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Venerable Extermination

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When the general saw that Jiang Chen was approaching him, his expression became tensed. After all, he had witnessed the horror of Jiang Chen. Even a mere expression of Jiang Chen could draw fear out of him. He knew how terrifying this youth was, and that anyone who looked down upon him would end up tragically.

“Don't be nervous. As long as you pledge your loyalty to Great Qian Empire, you will gain more benefits than in Great Cloud Empire. Plus, it's only a matter of time before Great Cloud Empire is annihilated,” said Jiang Chen confidently with a smile.

His confidence seemed to infect the general, making him believe that Great Cloud Empire would surely be wiped out.

“Yes, commander.” The general nodded.

“What's your name?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“I'm Wan Qing, commander.” Wan Qing answered hastily. Since they had already been admitted to join their camp, he had no choice but to forget about Great Cloud Empire from now on.

“General Wan Qing, let me ask you this. What gave Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty the courage to wage war against Great Qian Empire? What are the origins of those three human devils? I believe that given your position, you ought to know about these,” asked Jiang Chen.

This was what he, Yang Bufan and Jiu w.a.n.gye were eager to find out. Everyone knew how strong Great Qian Empire currently was. Even if Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty joined forces, they wouldn't dare start a war without absolute confidence.

“Commander, you have guessed it right. A formidable devil expert who called himself Venerable Extermination came to Great Cloud Empire. His current cultivation base is at the half-step Immortal Sovereign realm, and his devil power is unfathomable. Those three human devils that you killed are precisely his disciples.” Wan Qing spoke without reserve.

“Venerable Extermination?”

Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan and Jiu w.a.n.gye exchanged glances. Sure enough, Great Cloud Empire had found someone strong.

“Why would Venerable Extermination want to support Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty to annihilate my empire?”

Yang Bufan asked curiously. As far as he knew, Great Qian Empire didn't seem to have any conflicts with Venerable Extermination.

“I heard that Venerable Extermination and the old ancestor of Great Qian Empire, Yang Junlong, lived in the same generation. Due to Yang Junlong having caused Venerable Extermination to suffer major losses, he has chosen to attack now, to extinguish Great Qian Empire. It was Venerable Extermination who took his three disciples along with him and came to Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty to collaborate,” said Wan Qing.

“I see, so this is how it all began. It seems Venerable Extermination is just another existence like the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. All the enemies of Senior Yang Junlong are popping out one after another.”

Jiang Chen smiled, finally understanding the source that caused the war. In the past, Yang Junlong was an outstanding hero that could go to anywhere in the world at will, but no one knew why he had disappeared all of a sudden and where he had gone to, otherwise, Jiang Chen would very much like to meet this legendary figure.

“A formidable half-step Sovereign devil is sufficient to give the two empires the confidence to fight us. No wonder they have waged war against us.”

Yang Bufan smiled. As the saying goes, know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. What one had to be afraid of was not knowing the situation of one's enemy. Now that they had understood what was happening on the other side, there was nothing to be afraid of anymore. The two empires were relying on a mere half-step Sovereign.

If it was before, a half-step Sovereign was indeed sufficient to scare the whole Great Qian Empire, unless Old Ancestor Yang Junlong emerged, otherwise, the empire would surely be wiped out.

But now, the circ.u.mstances had changed. The reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin, Yan Chenyu, was now guarding the empire. So a mere Venerable Extermination wouldn't be able to set off any waves of storm.

“The truth will only show how foolish the two empires are to wage war against us just because of a half-step Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen smiled again and shook his head. At first, he felt somewhat worried until he gained thorough details of his enemies.

“Little Chen, what should we do now?” Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen, asking for Jiang Chen's advice at such critical time.

“Recover all the lost cities first, then we'll launch an all-out attack to Great Cloud Empire. We've to finish what we have started. This time, we'll display the formidable might of our empire.” Jiang Chen's qi shook. It seemed like he was determined to put an end to this war.

“Brother Jiang Chen, wouldn't it be too rash to do so? After all, there's a mighty half-step Sovereign in the enemy camp. Should we invite Miss Yan to help us?”

Jiu w.a.n.gye spoke with slight concern. With the help of Yan Chenyu, Great Qian Empire indeed wouldn't fear Venerable Extermination, but if they advanced on Great Cloud Empire with only this army, he was afraid that it might not be enough.

“No need. This time, I'll personally meet that Venerable Extermination.”

The strong combat intent radiating from Jiang Chen's body startled everyone. They all knew that Jiang Chen wanted to fight the half-step Sovereign. Although Jiang Chen had defeated Yun Tianshuang and had already advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, fighting a half-step Sovereign seemed impossible because there was an insurmountable gap between a half-step Sovereign realm and Immortal Venerable realm.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen's current cultivation base was far from enough to fight a half-step Sovereign. He could only flee using the Great Void Technique if he encountered a half-step Sovereign. But Venerable Extermination was a different opponent. He was a human devil. Jiang Chen could suppress him just like how he suppressed the three human devils earlier. Which was why he would dare to give it a try.

Moreover, through the three human devils, he had understood the means of Venerable Extermination pretty well. The Lost Illusion of the three human devils must have been pa.s.sed by their master. And if Venerable Extermination was brave enough to trap Jiang Chen in the Lost Illusion just like his disciples, Jiang Chen was certain that he could get rid of this half-step Sovereign devil.

To Jiang Chen, it was too interesting to kill a half-step Sovereign human devil. If this human devil was turned into nourishment for the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he estimated that two levels of the paG.o.da would be completely formed; the number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea would surely soar as well.

More importantly, this was his first time fighting a half-step Sovereign. The mere thought of it filled him with excitement and antic.i.p.ation. It was afraid that there was only Jiang Chen who dare to fight a half-step Sovereign with a cultivation base of only half-step Immortal Venerable.

Due to these reasons, he had decided advance on Great Cloud Empire directly.

One had to try some earth-shattering feat in one's lifetime and continue challenging one's own limit. Battling a half-step Sovereign would be a challenge to Jiang Chen. A challenge which he had confidence in winning.

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