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Chapter 222.3 A Marriage is Bestowed, Some People Are Happy and Some Are Sullen and Jealous Part 3/3

But w.a.n.g Yiping was overjoyed in her heart. Fortunately, Zi You was engaged to the idiot An w.a.n.g s.h.i.+zi. She wasn't engaged to Taizi or Third w.a.n.gzi. Otherwise, wouldn't it be even more depressing?

Mu YingRui was definitely the most depressed person in the whole palace hall today. It was already bad enough to know that Dier was a G.o.ddess and she had personally taught him a lesson. Then he heard the Emperor give a t.i.tle to his brother Mu YingYi. Mu YingRui became even more depressed.

So, he wasn't in the mood to pay attention to Zi You's marriage matters at all. He had been letting his imagination run wild.

However, Taizi, Second w.a.n.gzi, and Third w.a.n.gzi were very uncomfortable. Once they thought that Zi You would bloom for that dandy Shangguan LingRan, their jealousy, envy, and resentment were like three steel knives constantly stabbing their hearts.

Just as everyone was immersed in their thoughts and talking, they saw Eunuch Yu and the verterinarian happily bring five kittens into the place hall. They knelt down and said, “Emperor, Mu Xiaojie is right. The cat gave birth to five kittens: three males and two females.”

The palace hall started to clamor again. Three officials ran out. One was a.s.sistant Minister of Revenue, one was the Minister of Transport and Communications, and one was the Deputy Commander of the Forward Battalion.

The Minister of Revenue knelt in front of the Emperor and said, “Emperor, Chen's mother suffered a stroke and has been lying paralyzed in bed for three years now. Can Chen ask the National Guardian to treat her?”

The Minister of Transport and Communications also quickly kneeled down. “Chen's father…… The imperial physicians…… are helpless…… Emperor, please allow the National Guardian to treat Chen's father!”

“Emperor, Chen……”

“Okay.” The Deputy Commander of the Forward Battalion just started to speak, but the Emperor interrupted him. “What are you doing? Go back. The National Guardian came back today. You can't tire her out.”

Zi You looked at the Emperor's smile and sneered to herself. But she pretended to gratefully bow and said, “Chennu thanks you for your understanding, Emperor. How about this? Chennu will take the female medical team to the free medical clinic tomorrow. If any officials need medical attention, come to the free medical clinic.”

The Emperor immediately pretended to say in excitement, “You just came back, but you're going to the medical clinic already. Zhen can't bear it. The National Guardian is now Great Yan's national treasure. You can't overwork yourself. How about this? You can see ten patients every day. Then come to the Palace. Zhen has a lot to discuss with you.”

The discussion was secondary. The main thing was to cultivate feelings with her. He had to find a way to grasp the G.o.ddess in his hands.

Zi You bowed. “Chennu complies with the Emperor's decree!”

Other than Mu YingRui, the Empress was the second person in the whole palace hall to be sullent and upset.

The situation had developed in a way completely out of her control. She felt that she, the Empress, was like a decorative object today. Her existence had been completely overshadowed by Mu Zi You.

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