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Chapter 4880: Nether Drake

“So you were stuck here, Nether Drake.” Li Qiye coldly uttered.

The world no longer remembered this creature but it had a frightening background with a deep tie to the Ancient Ming. Most importantly, it was connected to a particular existence.

It devoured emperors and monarchs in the thirteen continents, serving as one of the strongest lieutenants of the Ancient Ming. Fortunately for its enemies, its reign of terror was short-lived.

It turned out that while trying to obtain Immortal Gate’s brazier, it became trapped in this dimension. It managed to kill the strongest legion of Immortal Gate but had no way of getting out.

“Crack!” It stared at Li Qiye and terrible lightning arcs flashed in its eyes. Bolts coursed through its body, looking like a terrible lightning dragon.

It was clearly furious and wanted to kill this unwelcome guest.

“Boom!” It spread its wings and caused a storm. It then started flying toward Li Qiye.

The pair of wings could cut down thousands of mountains. More and more lightning bolts appeared to form an ocean, wanting to reduce Li Qiye to ashes.

Nonetheless, he easily evaded the dragon and appeared above it.

“Whoos.h.!.+” The ma.s.sive dragon somehow disappeared and teleported in front of Li Qiye. Its hands held two lightning spears with loud crackles. The area around them became engulfed in this affinity. Hiding became impossible.

Li Qiye snorted and stomped down with a force beyond anything else in this world. Even an immortal couldn’t stop him, let alone this creature.

“Crack!” Its lightning bolts became extinguished; all of its bones crumbled from a single attack.

“Boom!” It smashed into the arena and caused numerous cracks.

“Ahh!” It bellowed from both pain and rage.

“I can kill your master, let alone you, puny worm.” Li Qiye looked down and said.

The emperor-devouring dragon had never experienced this much humiliation before. Its master was a frightening being, virtually matchless in the mortal world. How could this guy ever think about beating the master?

“Raa!” The furious dragon roared and gathered all of its red lightning bolts. They came together to form a single beam, causing the celestials to lose their brilliance.

Time came to a halt; the yin and yang stopped flowing along with the reincarnation cycle. The only thing that mattered was the red beam. Nothing in the mortal world could stop its penetration. This move alone could obliterate the lower continents.

Li Qiye swung his hand and released a sword slash. This beam might be at the limit of speed but Li Qiye was even faster, causing the beam to look slow in comparison.

Time flowed backward with the swing. As the slash came forward, the beam actually receded all the way back to the dragon’s mouth.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Tribulation Sword was at the apex of this world and cut through eternity itself without stopping. The dragon was split into two halves starting from the head.

This was the real Li Qiye when he didn’t hold back, killing Nether Drake without breaking a sweat.

“Buzz...” The two halves of the dragon suddenly connect again. It was coming back to life.

“This is my epoch, Ancient Ming will not revive.” Li Qiye smirked and reached into the sky, pulling down a primordial light.

He threw it and crucified the dragon into the ground.

“Raa!” It tried to struggle to no avail since the primordial light has invaded every inch of its ma.s.sive frame. It started inflating larger and larger like a balloon.

“Boom!” Finally, it exploded into scattering dust and ceased to exist.

The brazier fell into Li Qiye’s hands. Charcoal seemed to be inside, as regular as can be. He could still sense its heat.

There was something like a fire seed within, twitching and squirming. A flame could start if someone were to fan the pieces.

“Primal Patrimony Fire.” Li Qiye said softly: “Infused by primal blood, a true gesture of love for the world.”

He sighed softly afterward. This fire was part of the monument, serving as the toughest barrier in the thirteen continents.

The monument and fire managed to stop the Ancient Ming. However, they were betrayed internally, leading to the severing of the monument and Immortal Gate’s defeat. This was the only reason the Ancient Ming made it into the thirteen continents.

Things have changed completely at this point. The trinity was no longer the same as before. These legends of sacrifice were lost in the past.


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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4880: Nether Drake summary

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