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Chapter 5432: All Lives Are Equal Palace

It was common knowledge that this was the personal wars.h.i.+p Jia Lingyi had received from her father on her hundredth birthday. Its appearance marked Jia Lingyi’s presence.

“Jia Lingyi!!!”

Rage blazed within Chu Feng. Unfortunately, there was a formation on the wars.h.i.+p, so he had to refrain from using his observation means lest he alert them. Due to that, he was unable to check on Jia Lingyi. f??e?e??૦?e?. c૦?

However, he had already found some portraits of Jia Lingyi over the last few days—the latter had chosen to maintain a youthful appearance despite her old age. He should be able to recognize her as long as she didn’t disguise herself.

The only problem was that Jia Lingyi was no pushover. Her cultivation was at rank seven Half-G.o.d level, whereas her spirit power had reached the pinnacle of G.o.d-cloak. She was just a step away from becoming a True Dragon World Spiritist.

Furthermore, she had been at Saint Dragon G.o.d-cloak for so many years that many speculated whether she had already become a True Dragon World Spiritist or not. She was a prodigy in her own right, after all, even though she wasn’t a junior anymore.

Chu Feng knew that he wouldn’t be able to deal with Jia Lingyi even if he encountered her, so she wasn’t his target this time around.

Boom boom!

The earth suddenly shook.

The crowd turned their attention away from Jia Lingyi’s wars.h.i.+p to Painter Mountain. The formation around Painter Mountain had slightly unraveled to form a small pa.s.sageway leading into the depths of the mountain.

Clearly, the World Spiritist Painter had no intention of allowing his guests to freely roam around Painter Mountain.

The crowd quickly made their way toward the pa.s.sageway.

At the same time, bundles of golden light surfaced on the Pill Dao Immortal Sect’s wars.h.i.+p and flew toward the pa.s.sageway. They had chosen to conceal themselves with a formation to avoid revealing their ident.i.ties.

Afraid of those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect, the crowd quickly stepped aside to allow them to go first, such that they quickly reached the forefront of the crowd.

Chu Feng didn’t dare to get too close to those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect even though he had concealed himself. He knew that the Pill Dao Immortal Sect specialized in formations and had many world spiritist treasures. It would be bad if he alerted them of his presence, so he was in no rush to approach them.

However, he soon realized that the pa.s.sageway was so packed that those behind were unable to enter. It turned out that the pa.s.sageway was also sealed off halfway in, resulting in limited s.p.a.ce.

“Why is the pa.s.sageway sealed?”

While the crowd was trying to figure out what was going on, the mountain suddenly began shaking intensely, causing dust to rise to the sky. A ma.s.sive building rose from the depth of the mountain. It was an incomparably huge palace.

The palace was filled with the aura of the Ancient Era, indicating that it was not an object from the present era. However, its design was so beautiful that it was impossible to pick any faults with it. A plaque hung by the entrance of the palace, bearing the words ‘All Lives Are Equal Palace’.

“All Lives Are Equal Palace. Are we going to have a chance to enter there? Does this mean that the World Spiritist Painter is going to leave this realm?”

The crowd was excited.

“That is the All Lives Are Equal Palace?” Chu Feng a.s.sessed the palace.

He had overheard quite a bit over the last few days, including information about the All Lives Are Equal Palace. It was said to contain some of the World Spiritist Painter’s most cherished artworks. Those who enter the hall would lose their cultivation, and their clothes and appearances would be standardized according to their gender. Even their voices would be identical.

Cla.s.s had no meaning inside the palace, which was why it was called All Lives Are Equal Palace. However, this palace wasn’t opened every time an exhibition was held, and the World Spiritist Painter would usually move away once he opened the All Lives Are Equal Palace.

“He must have used up the natural energies here. I’m curious to know what kind of paintings require so much natural energies to make,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng was equally curious as well. He didn’t think much about the exhibition at the start, but everything he had heard along the way piqued his curiosity.

The doors to the All Lives Are Equal Palace slowly opened, revealing a spirit formation gate. The crowd flooded through the spirit formation gate, and it didn’t take long before Chu Feng stepped through it as well.

On the other side of the spirit formation gate was a unique s.p.a.ce with thousands of doors. Each of these doors had the same five words written on them: You only have one chance.

It turned out that one had to overcome a test in order to enter the All Lives Are Equal Palace. Failure to choose the correct door here would result in one being evicted.

Such a test hardly posed a challenge to Chu Feng. He took one look at every door before decisively picking one to enter.

As soon as he stepped through the door, he felt spirit power enveloping him, changing his appearance and clothes. Even his cultivation and strength had been sealed too. He had turned into an ordinary civilian possessing no cultivation whatsoever.

By the time the spirit power finally dissipated, he was already inside a ma.s.sive mountain valley. There were paintings hanging on the cliff faces around the mountain valley, but Chu Feng was in no mood to admire the paintings.

His attention had been captured by a person standing in the middle of this vast mountain valley. He was able to see her clearly even though she was a far distance away. She had an ordinary appearance with her hair pinned on her head, and she was wearing a green robe.

She was also looking at Chu Feng with an interested gaze.

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