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Chapter 2191

Shattering Void, Darkening the Sky!

Yi Shuihan shuttled through the void while holding a huge mace in the shape of a wolf’s teeth. Yin air was filling in the air. The place the mace swept through made a buzzing sound like it was going to break anytime.

Jiang Chen did not dare to be slow at all. Although it was just a divine soul, it was once a Great Emperor. Despite being restrained, a Great Emperor’s soul still carried the mightiness of Great Emperor. Its strength was unpredictable so Jiang Chen did not dare to be reckless.

After transformation, Jiang Chen had become incomparably brutal and released a ferocious breath.

Jiang Chen’s strength had also become incredibly more powerful than before. Each of Yi Shuihan’s strikes was ruthlessly brutal and full of vigor. The two of them got into a tangle but Jiang Chen’s breath was not weaker than Yi Shuihan at all.

“You’re really strong, however, you don’t have the soul of the Great Emperor. You won’t be able to resist my mightiness.” Yi Shuihan sneered.

They were still fighting neck and neck and none of them was in an advantageous position. Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art had even helped him hen to master Yi Shuihan’s movement so he could press against him forcefully. However, Jiang Chen still did not get the upper hand. It was still unrealistic for Jiang Chen to overcome Yi Shuihan at the moment.

“You have already lost to me, in terms of the strength of your soul.”

Yi Shuihan’s eyes were cold. His enormous mace swept across the void and collided with Heaven Dragon Sword but did not gain the upperhand at all. Yi Shuihan closed his eyes and finally began his formidable attack, the crash of soul!

“Soul Shattering! Frozen in Three Feet.”

Yi Shuihan’s voice was ethereal as the Sanskrit hymn was pa.s.sing over the void above Jiang Chen. Suddenly, Jiang Chen frowned as he felt an invincible soul was pressing and crus.h.i.+ng against him. Jiang Chen took a step back instantly, but he failed to escape. His soul was like being frozen and words could not describe the pain he was suffering.

“Such a terrifying attack of the soul.”

Jiang Chen was shocked.

“Frozen! I will edify you with my soul.”

Yi Shuihan suddenly opened his eyes while the soul filled in the heaven and earth released great pressure that was freezing everyone. Once one’s soul was frozen, he would lose his consciousness completely. It would be no different from death.

“PaG.o.da suppresses the divine soul!”

Jiang Chen gripped his palm and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da started emerging and engulfing everyone. As soon as Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was casted, Yi Shuihan’s countenance fell. His eyes expressed the extreme shock he felt and the fear in his heart seemed to be ignited.

“Such a terrifying paG.o.da. It feels familiar, why does my soul feel so miserable.”

Yi Shuihan did not expect that he would go for wool and came home shorn. His soul was restrained by the golden paG.o.da and he completely lost his offensive position. Now, he was repulsed and his face looked extremely terrible.

After the dragon roared, Yi Shuihan was even shocked and did not know what to say.

“I thought I’d die.”

Luo Wenhao’s facial expression was terrible. Being engulfed in Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he took a breath and had the feeling of escaping a great disaster.

“Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da is really mythical and it has saved us for more than once.”

Moling Dongchen murmured in a low voice.

“You’re right. Do you think this is the inheritance he received from Craftsman G.o.d?”

Luo Wenhao doubted and asked.

“Why? Are you still thinking about getting that from Jiang Chen?”

Moling Dongchen said with a smile.

“I won’t be so inhumane. I thought that he died earlier and I have advised Dragon s.h.i.+san at my utmost effort. People of G.o.d Luo Clan are not that detestable.

Luo Wenhao snorted and said. This was the truth as he was only curious about Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da.

“The inheritance of Craftsman G.o.d. Sigh. If we could go back to the Divine World alive, Jiang Chen definitely would stir up a storm there. I believe that he would not be mediocre.” Moling Dongchen heaved a sigh.

