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Chapter 5103: Two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds

War was unceasing in that dark period of time.

Within the span of several thousand years, many generations of clan chiefs of the Nine Soul Sacred Clan either died of exhaustion or were It was only with the appearance of the Eleventh Clan Chief that things started to change.

The Eleventh Clan Chief decided to give out the treasures of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan to resolve the external threats before dealing with the internal one. His measures helped stabilize the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s place as the galaxy’s overlord.

Even though the Nine Souls Sacred Clan became severely weakened, and its subservient att.i.tude made it the laughingstock of other galaxies, it was still able to enjoy a period of peace.

For that reason, the Eleventh Clan Chief was viewed to be the second hero of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

It was just that the Eleven Clan Chief made a grievous mistake.

He was highly talented and possessed great means, such that no one dared to oppose him. The only fault he had was that he was a casanova. He was easily moved by beautiful women. He had plenty of women both within the clan and outside the clan, and they bore countless children for him.

He acknowledged the children he had within the clan and provided them with protection and resources, but he refused to acknowledge the illegitimate children he had outside the clan. Due to that, the concubines of the Eleventh Clan Chief would secretly deal with the mistresses and illegitimate children he had outside.

The Eleventh Clan Chief couldn’t possibly be unaware of that, but he chose to turn a blind eye to the matter. He harbored no feelings toward those women since his relations.h.i.+ps with them were mostly one-night stands. He didn’t even remember all of their names and faces.

It was one thing if the mistresses of the Eleventh Clan Chief had a powerful backing, but if they came from an ordinary household, they would have to live their lives in fear. Should they ever catch the eye of the Eleventh Clan Chief’s concubines, their family could very well be ma.s.sacred.

Song Changsheng’s mother came from an ordinary household. She didn’t want Song Changsheng to know who his father was, so he followed his mother’s surname. It was probably out of her sincere wish that Song Changsheng could safely grow up that she named him Changsheng (Longevity).

Even though the Eleventh Clan Chief’s concubines didn’t go after them, Song Changsheng’s mother fell grievously ill, leaving Song Changsheng with no choice but to travel around to look for medicine for her at a young age.

Shortly after Song Changsheng started cultivating, he displayed outstanding talent. Even while he was still a junior, he had already built up a resounding reputation for himself.

By a stroke of coincidence, he unintentionally entered an ancient remnant of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. The owner of the ancient remnant was the Fourth Clan Chief, the heroic figure who pushed the Nine Souls Sacred Clan to its current state of glory. Only members of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan were able to enter the ancient remnant, but Song Changsheng was able to pa.s.s through the erected barrier.

Due to that, Song Changsheng began harboring doubts about his own lineage. Thus, he questioned his mother about it. His mother was reluctant to speak at first, but she eventually chose to tell him the truth.

Wanting to save his ill mother, Song Changsheng decided to look for the Eleventh Clan Chief for help. He promised to bring the Nine Souls Sacred Clan back to its previous peak if the Eleventh Clan Chief was able to save his mother.

Even though Song Changsheng had built up a fair bit of reputation for himself in the Nine Souls Galaxy then, the Eleventh Clan Chief still viewed him as no more than an arrogant rascal. Naturally, he didn’t take Song Changsheng’s promise for real.

In fact, despite learning about Song Changsheng’s lineage and talent, he still refused to acknowledge Song Changsheng.

Disappointed, Song Changsheng disappeared from the face of the world.

It was only a thousand years later, when a powerful enemy attacked and the Nine Souls Sacred Clan found themselves outmatched that a person appeared and saved the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

That person was none other than Song Changsheng.

Within a short span of a thousand years, Song Changsheng had already far surpa.s.sed the Eleventh Clan Chief. It was also then that the Eleventh Clan Chief realized just how foolish he was.

Thus, he tried to invite Song Changsheng into the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, only to get rejected.

