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Chapter 5302: Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead

Pill refinement sect? b.u.mpkins? Not worthy of using the word ‘immortal’?

Those words were so jarring that the crowd could hardly believe what they were hearing. Mo Wuxiang’s face looked awful. He couldn’t have imagined that his polite greeting would receive such a response.

The Bluemoon Sacred Palace was one thing—they were a demonic sect that knew not about etiquette anyway—but why was the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect acting in the same way too?

That was not the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect he knew about.

“Our Pill Dao Immortal Sect is a power of the Totem Galaxy. As a subordinate power of the Totem Dragon Clan, it’s our right to welcome guests from afar. I understand if you feel that our greeting is insufficient, but there’s no need for such insults. Don’t you think that it’s too impolite of you to even criticize our name?” Mo Wuxiang expressed his dissatisfaction.

Those words made the crowd see Mo Wuxiang in a different light. They didn’t think that he would dare to speak up against those two powerhouses.

“Am I not allowed to speak my mind now? Old man, don’t you think that your heart is too fragile?” the woman from the Heavenly Dome Sect replied.

“Hmph!” Mo Wuxiang sneered lividly. “Our Pill Dao Immortal Sect won’t be pushed around by other powers just because we see the Totem Dragon Clan as our master. You better watch your tone.”

“Watch our tone? What if I refuse?” the woman from the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect taunted.

“I have friends in the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect too. While I harbor the utmost respect for the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect, it looks like not all of its sect members are worthy of my respect. Since someone doesn’t know any etiquette at all, I ought to teach them some,” Mo Wuxiang said as he released a powerful surge of spirit power.

The crowd felt tremendous pressure weighing down on them. This was the spirit power of a True Dragon World Spiritist.

“It looks like Mo Wuxiang does have some capability,” Eggy remarked.

Chu Feng didn’t say a word, but he had also realized that the Pill Dao Immortal Sect wasn’t just for show. Mo Wuxiang was already a formidable existence far beyond his means to deal with.

Golden light shone down, and a green-robed woman descended from the sky. Golden light s.h.i.+mmered around her, making it seem as if she was a fairy stepping foot into the mortal realm. She exuded an ethereal beauty that stole breaths away.

She was not a junior, but she looked extremely young. She had a beautiful curvaceous figure that brought out her feminine charms. Yet, her eyes were so menacing that it felt as if she would kill anyone who dared to meet her gaze.

“Are you going to make a move on me now? Go ahead and give it a try if you don’t fear death,” the woman scoffed.

“I was still wondering who it is. It turns out to be the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s Xia Xingchen. I can understand the lack of manners now. I thought you were imprisoned for injuring a fellow sect member? You sure were released fast. I really don’t understand why the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect hasn’t excommunicated you from their sect yet,” Mo Wuxiang sneered.

He wasn’t intimidated by the woman at all.

Xia Xingchen’s face warped in displeasure. She raised her palm and thrust it downward, causing the s.p.a.ce beneath her to tremor. A ma.s.sive hand manifested from her martial power to crush down on Mo Wuxiang.

Mo Wuxiang formed a series of hand seals before pointing his finger in the sky. His spirit power manifested into a golden sword that surged toward the ma.s.sive hand.


The clash between the martial power and the spirit power quaked the surroundings, and many cultivators nearly lost their balance. A powerful shockwave rippled into the surroundings.

There was no clear victor in this clash.

Xia Xingchen’s anger remained unabated. She raised her hand to make a second move.


There was a sudden burst of light that prompted Xia Xingchen to hurriedly halt her attack.

A silhouette could be seen standing above the wooden gate.

It was an elder dressed in a peculiar garment that looked like a hybrid between a daoist robe and a kasaya, but it was surprisingly pleasing to the eye. He had sharp ears reminiscent of a beast and long eyes that looked as if his eyes were constantly closed. There were two ancient symbols imprinted on his forehead that formed the words 'Ancient Realm’.

The people of the Ancient Realm had finally appeared.

“Esteemed guests, I beseech you to halt your fight on my account,” the elder from the Ancient Realm said.

“Elder, I don’t want to cause trouble either, but that old thing from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect is simply too foul-mouthed. I had no choice,” Xia Xingchen said.

“You…” Mo Wuxiang was rendered speechless. How did it suddenly become his fault here?

The elder from the Ancient Realm simply chuckled at that remark. He turned to the crowd beneath him and said, “Guests from afar, our Ancient Realm welcomes you. We’ll be holding a test right now, but I ought to tell you that it’ll be much more difficult than usual.”

The hearts of the crowd lurched upon hearing those words, especially those who had received an invitation. It wasn’t uncommon for the Ancient Realm to hold some kind of test at the start, but it would usually occur after the crowd had entered the Ancient Realm.

