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Chapter 4734: Fighting for Zi Ling

Chu Feng’s words shocked the chief elder. That was an extremely dangerous line of thinking. Seeing that Chu Feng was falling into a rabbit hole, he wanted to dissuade Chu Feng from having extreme thoughts, only to see unwavering determination gleaming in Chu Feng’s eyes.

That fl.u.s.tered the chief elder even more.

“Chu Feng, Zi Ling might be an outstanding woman, but you don’t know much about her. Why do you need to be so fixated on her?” the chief elder asked.

“Chief elder, to be honest with you… there’s no one here who knows Zi Ling better than I do,” Chu Feng replied.

“Could it be that… you knew her beforehand?”

The chief elder sharply noticed that Chu Feng was suggesting something here.

“I am Zi Ling’s husband,” Chu Feng replied.

“Ah? This… Chu Feng, are you serious about that? This is no joking matter,” the chief elder said.

“If you feel that I’m jesting with you, you can just think of it that way. However, I’m not joking when I said that Zi Ling is mine,” Chu Feng spoke with conviction.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Seeing the grave look on Chu Feng’s face, the chief elder realized that Chu Feng might really be telling the truth here.

“Chu Feng, even if this matter is true, it’s best for you to hide it for the time being. Trust me, I won’t harm you,” the chief elder reminded.

“Don’t worry, chief elder. I know what I’m doing,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

He didn’t want the chief elder to worry about him.

The two of them continued chatting for a while longer. The chief elder tried to persuade Chu Feng to change his mind about the matter, but the latter’s mind already made up. So, he decided to take his leave.

As for Chu Feng, he turned his attention to unlocking the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

That afternoon, a huge commotion broke out in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Discussions could be heard everywhere. The sectmaster had officially announced the matter concerning Zi Ling’s husband selection.

Once the news broke, Chu Feng was no longer in a mood to remain in his residence to continue deciphering the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. So, he made his way toward the registration venue for the selection.

It was a square located at the heart of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect that was aptly named Central Square. This was a place belonging to none of the four halls, so everyone was able to enter this area freely.

The Central Square was humongous, large enough to fit countless people at once. It was only normal for it to be big since this was the place where announcements were made.

There was no special festivity today, but it was currently packed with people. Many disciples and elders had gathered in the Central Square. Needless to say, they were here for Zi Ling’s matter.

There was an elevated platform at the center of the square, which appeared to be newly constructed. Behind the elevated platform were four exquisite wooden boards. Two of the wooden boards had their content veiled with red cloth, which appeared to be some sort of special treasure that disallowed Chu Feng to seeing through them even with his spirit power.

As for the other two, the first one wrote ‘Age of a junior’ and the second one wrote ‘Within a month’. These were two of the requirements for the selection.

However, what Chu Feng was more focused on was another wooden board placed in front of the elevated platform. There was a brush prepared beside the wooden platform.

This was no other than the registration stand.

Those who wrote their names on top of this board would be able to partic.i.p.ate in the selection, and there were already two names on there, namely Zuoqiu Youyu and Zuoqiu Yanliang.

They were the second place and third place of the Hidden Dragon Disciples, the strongest juniors within the sect other than the mysterious disciple whom the sectmaster had brought back with him.

There were many people gathered in the area, but other than those two, no one else was registering. It was a strange but understandable sight. After all, Zi Ling was a person favored by the sectmaster, someone known to be the most talented disciple in this generation where the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall evaluated to be ‘the strongest generation since the sectmaster and Dugu Lingtian’s generation’.

Without a bit of skill, who would dare to compete for Zi Ling? They would only make enemies for themselves and be humiliated.

So, most of those in the area were actually just joining in the commotion, hoping to verify the authenticity of the news and see who would dare to vie for Zi Ling. They didn’t have the guts to put their name down on the registration board.

“Look, it’s Duanmu Brothers!”

A commotion suddenly broke out in the crowd.

Duanmu Xiang and Duanmu Yang from the West Tiger Hall had arrived. They were a pair of twins, so they looked identical to one another. There were fairly good-looking, leaving one with a good impression at the first sight.

They seemed to be amicable people as they went around greeting familiar faces courteously. However, it was worth noting that while they were greeting others, their footsteps had never once stopped. They walked straight toward the elevated platform and placed their names down on the wooden board.

It was expected that the two of them would partic.i.p.ate in the selections since the Duanmu Brothers had never concealed their feelings for Zi Ling before.

This was a rare opportunity for them, so they wouldn’t let it slip through their fingers.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing here?”

Someone amidst the crowd suddenly shouted out.

Chu Feng turned his sights over and saw Tu Yuanyuan waving to him. She quickly made her way toward him.

Tu Yuanyuan was quite loud, such that everyone in the square could hear her loud and clear. On top of that, she was quite a looker, so her action immediately caught many people’s attention.

“Chu Feng? Which Chu Feng?”

“He’s from the North Tortoise Hall. Could he possibly be that Chu Feng?”

“Yes, it’s him! I saw him before!”

“He looks not too bad. But… did he really break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record?”

It didn’t take long for the crowd to turn their sights to Chu Feng.

It was hard to tell if Tu Yuanyuan was doing it intentionally, but in any case, she had managed to draw attention to Chu Feng. Breaking Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record was an astonis.h.i.+ng feat that was enough to make his reputation known all over the sect, just that not too many people had seen him before.

Hearing that the person-in-question was present, it was natural for their curiosity to be piqued… Just that most of their gazes carried skepticism.

“What are you doing here? Are you intending to register too and vie with me over Zi Ling?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“I’m just here to watch the commotion. How could a woman like me register?” Tu Yuanyuan explained with a smile.

However, Chu Feng’s words suddenly sank in, and she stared at Chu Feng with eyes widened in astonishment.

“Hm? What did you just say? Are you intending to register?”

This was the doubt shared by many others too. Was this newcomer from the North Tortoise Hall planning to fight for Zi Ling too?

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