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Chapter 1921: He is a hero, you are ruthless

Yes, if the situation really evolved in this way, then with Big Mister Ye’s strength, if he went to the rear of the world to destroy… the result really is just too horrible to contemplate, so much so that no one dared to imagine exactly how rotten the situation would be!

Ye Hongchen’s present strength was at peak capability, plus he still had his old powerhouse brothers and friends. From clear turning obscure, setting one’s heart on surrept.i.tiously destroying instead of fighting with you directly hand to hand, this would definitely make the five side Sky Kings strongly join hands and act sincerely together with unprecedented solidarity. However, their disciples would have no alternative but to sigh and helplessly report!

This kind of price indeed didn’t have any person who was willing to see it, and even more didn’t have a person who could bear to withstand it!

“Ye Hongchen, I vow to the heavens, I must kill you!”

Meng Huaiqing’s raving voice made the sky above the Limitless Ocean tremble.

Ye Hongchen naturally had no way of not hearing this, but with regards to this voice, he merely gave a slight smile in return.

Kill me?

The people who want to kill me really are very many. Just relying on you, Meng Huaiqing, the Eastern Sky Queen, you had better get in line and take a number!

“Big Western Sky’s destruction!” House of Chaotic Storms’ Young Master Bai was originally in the process of setting out to arrange his operations and abruptly heard this piece of news arrive!

Young Master Bai’s countenance immediately slightly changed.

Wan’er and Xiu’er followed him with eyes that suddenly grew wide.

The original intention of Young Master’s action was only to use a wave to push the boat along with the current, taking advantage of the situation and muddying the waters. How… How did the Western Sky suddenly cease to exist?

Isn’t this a little too sudden?!

That is indeed one of the five side skies that had been standing strong for more than 100,000 years, ah!

“Notify all the House’s subordinates at the highest speed, cease all movements and immediately return to one’s unit. If they haven’t obtained a step further’s a.s.signment, no one should have any sort of movement whatsoever!” Bai Chen issued his first order with a calm face.


“Have you found out clearly where that other batch of troops came from when we were targeting the Ye Family forces the day before?” Bai Chen’s gaze was flickering.

“We haven’t. These people apparently fell out of the sky. Up until now we still don’t have the slightest bit of information disseminated on them. Compared to us, they were even a step earlier to hide and escape in their surroundings, waiting for an opportunity to move. Finding the window of opportunity first, it’s enough to cause a person to exclaim in admiration…” Xiu’er bitterly laughed.

Bai Chen contemplated for a moment, and slowly nodded, seemingly approving Xiu’er’s judgement.

After the defeat of the Western Sky’s soldiers, Bai Chen took advantage of the time accurately, and sent his subordinates to perform a sneak attack on the Ye Family forces’ base camp station. Overnight, they got rid of the whole of the Ye Family forces!

Bai Chen had calculated that, at this time, the Ye Family forces base camp station wouldn’t have any old established peak powerhouses overseeing it. No matter if it was Big Mister Ye, the Seven Golden Lotuses, or even Blood River and friends, they would all be recovering. After all, in the big battle with the big Western Sky’s forces before, the damage they had received was not small, and at the very least a large consumption of Origin Qi was unavoidable. Although the Ye Family forces main camp was known to have a great number of talents among their members and was a big army station, the fact was that it was surrounding the weakest members of Heaven’s Leaf. Because they were const.i.tuted completely of the Ye Family’s clan members and the Seven Lotus Clans direct line of descendants, the powerhouses on all sides had formed a tacit approval of the unwritten regulations, marking it a family member area. They must not move against this extraordinary rule to extinguish their battle strength!

But, it was also this unwritten regulation that gave Bai Chen an opportunity to exploit, thereby drawing Heaven’s Leaf into launching another attack on the big Western Sky!

At this time, Bai Chen was fundamentally unafraid of someone discovering that something was strange. Just before the action, Bai Chen actually said, “The five sides Sky Kings clearly knew before that their information personnel weren’t killed by Ye Hongchen and the Seven Golden Lotuses, but they still dispatched their main armies. That they wanted to eliminate Heaven’s Leaf was abundantly clear! They only needed this one excuse, the definite reason why was not important!”

