Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1941 - “Nightmare (9)”

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Chapter 1941 “Nightmare (9)”

Bai Yan retracted that gaze and shook her head: “No, by the way, did you really appear here when you woke up?”

Nodding his head, Mo Li Shang continues with his explanation, “I originally wanted to go to the Demon Realm to find you since I was wondering how he was doing. Then when I took a nap halfway there, I suddenly found myself here of all places after I awoke. Fortunately you are here Yan Yan. Now I’m not so worried.”

“Do you know what this place is?” Bai Yan was silent for a while before questioning further.

The young man shook his head in confusion: “I don’t know, I just appeared in this place without any knowledge. Yan Yan, do you know where we are?”

“This is the h.e.l.l Domain,” Bai Yan narrowed her eyes again, “the pa.s.sage for the h.e.l.l Domain exists within the Demon Realm. And… I wasn’t sleeping, I was experiencing a nightmare that doesn’t end. To get to this point, I’ve gone through ice and fire. The amount of danger involved can’t even be described, yet you’re able to make it here by taking a nap?”

How could she believe that story?

A shock crossed the teenager’s clean face before transforming into a sad and aggrieved expression. “Yan Yan, I really don’t know what’s going on, you have to believe me… please?”

Seeing the young man’s loss appearance, the cold glow in Bai Yan’s eyes gradually dissipated.

Perhaps, he really didn’t know how to get into the h.e.l.l Domain?

“Shang Shang, since you’re able to come here, it proves that you are somehow connected to the h.e.l.l Domain. But no matter what, I hope… you will never betray me.”

Bai Yan squinted her eyes again to hide the ray of light flas.h.i.+ng underneath.

“Yan Yan, I won’t hurt you.”

I would never hurt her…

Mo Li Shang looks up with those clean crystal eyes to vow at the heavens.

“Then let’s go, I still have to find Di Cang.”

If there was still the contract then she might be able to find her husband using that connection, but that’s not possible now. It’s gone, meaning she needed to do this the old fas.h.i.+on way.

Bai Yan sighed inwardly at how challenging this mission was being. Nevertheless, escaping the nightmare was already a fortunate event. As long as she’s out of there then anything else was fine.

“Okay.” With a bright smile, he came over to Bai Yan’s side and hooked his arms around the lady’s, “Yan Yan, I will protect you…”

Bai Yan couldn’t stay serious under the lad’s friendliness and admitted defeat: “It is enough for you to stay behind me, I can solve any problem that shows up.”

“No, I can protect you!” Mo Li Shang’s tone became stubborn and doesn’t relent, “Since I said I can protect you, I will definitely do it.”

Seeing that he was so persistent, Bai Yan did not say anything more and turned back to the view up ahead.

“Di Cang, wait for me, I will definitely find you…”


Unlike the other domains, there was nothing but barren wasteland in sight.

For a long time, Bai Yan and Mo Li Shang didn’t see anyone. Not a human, not an animal, nothing, only a boring tasteless desert.

But even so, Bai Yan did not dare to take it lightly. Di Cang had encountered enough danger to break their connection, meaning there must be something incredibly powerful lurking about.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1941 - “Nightmare (9)” summary

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