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Chapter 4208 - Chu Feng’s Arrival

“All-seeing Heavenly Master, you have a brilliant name in the Holy Light Galaxy. You are someone who is revered by hundreds of millions of people. How could you be this despicable and contemptible?”

“How could you do something so devoid of conscience for the sake of minor benefits?!”

“Weren’t those two grandmasters close friends of yours, people that have known you for many years?”

“How could you murder them?”

Long Shengbu was unable to contain himself and began to curse the All-seeing Heavenly Master.


“Doesn’t your Dragon Clan have an even more brilliant reputation than myself? Aren’t you also ma.s.sacring one another for the sake of your own benefits?”

“Don’t forget, it is the people of your Dragon Clan that paid a great price for me to take your lives.”

“Martial cultivators are all people that only care about their own interests. How are you qualified to criticize my behavior?”

“Besides, all of you will soon be killed by me.”

“As losers, you are even less qualified to criticize the winner.”

As the All-seeing Heavenly Master spoke, she sent her spirit formation to attack Long Xiaoxiao and the others.

Her spirit formation possessed overwhelming power. It was simply unstoppable.

Seeing the incoming attack, Long Xiaoxiao closed her eyes unwillingly.

She had made up her mind that she would most definitely be killed. Thus, she prepared herself for death.

However, even though the overwhelming killing intent had arrived, the terrifying spirit formation did not land on their bodies.

Not only did it not land, it instead began to roar with strange noises.

Confused, Long Xiaoxiao opened her eyes.

It was only then that she discovered that an even more terrifying spirit formation had appeared before them.

The spirit formation that had appeared greatly resembled the power of the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s spirit formation. It was also filled with terrifying dark black gaseous flames.

That spirit formation was not only mighty, it was also terrifying and tyrannical!

The only difference between the two spirit formations was that the one that had blocked the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s spirit formation was even more powerful than hers.

But, why would such a spirit formation appear for no reason? Furthermore, why would it block the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s attack?

Right when the crowd were confused, a voice was heard.

“Senior Long, this treasure of yours blocked my path,” that voice came from within the giant golden bell.

Right after that voice was heard, the giant golden bell was sent flying by an enormous power.

When the giant golden bell flew away, the terrifying dark black spirit formation gate reappeared.

In addition to that, a figure also appeared before the crowd.

That person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?!”

Without exception, the crowd were all surprised to see Chu Feng.

They had never imagined that Chu Feng would suddenly appear there.

“You did that?” The All-seeing Heavenly Master spoke.

She didn’t know Chu Feng. It was their first encounter.

She was able to sense that the enormously powerful spirit formation that had blocked her attack had come from him.

“Chu Feng did that?”

It was only after hearing the All-seeing Heavenly Master's words that Long Xiaoxiao and others managed to react to what had happened.

However, they felt even greater disbelief.

Although they were very shocked to see Chu Feng, they did not a.s.sociate the power that had blocked the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s attack with him.

“So you’re the renowned All-seeing Heavenly Master.”

“I’ve heard that you’re proficient in making prophecies, and will oftentimes predict other people’s futures.”

“In that case, have you ever prophesied your own future?”

“Did you know that you would be defeated here today?”

With a beaming smile on his face, Chu Feng looked at the All-seeing Heavenly Master.

“A mere brat wants to sabotage my business?”

A vicious look appeared in the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s eyes. She then opened her arms and pushed them toward Chu Feng.


An even more powerful spirit formation was released from her body.

That spirit formation did not have a concrete form. Yet, one could sense that it was extremely terrifying and overwhelmingly powerful. Like a ma.s.sive wave capable of obliterating everything before it, the spirit formation charged toward Chu Feng.


However, before that spirit formation could even reach Chu Feng, it suddenly stopped.

As if it was petrified, the spirit formation froze in midair.

This time around, Chu Feng did not release a spirit formation to block the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s attack.

Because of that, Long Xiaoxiao and the others had thought that the All-seeing Heavenly Master had stopped her own attack.

However, the frozen spirit formation began moving shortly after.

However, after it began moving, it did not continue toward Chu Feng.

Instead, it turned around and began moving toward the All-seeing Heavenly Master.

Seeing that things were amiss, the All-seeing Heavenly Master immediately severed her connection with the spirit formation and flew away. Only then did she dodge the attack.

“How could this be?!”

Seeing this scene, Long Xiaoxiao and the others became even more confused.

Why would the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s spirit formation turn to attack her?

This was simply unreasonable!

Confused, they looked at Chu Feng and the All-seeing Heavenly Master.

It was only then that they realized the All-seeing Heavenly Master had a look of panic on her face. She was no longer calm and composed like before.

As for Chu Feng, he was completely unperturbed. Most importantly, confidence filled his face.

That sort of confidence was the confidence of someone that had devised a battle plan in advance, and had grasped victory in hand.

Could it be that it had been done by Chu Feng?

Right when this thought crossed Long Xiaoxiao and the others’ minds, the All-seeing Heavenly Master suddenly spoke.

“Exactly who are you?”

“You’ve actually controlled this remnant’s powers.”

“Furthermore, what is that spirit formation gate behind you?” the All-seeing Heavenly Master asked with a stern voice.

Earlier, she had been looking down on Chu Feng. But with the situation as it was, she had begun to fear him.

She had clearly grasped control over the power of this remnant’s spirit formation.

But, after Chu Feng appeared, the remnant’s spirit formation was no longer under her control. Instead, it was being controlled by Chu Feng.

She realized that Chu Feng had greater control over the remnant’s spirit formation.

She had lost control over the remnant’s spirit formation.

Chu Feng revealed a faint smile toward the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s questions, “In the world of martial cultivators, the victor is king and the loser is a bandit.”

“A loser is not qualified to ask all those questions.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he looked to the slaughtering formation above Long Shengbu.


With merely a look, the slaughtering formation suppressing Long Shengbu began to move away. Soon, it arrived above the All-seeing Heavenly Master.

Furthermore, the grand slaughtering formation that had been set up by the All-seeing Heavenly Master began attacking her.

The All-seeing Heavenly Master’s cultivation was clearly inferior to Long Shengbu’s.

Even though she also managed to withstand the slaughtering formation’s attacks, she had fallen on one knee, and her facial expression was completely distorted. She was having a very difficult time withstanding it.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, Senior Long, this person here tried to kill you all.”

“As such, I’ll leave her in your hands,” said Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, thanks a lot.”

Long Shengbu clasped his fist at Chu Feng. Then, he planned to attack the All-seeing Heavenly Exalted.


Suddenly, the All-seeing Heavenly Exalted exploded.

There was no prior indication for her sudden explosion.

Seeing that, Chu Feng narrowed his brows.

He knew that the All-seeing Heavenly Exalted’s explosion had not been caused by the spirit formation.

Rather, she had exploded herself.

In the next moment, the All-seeing Heavenly Master’s voice echoed in the main hall, “So your name is Chu Feng.”

“I’ll remember you. Sooner or later, I’ll settle this debt with you.”

Chu Feng immediately used the power of the spirit formation to search for the All-seeing Heavenly Exalted in the remnant. However, he wasn't able to find her.

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