“But right now because of Ye Xiao’s chaotic interference, they have been defeated and dispersed for ten thousand li. No matter the influence and strength, they all unprecedentedly underestimated them. Especially the Western Sky’s Sky King Meng Tianluo himself. Because he didn’t ever appear personally, it’s extremely possible that it’s because he suffered some kind of damage. It could be the number one Blood River’s plot, or perhaps some other kind of reason. In any case, his strength was not whole. To Ye Hongchen, this could be said to be a golden opportunity bestowed by the heavens, and he had no time to lose. After all, if one gave the Western Sky’s Sky King a chance to recover, then next time he would return in a swirl of dust, making a huge comeback, and one would pay an even more disastrous price! However, because of Ye Hongchen’s ident.i.ty, it’s also not possible for him to take action at this time. Because he had already defeated the other side’s soldiers, and even further had caused them to disperse for tens of thousands of li, in this time period, ferociously chasing after the cornered enemy would actually be touching their bottom line. It’s extremely possible that it would give rise to the other four side skies’ intimately interdependent anger towards a common enemy… For Ye Hongchen, the gains undoubtably don’t make up for the losses. But conversely, if big Western Sky is the first one to violate the bottom line, he finally has an excuse to set about attacking!”

“And we will be the ones to make this excuse for him to take action!”

“In other words, our way of handling this is actually handing a knife over into Ye Hongchen’s hands. If Big Mister Ye doesn’t use it, it’s just foolish, and his great ambitions of the time of breaking heaven were all in vain.”

This is what Bai Chen had originally said before the operation.

But even Bai Chen hadn’t thought that Big Mister Ye’s course of action would be unexpectedly so decisive!

The unexpected result of this battle was the complete uprooting of the power of the Western Sky’s big king, killing them down to the last man!

This even included the Western Sky’s big king, Meng Tianluo, who also perished in the middle of this battle!

This battle of the century had unexpectedly just barely pulled open the curtains, and already there was one side’s Sky King conveniently finished off in this large scale production!

Birth of the No. 1 convenient king!

“Xiu’er, you said at that time, another side’s soldiers got involved…” Bai Chen knit his brows and contemplated. “Could it maybe have been… Ye Xiao’s people?”

Xiu’er knitted her graceful brows and thought for a time. She said, “Young Master’s doubts are something that Wan’er and I previously shared with you, but… once we considered it further, we think that it shouldn’t be Ye Xiao’s people.”

Bai Chen faintly smiled, and said, “Why? State your considerations!”

Xiu’er carefully peeked at Bai Chen’s complexion, and drumming up her courage, started to speak. “The world is in chaos as people contend for supremacy. By hook or by crook, it’s completely unscrupulous to conduct oneself as you would originally. Your whole life you’ve said that if Ye Xiao were able to do this, although it wouldn’t make him blameless, it would be forgivable… However… with our understanding of Ye xiao, it’s not even his habitual first road to take, but isn’t even a possibility that exists.”

Bai Chen smiled. “Oh?”

“In the past, Young Master has already had us reflect many times on what happened in the Lower Realms. With our history and ways of the world, we are accustomed to seeing countless lives. Regarding the understanding of human nature, our Human Realm Upon Heavens’ native cultivators are actually too much stronger than those of the Lower Realms. In the past, we didn’t always think this way, and thus along with our cultivation level advancing day by day, we came to realize the benefits of this as we experienced these lives. Our judgement of Ye Xiao is also precisely because of this… Young Master himself is an unrivalled hero, planning strategies to obtain victory over the whole world. However, one aspect of your character that has never lapsed was a decisiveness to kill and cut down, so much so that you are the best at exploiting every possible condition to make the situation advantageous to us. But Ye Xiao is actually the other sort of person… Even if doing so would clearly be advantageous, in the end he would contrarily not abandon people in the end. Therefore, our definition of Ye Xiao is that, beneath the surface, he is precisely a man’s man.”

Xiu’er bit her lips, continuing. “An even more dignified way of saying this is that Ye Xiao is a hero. He possibly has the talent to become a formidable and ruthless person, but he only behaves like a hero. Therefore, in these sorts of matters, it could even be said that he is impossibly stupid!”

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