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The Arrival of an Important Figure


This time, everyone on the scene had lost their calm entirely. Their eyes were opened so wide it seemed as though they were about to pop out.

“My goodness! How fierce! That’s a half-step Sovereign that we are talking about. Has my vision been obscured or something?”

“Ferocious! He’s definitely the first who ever dared to attack an elder on his first day of arrival.”

“I, Wu Lao Er, am deeply impressed by him. What he did is simply unrivalled.”


None of them had seen an incident as heaven-defying and ferocious as this.

As a matter of fact, it was logical that Elder Kong couldn’t withstand Jiang Chen’s attack. After all, Elder Kong wasn’t as powerful as Han Feng as he had merely advanced to half-step Sovereign realm. In a true fight, even Li Song could fight him to a draw.

If it was before, Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t be able to send Elder Kong away so easily with just a single strike. His cultivation base had drastically advanced to the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm after taking the Longyang Pill, an expert like Elder Kong wasn’t an opponent for Jiang Chen as there was now a huge gap in terms of their combat strength.

Li Song, who saw hope just a moment ago, was stunned. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be audacious enough to attack an elder.

The vast improvement in Jiang Chen’s cultivation base filled him with indignation. The pain of losing the Longyang Pill was indescribable.

“Jiang Chen, my grandfather will never let this matter rest,” said Li Song through clenched teeth.

“Let’s wait for your grandfather to come, then.”

The unconcerned look on Jiang Chen’s face made everyone wonder where he had gotten such confidence from. How could he not put even a Great Sovereign in his eyes?

More and more experts had gathered outside the summit—a place where people didn’t usually come.

Today’s incident was a major one – a newly arrived disciple had come, and not even a half-step Sovereign was a match for him. However, everyone knew that Jiang Chen would be finished the moment Li Song’s grandfather arrive.

“How confident are you, Little Chen?” Big Yellow whispered.

“Don’t worry. I just calculated with the Great Divination Art that there’s already a hidden expert paying attention to this place. The more I display my power, the easier it is to attract his attention. The said expert will stop Li Song’s grandfather the moment he appears,” replied Jiang Chen confidently.

Although he didn’t have a complete plan, his objective was incredibly clear – he was going to throw the stagnant Immortal Court into chaos.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is simply a lunatic. Does he think he will be better off if Li Song’s grandfather really appeared?”

“That’s right. He’s just too arrogant. I have no idea what he’s thinking. I reckon that he’s insane. Everyone in the Immortal Court knew how much Elder Li Yuan, a Second Grade Great Sovereign, has been protective towards his grandson, Li Song. It’s just courting death to injure Li Song to such a degree.”

“No doubt. Given Elder Li Yuan’s status and ident.i.ty, no one will speak a word even if he crippled a new disciple directly.”


In the people’s point of view, Jiang Chen must have been out of his mind. Even if he stopped what he was doing now, he might not have a good end because he had already crossed the line.

Soon, an extremely powerful qi spread across the void. It was the qi of a Great Sovereign. The others could feel their soul being compressed by the pressure emanated from the qi.

Sitting on the chair, Jiang Chen looked at the source of the qi with an indifferent look. It didn’t seem like he was going to stand up.

The figure appeared in their line of sight. It was a roughly fifty-year old plump elder with a face full of killing intent. After seeing the scene on the summit, his fury rushed out of his body, spreading across the void in the Immortal Court.

Most of the disciples’ faces turned ugly as they couldn’t bear such pressure. Some with weaker cultivation base had to move far away from the summit.

The incomer was precisely the grandfather of Li Song, Li Yuan, a formidable Second Grade Great Sovereign.

“Save me, grandfather. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has stolen my Longyang Pill.”

Li Song roared promptly as though his saviour had finally come. The mention of the Longyang Pill stirred his emotions instantly.

“Kid, I think you should know what to do.”

Li Yuan spoke to Jiang Chen. Although his tone was flat, the fury within his tone was distinct.

Li Yuan wanted this detestable kid to release his grandson immediately and kowtow before him to beg for his life.

But unexpectedly, Jiang Chen stretched out his palm and said, “5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones to redeem them. If you don’t have that amount, scram!”


Countless people almost fainted. Even Li Yuan, a Second Grade Great Sovereign, staggered and almost fell from where he stood.


This was preposterous! No one in the entire Immortal Court had ever dared to ask him to scram.

This was over. Jiang Chen was finished. He had utterly affronted Elder Li Yuan, a Second Grade Great Sovereign. He certainly wasn’t going to end up well.

“Courting death!”

Li Yuan bellowed. Without another word, a tremendously huge palm materialised in the sky above. The qi it radiated enshrouded the whole summit. Under the influence of such qi, Lu Yishan and the rest found it incomparably hard to move, let alone resist.

Li Yuan was extremely confident in his strength. He struck out his attack without hesitation. He wasn’t afraid that the opponent would hurt his grandson because he was certain that his opponent couldn’t even move.

“Teach him some lesson, Big Yellow,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

He didn’t mind if the matter involve Great Sovereigns. He wouldn’t stop drawing attention to himself until the mysterious expert appeared.


Big Yellow laughed smugly. He had long gotten impatient. Ever since he advanced to the Great Sovereign realm, he had never once fought a battle. Although Li Yuan wasn’t a worthy opponent, he was still a Second Grade Great Sovereign.

With a twist of Big Yellow’s body, rays of golden light shot out from his body, heading towards Li Yuan’s palm.

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