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Chapter 2998 - Floating Stone

Dou Tianhuang smiled as he looked towards the Third Elder, although it sounded like a question, but he was already standing on top of the platform. However, the terrifying might was already almost unbearable for him. The savage energy from the platform was still terrifying even though billions of years had pa.s.sed. He had to step down from the platform.

Because Dou Tianhuang felt that his heart was being pierced by thousands of blades. He liked it even more, this treasure must’ve been just a grade below the trustee sword of the ancient emperor.

The third Elder wanted to refuse, however, he knew that his situation would be dangerous if he were to oppose Dou Tianhuang now. Plus, he did not know who the rest of the guys were, although the treasure was tempting, he did not want to oppose him now, plus, he was sent by the lord, he had to give him that much respect.

“Third Elder, rest a.s.sured, I am not that greedy, hahaha, I really like this sword platform, I will not compete with you if there’s another great treasure.” Dou Tianhuang said happily.

“Alright.” The third Elder said.

Dou Tianhuang was happy as he then tried to collect the sword platform, however, the platform wouldn’t budge.

“Why isn’t it budging?” Dou Tianhuang frowned

He was a Peak Mid Hierarch expert, not many things could make him frown. He could even lift giant mountains yet he could not move this platform.

“Could this be made of Floating Stones?” Dou Tianhuang’s expression changed again.

The Floating Stone was the heaviest stone in the world, a fist-sized Floating Stone could even stop a Divine Emperor.

“Could it be… Floating Stone?” The third Elder was also shocked.

The Floating Stone was deemed to be the divine stone of the Great Emperor, only Great Emperors could wield it. Plus, Floating Stones were extremely rare and it’s one of those rare materials that could forge peerless Primal Origin Treasures.

“You know about the Floating Stone?” Dou Tianhuang looked towards the Third Elder in shock.

“Floating Stones came from the skies, there are bound to be a few of them in the world and would attract Great Emperors to fight for it. To have such a giant piece of floating stone be made into a sword platform, this Ancient Northern Cold Emperor is an extravagant person.” The third Elder smiled bitterly.

Let's talk about this giant piece of sword platform, a tiny piece of it could be forged into a Primal Origin Treasure.

“Great stuff, it’s there but you can't take it away.” Dou Tianhuang was speechless and felt depressed.

He had used everything he had to try and take the platform but it still did not budge.

“f.u.c.k, I can’t have it now can I?”!” Dou Tianhuang cursed.

At this moment, The third Elder shook his head but did not try it because the result would be the same as he too could not lift it.

The inner-palace disciples had their eyes opened wide as the Third Elder and the Battle G.o.d Clan expert could not move the sword platform. The bitterness they felt was tremendous as such a great treasure was in front of them yet none of them could take it.

“Brother Dou, how do you suggest we enter the place? Although I’m not a great master in the art of formation, I can definitely see that it’s not an easy task to get inside the tomb.” The third Elder said.

“There’s definitely a terrifying formation placed on the door, it’s pretty hard if you wanna break into it with brute force.” Dou Tianhuang frowned as he observed the door silently.

The nine jade dragon pillars were the core of the formation, the stone paths were placed in a special way. He could not identify the key point, even the Battle G.o.d Clan who was proficient in formations, had to gradually decipher it.

“Third Elder!”

At this moment, three ragged figures appeared before the door, they were Yang Xikuan, Chi Haifei and Sheng Kun. They had gone through several difficult instances to reach this point. They couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief when they saw the Third Elder.

“You guys came!” Third Elder’s eyes shone brightly as he was happy.

Yang Xikuan and Chi Haifei were a great addition to his force. Now, he’s not afraid of confronting Dou Tianhuang with their help.

Dou Tianhuang silently sneered. To think these fellas managed to run away, those blood-sucking bats should’ve sucked them dry. Yet they still managed to run away. Looks like it’s not easy to cut away the Profound Connection Divine Palace’s strength. Their fame for being the top four divine palaces of the Northern Cold Divine Region is worthy, looks like I have underestimated the strength of the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Except for the three of us, Sheng Bing, Li Chuang and Jiang Chen, all of them are… dead.” Chi Haifei sighed.

He felt guilty as he was not able to ensure the trio’s safety as he was their instructor. Perhaps, they too could not survive if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen opening a path for them.

“This is not a game, it’s thanks to your own strength that you were able to stay alive and reach this place.” The third Elder said as if he had predicted this outcome.

“Third Elder!”

Qian Renji, Chi Haifei, Huang Bo and Shangguan Yanyun had also arrived. Their group was not in the greatest condition either. They too, experienced great dangers to reach this place.

“I am relieved to see you guys.”

The third Elder’s lips curved into a giant smile as he saw Shangguan Yanyun, Qian Renji and two Hierarch disciples. He antic.i.p.ated that there were bound to be casualties, it was already a great feat for them to survive up to this point.

“Jiang Chen, where’s Jiang Chen?” Qian Renji’s pupil dilated as he looked towards Chi Haifei.

“Jiang Chen… is probably dead.” Chi Haifei felt extremely guilty.

Jiang Chen saved his life at that crucial moment.

“What?!” Qian Renji looked at Chi Haifei in disbelief.

She knew how strong Jiang Chen was, although Jiang Chen might not be as strong as Chi Haifei, he should be able to survive, since even Yue Changzhi was able to, how could Jiang Chen die in this place?

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