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Chapter 361 “Bai Xiao VS Nangong Yi (3)”

Going cold in his irises, Bai Xiao instantly rushes forward to slash down with his longsword.

“From what I recall, taking enhancement potions to improve ones strength is forbidden during the compet.i.tion. Isn’t what he’s doing equivalent to disregarding the rules?”

“He’s crazy, Nangong Yi is truly crazy!”

The onlookers were all gasping at the scene, wondering if the Holy Land was really that determined to shelter the guy.

Unfortunately for the lad that’s been taking the lead up until now, Nangong Yi have fully stabilized his newfound powers before the slash could make contact. Showing an almost s.a.d.i.s.tic smirk, this prince wanted to laugh at the lads struggle: “It’s useless!”


Following a thunderous palm strike, which landed directly onto Bai Xiao’s chest, the boy could barely hold onto his sword by then. Even his mouth was seeping with blood after that attack.

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Nevertheless, the firmness in those eyes could not be wiped away no matter the injury.

The girl’s voice didn’t even get to die down yet and the bodyguard that came with her on this trip had already kneeled down to report: “Princess, according to my knowledge it’s a disciple called Lu Zifeng.”

“Lu Zifeng? Who is he?” Wrinkling her brow, Chu Yi Yi just couldn’t recall who the man was. As such, she completely dismisses the issue and dived right into the problem: “I don’t know who the heck he is but I do know using a forbidden item is against the rules of our sect. That Lu Zifeng not only secretly h.o.a.rded such an evil product, he also ignored the rules set by my father!”

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, the White Guard can literally feel the sweat dripping down his forehead at this point: “Princess, should I go give a warning to that Lu Zifeng then?”

“Warning? There is no need to give him a warning. Go subdue him as soon as this test is over and send him back home. The person needs to be properly disciplined.”

Still clenching hard on her fist, Chu Yi Yi was determined to remove anyone who dares to tarnish the Holy Land’s name.

Never diverting her gaze from the arena even until now, Bai Yan was also quite tense at the situation: “Let’s wait for a bit.”

As much as she would love to rush down there to put a stop to this farce this instant, this woman knows that cannot be at this time. Otherwise, it will greatly hamper her brother’s future achievement.

“However, if Xiao does become endangered, I will personally make a move. You need not interfere.”

Lu Zifeng? Inner circle disciple?

It seems that the Holy Land needs to be cleansed of its bad seeds….

The situation within the arena had become very one-sided now. Previously it was Nangong Yi being slowly overtaken, now it’s Bai Xiao who’s being suppressed at every turn and had the look of being defeated at any minute.


Now that did it. This time Bai Yan can no longer suppress her urge to help, even if this means her brother will resent her for interfering in the future.

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