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Chapter 5199: Looking At a Fool

Soon, the ma.s.sive light pillar started to dissipate, replaced with six thinner light pillars. Each of them emanated a unique aura.

“The auras coming from those pillars resemble that of world spirits. Does this have something to do with world spirits?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course it does,” Tao Wu replied.

“I sense the auras of Monster World Spirits, Demon World Spirits, Fairy World Spirits, Buddha World Spirits, Ghost World Spirits, and Beast World Spirits, but there’s no Asura World Spirit. Is this alluding to something?” Chu Feng muttered contemplatively.

“Stop thinking. You’ll know once I bring you there.”

Tao Wu rose into the air and brought Chu Feng and Old Cat together with him toward the entrance.

“Elder, the entrance has only just opened. The other powerhouses are bound to want to enter right away. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for us to head over right now?” Chu Feng asked worriedly.

He wasn’t afraid of trouble, or else he wouldn’t have come here in the first place. However, that didn’t mean that he was the kind to recklessly charge into everything. He always made sure to tread carefully so as to avoid unnecessary danger. That was also the reason he was able to rise through the ranks despite not having any backing.

“Don’t worry. They won’t make things difficult for us as long as we don’t get into a confrontation with them,” Tao Wu replied.

“Are you certain?”

Chu Feng was still worried about this matter.

Both the humongous barrier that sealed off the gaseous flame earlier and the Demon Spirit King slaughtering the cultivators who dared to sneak into the spirit formation gate together with him showed how seriously the powerhouses took this fortuitous encounter.

They didn’t want anyone else to compete with them over the treasures here, even if those cultivators were weaker than them. They were reluctant to even give a sliver of opportunity to others.

“Brother Chu Feng, there’s really nothing to be worried about. We just have to stay away from the treasures that the powerhouses have set their eyes on. The cavern I entered earlier hinted that anyone who tries to stop others from pa.s.sing through the main entrance will be punished.

“There’s no information about what the punishment is, but the earlier cavern should have shown those powerhouses just how powerful the world spiritist who constructed this place is. Unless someone infringes on their interests, it’s unlikely that they’ll take any risks,” Old Cat explained.

That explained everything to Chu Feng.

It was no wonder why there were so many pillars of light earlier—the world spiritist behind this place had likely set it up in case anyone constructed a barrier to prevent others from accessing the main entrance.

Along the way, Chu Feng spotted other cultivators rus.h.i.+ng toward the main entrance too. Clearly, they were also aware of this. However, Tao Wu was able to easily overtake them.

They soon arrived before the main entrance.

It was a pit so huge that it looked almost as if they were staring into the abyss. The six light pillars also extended into the depths of the pit too.

Without any hesitation, Tao Wu leaped into the pit.

Within moments, they saw what was lying at the bottom of the six light pillars. There were six opened gates, each of them labeled by a plaque above them—Monster, Demon, Fairy, Buddha, Ghost, and Beast.

Notably, there was no Asura.

“Brother Tao, why are you still diving deeper? There’s definitely something good in those six doors!” Old Cat shouted.

Tao Wu didn’t stop at those six doors. Instead, he continued to dive deeper into the pit until they finally reached the bottom. There, they found a humongous gate that made Chu Feng and the others looked no different from a speck of dust standing on it.

Unfortunately, this gate was tightly shut, preventing them from advancing any deeper.

“We should head back. This place isn’t accessible yet. We need to clear the trials in those six doors first,” Old Cat urged.

He was afraid of having this precious opportunity slip through his fingers.

“What are you so anxious about?”

Instead of returning, Tao Wu started inspecting the gate instead. A few moments later, a smile emerged on his lips.

“Have you noticed it?” Tao Wu asked.

“Noticed what?” Chu Feng and Old Cat asked.

“There was an extremely powerful fellow here earlier. I reckon that he’s at peak Half-G.o.d level,” Tao Wu said.

“Peak Half-G.o.d level? Is it the Demon Spirit King?” Old Cat asked.

“No, it’s not the Demon Spirit King. It’s someone else,” Tao Wu replied.

“I don’t sense anything at all,” Old Cat replied.

“He was also inspecting this area earlier, but he has already left now. I was waiting for him to go,” Tao Wu said.

He began to fly upward, but he stopped a few moments later. He knocked on the cliff face a couple of times, and his smile widened.

Tao Wu gestured to the spot he had just knocked on and said, “Chu Feng, place your hand here.”

Chu Feng did as he was told.

At the same time, he also used his Heaven’s Eyes and spirit power to examine the cliff face. He wanted to uncover the reason Tao Wu was doing this, but he wasn’t able to find anything at all.

“Retract your discernment skill, spirit power, and your psyche. Feel it with your heart instead, the most fundamental heart of a world spiritist,” Tao Wu advised.

Chu Feng did as he was told.

Old Cat placed its cat paw on the cliff face and did the same too. It wanted to know what Tao Wu was up to.

“This… The entrance to the Asura Spirit World?” Chu Feng remarked in shock.

“You’ve finally figured it out. Are you able to enter?” Tao Wu asked.

“Of course. I am able to enter it from the moment I became cognizant of its existence. Elder, how do you know about this?”

Chu Feng looked at Tao Wu with a different light in his eyes. He was starting to think that the latter was a far more formidable world spiritist than he had realized. After all, Tao Wu had discovered a place that even the peak Half-G.o.d level cultivator had overlooked.

“I told you that I know this place far better than the rest of them. I might be weaker than them, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll benefit from this less than them,” Tao Wu said.

“Wait a moment, why can’t I sense anything at all?” Old Cat said.

“Of corse you can’t sense anything at all. Only juniors are able to sense it,” Tao Wu said.

“The h.e.l.l! Isn’t this a waste of time then? Wait a moment, that isn’t right? If the entrances to the other Spirit Worlds can be accessed by anyone, why is it that the entrance to the Asura Spirit World only restricted to juniors?” Old Cat asked.

“There’s probably an entrance into the Asura Spirit World that everyone can enter, but I don’t have the skills to find it. I can only find the one that’s only accessible to juniors,” Tao Wu said.

“Elder, I wish to enter. Where should we meet later on?” Chu Feng asked.

“Enter? Who says that you can enter the gate? I only showed you the entrance to prove to you that you’ll be able to benefit from this place just by following me,” Tao Wu said.

“But elder, I am an Asura World Spiritist,” Chu Feng replied.

“Great dangers are lurking inside the gate. A single misstep might just cost you your life. On top of that, the treasure inside is only beneficial to world spirits. It won’t be of any help to you. It won’t be wise of you to enter the gate,” Tao Wu said.

“Elder, I still wish to enter the gate,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young brother Chu Feng, do you not understand what I’m saying? It’s dangerous inside, and the treasure is only beneficial to world spirits,” Tao Wu said.

“I understand, and that’s why I wish to enter the gate,” Chu Feng said.

“You… What’s wrong with you?”

Tao Wu looked at Chu Feng as if he was a fool. He couldn’t understand why Chu Feng was doing this.

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