“Even though Song Changsheng didn’t return to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, he still continued remaining in contact with the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. Or rather, he appears to be protecting the Nine Souls Sacred Clan in his own way?” Chu Feng remarked.

“The Nine Souls Sacred Clan spiraled even faster into decline after the Eleventh Clan Chief pa.s.sed away. That lord plays a huge role as to why the Nine Souls Sacred Clan continues to be the overlord of the Nine Souls Galaxy, but he is reluctant to reveal his own ident.i.ty. Due to that, hardly anyone in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan knows about his existence. I also only learned about this matter right before my father pa.s.sed away,” the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Did he obtain something from the Fourth Clan Chief’s ancient remnant back then? That might explain why he was confident that he was able to bring the Nine Souls Sacred Clan back to its peak back then,” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity.

“Actually, the Eleventh Clan Chief took a look at the ancient remnant after learning that Song Changsheng had been there, but he found that it was just one of the ancient remnants the Fourth Clan Chief had casually left behind. There are many of such ancient remnants in the Nine Souls Galaxy, and there’s nothing special about them.

“No one knows what that lord experienced that allowed him to grow that strong, but there’s no questioning his strength. He’s the guardian deity of our Nine Souls Sacred Clan,” the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Do you know anything else aside from that?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s all I know. I have already told you everything, so you must make sure to keep it a secret,” the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief said.

Chu Feng sensed that the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief didn’t withhold any information from him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret.”

Chu Feng rose to his feet and took his leave.

“Young hero Chu Feng,” the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly called out.

Chu Feng turned around and saw the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief kneeling on the ground.

“I have learned about the situation. It wasn’t the lord who saved us but young hero Chu Feng. I don’t know how I can thank you for this grace, but please ask anything of me. I’ll do it as long as it’s within my means,” the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“The person I wanted to save is my master and not your Nine Souls Sacred Clan. Also, I’m only not pursuing that matter because Miaomiao decided to let bygones be bygones. If she wanted to destroy your Nine Souls Sacred Clan, I would have abided by her wishes. Not even Miaomiao would be this kind all the time, so I’d advise you to rein it in a little,” Chu Feng said before leaving the palace.

He stopped momentarily at the entrance of the palace.

“The Eleventh Clan Chief might be a heartless scoundrel, but you’re hardly any better.”

Leaving those words behind, Chu Feng finally walked off. The Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief kneeled on the ground with a face of deep remorse.

If the Eleventh Clan Chief had made the right choice, the Nine Souls Sacred Clan would have at least wielded spectacular strength under Song Changsheng’s lead even if it was unable to return to its peak.

As for Xian Miaomiao, she was likely to be highly talented considering how Song Changsheng was willing to take her in as his disciple. Yet, he nearly caused Xian Miaomiao’s death…

Both he and the Eleventh Clan Chief were sinners of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. The Eleventh Clan Chief was at least a hero who once saved the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, but what about him? How could he possibly justify this major mistake?

By this moment, Chu Feng had already returned to his accommodation. He was still feeling a little shaken up after hearing about Song Changsheng’s affairs.

He was hoping to find out about the relations.h.i.+p between Song Changsheng and his master, but he ended up learning about Song Changsheng’s history instead.

Chu Feng had once thought that heaven was unfair to him. Why did everyone have parents that doted on him whereas he had to live as an orphan abandoned by his parents? Yet, if he compared himself to Song Changsheng, he was at least in a much more fortunate position.

Chu Feng’s parents did leave him to the lurch, but they did it in order to protect him.

But what about Song Changsheng?

Chu Feng felt even greater admiration for Song Changsheng after learning of his experiences. Song Changsheng was willing to protect the Nine Souls Sacred Clan despite the latter turning their back on him. If Chu Feng had been in the same position, he didn’t think that he would have been able to be as selfless as him.

On the contrary, he would have probably ma.s.sacred the Nine Souls Sacred Clan himself.

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