Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1829 - “Rush Back to the MonarChapter Manor (2)”

Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! -

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Chapter 1829 “Rush Back to the Monarch Manor (2)”

“The monarch ordered you to serve me, that means you only need to follow me and do as I say. Know that any woman who goes up against me ends up miserable or in a ditch… do you want to give it a try?” Yun Ruo Xi began to cackle like a true old witch. She’s seriously falling into madness now that the restraints are off.

Fortunately for this vile being, the wind around her were extremely loud, coupling with the constant yelling from the battle beneath, none were able to pick up her voice.

The maid’s face went as white as one would expect though. She’s not happy about Yun Ruo Xi’s style of being pompous and rude to everyone around herself. Besides, someone that hasn’t even received a proper t.i.tle from the monarch doesn’t deserve such fine indulgences. Yet it’s quite true any female that got in the way of this old witch did find themselves in the gutters at a later fate.

Yun Ruo Xi saw the face the maid made there. For that, she’s very pleased and grinned with barring teeth underneath that mask.

That’s the benefit of power… Now, I don’t even need to hide my real self anymore. Like now, it’s so pleasing to see the horror on their faces when I start making threats. And just you wait Bai Yan, I have already reached a height you can never achieve. Once the Dust Frost Domain attacks the main world, not even the demons can protect you anymore….

“Now stay quiet while I watch this show.” Yun Ruo Xi was done and turns her attention back to Ji Sky and the others, “This war is not something one comes across easily. Perhaps there won’t be a second chance in a lifetime.”

What a shame….

I’ve long heard of Heavenly Flame’s name from those at the Dust Frost Domain. He’s supposed to be a rare genius that stands at the very peak. Too bad he’s too blinding and doesn’t know how to hide his brilliance. Now he’s offended too many and will perish at the hands of those he deems beneath himself.

In this old witch’s view, even if the guy remains missing for now, he’s going to die sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time before the monarchs of the other domains break free. By then, the new rulers would come forward and she would stand by their side as the queen of all.

Beneath the sky where the main fighting ensued, Ji Sky could see several of his peers in the elder council was starting to wane in their ability to fight.

In his urgency, the old elder cried out. “Do not give up! We mut hold on until the monarch returns, understand?! If we fall now then only death awaits us all!”

Sure enough, Ji Sky’s words had the added effect of revitalizing the fighting spirit of those who are ready to give up due to the fatigue and pressure. They understood that if they are going to die anyways then its better off fighting. They are no cowards, otherwise they wouldn’t have been chose to be here in the Monarch Manor.

Before anyone knew it, the darkened sky of gloom and oppression had dispersed to reveal the bright red sunset.

The scene felt like the world’s been stained with human blood due to that crimson shade. For this, the scent of death hovered in the air like an indispensable fog while warriors fell from both sides.

Ji Sky found his heart bleeding inside after he saw the newest causality among his fellow defenders. It was an elder like him. A good friend, and a good comrade. Now, the person was dead, laying there lifelessly with his eyes shot wide open in resentment.

In a burst of rage, the mighty Elder Sky flew into a violent rampage with his sword. One strike to reap a head, a second sweep to decapacitate a foe across the waist, he became a walking death reaper on the battlefield.

He wants revenge!

Revenge for his fellow comrades!


Behind the crowd of remaining defenders who was in charge of protecting the weak inside the manor. Gu Ya stayed hidden behind a big oak tree as she watched the ensuing battle. She too didn’t feel well as she cusped her mouth in horror at the bloodshed.

“How could this be… Why is this happening? It’s not what I wanted to see, I’m just… I only wanted to bring Elder Sky back by leaking the news…. I only wanted to use them as a distraction so I can sneak away to where Heavenly is…”

Since that day where Elder Sky left with Bai Yan, she’s been placed under house arrest pretty much.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1829 - “Rush Back to the MonarChapter Manor (2)” summary

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