtain the gemstone. It must belong to one of them.” A lord from an ancient sacred ground said.

“Wouldn’t this effectively knock Firmament Mortal King out of the compet.i.tion? She would be the first to lose.” Another genius commented.

Others agreed with this speculation as well.

“It’s hopeless then.” A royal lord became disappointed and decided to withdraw from Worldbreaker. He didn’t feel suicidal today and preferred to watch instead.

Nonetheless, some still didn’t give up. They wanted to find the emperor first for the gemstone then quietly retreat, hoping that luck was on their side.

Alas, this optimistic att.i.tude didn’t last long either.

“True Immortal found the emperor.” Another news traveled across the region.

“It’s really over then, we’re leaving.” One big shot heard this and ordered.

This meant that the emperor has been captured b the alliance. Going against them was akin to throwing eggs at a boulder.

“Screw it, let’s just go watch.” Most compet.i.tors decided to stop trying.

“Boom!” A bright beam shot into the sky from a mountain. Fist intents erupted next.

“They started fighting.” One spectator said.

“Rumble!” Next came numerous legions heading for the battlefield with fluttering banners.

“Reinforcements are coming. The conquerors and monarchs are going there…” Someone shouted after seeing the magnificent scene.

The boundless and intimidating auras in the forces made them tremble in fear, especially weaker cultivators.

“There is no way the emperor can withstand this, the gemstone will belong to the alliance.” The result seemed rather obvious.

No one underestimated the emperor. Nonetheless, he was facing brilliant geniuses and ancient ancestors. Two fists couldn’t block four punches - defeat was inevitable.

“I wonder if he will resort to using the stone again, can he?” Some hoped for him to use the power of the gemstone, resulting in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle. They would be able to take advantage of the situation then.

“Hard to say, I don’t think he can.” A big shot shook his head.

“Boom!” A series of loud explosions interrupted their conversation. Fist intents suddenly rampaged like a tsunami.

They followed the source of the intents and saw a legion heading toward the battlefield. It consisted of both young and old soldiers. Some looked fierce and imposing; many were demons with evil auras…

Regardless of their appearance and aura, there was one similarity - a boundless fist intent emanating from them that seem to be one with Worldbreaker.

“Divine Fist Dynasty!” The legion and its destructive auras intimidated spectators.

“They’ve mobilized.” Many turned pale and their knees buckled.

“I suppose they won’t let anyone else have this gemstone.” Even a top master became emotional after seeing the legion.

This was a dynasty capable of stopping dao lords. Its strength allowed it to exist for countless years.

“Their king is here too.” A big shot saw a white-haired old man wearing a crest.

This king was an ancient existence with an unknown origin. He has been ruling the dynasty since time immemorial. His leaders.h.i.+p certainly played a large role in fending off the expeditions. He commanded both respect and fear from outsiders.

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