“The inheritance of the Craftsman G.o.d would definitely turn the peaceful Divine World bustling with noise again. He would be the centre of the storm and it will not be easy for him as well.” Luo Wenhao said with worry.

“We don’t need to worry about all of these. If we couldn’t get out of here, all of these are just nonsense,” G.o.ddess Luo said faintly.

She was slightly reluctant looking at Big Yellow who was currently suffering a severe injury. At first she was quite calm but now she was affected.

At this moment, as soon as Jiang Chen casted out the Five Elemental True Fire, Jiang Xinxin and others who were frozen were immediately freed. Their faces had turned purple while trembling in the cold. Their souls were like being pulled out. This was not normal freezing, instead, it was the freezing casted by a G.o.d Emperor’s soul. If they had been frozen for a longer time, they might froze to death.

Jiang Chen looked at Yi Shuihan in disdain and said coldly:

“What can you still manage to do? If you want to kill us, what you have done is not enough.”

“It’s too early for you to be happy. A G.o.d Emperor’s soul is definitely out of your imagination.”

Yi Shuihan was still incomparably confident. Even though he was repulsed by Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he still seemed to have tricks that can overcome Jiang Chen.

“Frozen Nine Revolution Three Hundred Thousand Miles, I am going to freeze the heaven!”

Yi Shuihan roared in a rage. A piercing sense of coldness strike again. As the void within nine hundred thousand miles were frozen, the scene looked incredibly magnificent!

Everything was frozen at this moment. The Frozen Nine Revolution Three Hundred Thousand Miles was terrifyingly, wherever it pa.s.sed through became sterile!

“While the thunderstorms shatter the world, I am the only one standing here. Lightening essence, fall down within thousands of miles!”

The lightening essence which was inside Jiang Chen’s body suddenly erupted. It’s imposing manner was overbearing.

The Dawn Sky Golden Lightning scratched through the void, then terrifying beams of lightning poured down with powerful momentum. The lightning broke through Yi Shuihan’s frozen world which started falling into pieces and lost its greatest function.

“You unexpectedly have the lightening essence.”

Yi Shui was stunned as it was impossible for him to control the lightning essence, let alone Jiang Chen who was just a Void G.o.d. However, Jiang Chen did manage to do it.

Yi Shui’s Frozen Nine Revolution Three Hundred Thousand Miles was broken by Jiang Chen’s lightening essence unexpectedly. Lightening and fire actually belonged to one family but the thunderous strength of the lightening essence was more powerful than the true fire.

“The strength of a G.o.d Emperor of the past generation is only like this.”

Jiang Chen teased Yi Shuhan as he knew that even a complete G.o.d Emperor divine soul would not be a match for him. Currently, Yi Shuihan was only a broken soul of a G.o.d Emperor, that’s why Jiang Chen dared to be so arrogant.

“Great. Beating up a G.o.d Emperor. Little Chen, I am going to submit to you from now on. Hahaha.”

Although Big Yellow was badly injured, he was incomparably excited at this moment. Jiang Chen was filled with towering killing intent. Yi Shuihan right now was a bit overwhelmed and lacked tricks to handle the situation. He believed that Jiang Chen would definitely be able to overcome the battle.

“Seems like I must show you some of my true colours right now.”

Yi Shuihan had become more and more solemn.

“Do you really think that it’s so easy to defeat a G.o.d Emperor? G.o.d Emperor is unbeatable.”

“You’re only a broken soul. How would you dare to say so?”

Jiang Chen stood in the void with pride. No matter the opponent came in what direction, I am going to stand steadfastly!

“Shattering Void! Darkening the Sky!”

Yi Shuihan’s eyes looked ruthless. Two beams of divine lights were spurted out from his eyes. The terrifying divine lights broke through the void and the surrounding s.p.a.ce was cracking. At this moment, Yi Shuihan decided that he must kill Jiang Chen. The golden paG.o.da had given him too much pressure but he still did not know what it was.

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