This was worrying, especially since the elder had warned them that the test would be difficult.

All of them were here in search of a fortuitous encounter. If they failed this test, would they be sent packing before they could even enter the Ancient Realm?

“Beyond this wooden gate is a pa.s.sageway leading into the Ancient Realm. There are two ways to enter the Ancient Realm. One is to overcome our tests through the conventional method. There are ten test sectors in total, and only a single person in each sector will be granted entry,” the elder said.

A commotion had already broken out amidst the crowd. The Ancient Realm must have invited at least a few thousand people here, considering the crowd that had gathered here, but they were only allowing ten people to enter. This was astonis.h.i.+ngly hars.h.!.+

However, no one displayed any dissatisfaction. After all, the elder had yet to announce the second way to enter the Ancient Realm.

“The other way is a trial that requires you to overcome yourself. It’ll be much more difficult, and you may face danger along the way. However, you’re free to backtrack on your decision and opt for the conventional method instead,” the elder said.

The crowd couldn’t stay calm anymore. The knowledge that the second test would be even harder came as a huge shock to them. That effectively meant that only ten people would be able to clear the test!

“Milord, are there limited slots for the second test?” someone asked.

This was a crucial question. If there were no slot limits for the second test, they could at least give it a try. After all, the elder from the Ancient Realm had already informed them that they could backtrack and opt for the conventional method at any point in time.

“There is only a single slot for the second test. The others would be deemed to have failed the second test once a person clears it,” the elder said.

“Only a single slot? That’s too difficult!”

“Doesn’t that mean that only eleven people will be allowed into the Ancient Realm?”

The crowd finally expressed their dissatisfaction. Many of them had paid a hefty price to purchase an open invitation, only to realize that the rules were stricter than ever.

“Those who cleared the second test will receive a Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead and proceed straight to the final test,” the elder added.

“What? Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead?”

The crowd was shocked. A Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead was a truly priceless treasure! Even those who didn’t bear much expectation out of this had their desires stoked.

“The test is indeed much harder than usual, but the rewards will be correspondingly greater too. If you’re able to clear the final test, you’ll be ent.i.tled to another two more Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Beads,” the elder said.

Cheers broke out amidst the crowd.

Even Mo Wuxiang and Xia Xingchen showed joy in their eyes.

While the minimum reward for those who were invited to the Ancient Realm had always been Exalted level Sacred Temple Beads, the truth was that even those who had cleared the tests would only receive Utmost Exalted level beads, or in rare cases, Martial Exalted level beads.

It had been a long time since anyone had obtained a Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead.

Who could have thought that they would be so lucky as to stumble upon such a fortuitous encounter? On top of that, they could potentially earn more than a single Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Bead here!

“Elder, I have a question I’d like to ask. If an individual enters the Ancient Realm through the harder second test and eventually clears the final test, does that mean that he’ll be able to obtain three Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Beads?” Xia Xingchen asked.

The crowd p.r.i.c.ked up their ears. They wanted to know the answer to this question too.

“That’s right. Even those who are eliminated will receive a prize too. Those who clear the first round of selection will receive ten Martial Exalted level Sacred Heavenly Beads at the very least. Even those who are eliminated in the first round will receive an Utmost Exalted level Sacred Heavenly Bead. However, only juniors are allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the test due to certain requirements,” the elder said.

“Woah, the prizes are really generous!”

The crowd was now more hyped up than ever.

They were worried earlier that they would be sent away without any rewards, but their worries had been laid to rest. Just having the invitation letter in itself would ent.i.tle them to an Utmost Exalted level Sacred Temple Bead. If they could clear the tests, they would obtain Martial Exalted level or even Half-G.o.d level Sacred Temple Beads!

With such an invaluable opportunity presented to them, how could the crowd not be excited?

Even the elders who were intending to enter the Ancient Realm weren’t disappointed despite being deprived of their opportunity to partic.i.p.ate. They happily handed their invitation letters over to their juniors.

Utmost level and Martial Exalted level treasures were no longer of much use to these elders, but the clans and sects they belonged to had juniors who needed these resources to grow. After all, an Utmost Exalted level cultivator couldn’t possibly wield a Half-G.o.d level weapon.

This was also why it was important for organizations to maintain a diverse inventory of items that catered to cultivators of different cultivation levels.

On top of that, items that were obtained from the Sacred Heavenly Temple were bound to be extraordinary items that even top-notch powers had never seen before.

That was why no one, including the Totem Dragon Clan, was willing to miss an invitation from the Ancient Realm even if they could only receive a Martial Exalted level Sacred Temple Bead at the very most.

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