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It didn’t take long for Jiang Chen to guess that it was Nan Bei Chao. He was born with a Celestial Soul which was the manifestation of G.o.d’s will, very different from average human beings. He didn’t kill Nan Bei Chao when he was still in Black Sect, so he knew that Nan Bei Chao would appear one day.

Golden robe, hair, and the Superior Qi of a Monarch, these are the qualities of Nan Bei Chao. He was the only one who was considered a real genius underneath the heavens to the reincarnated Jiang Chen. Nan Bei Chao had appeared once again.


Nebula Kidd was surprised.

“I have an opponent last time, one that is very hard to deal with. That man will initiate great waves of trouble to the places he goes to. I’m afraid that Mysterious Domain won’t have its peaceful days anymore.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were heavy. No one knew Nan Bei Chao better than him. Nan Bei Chao had cultivated the Monarch Heaven Art, which naturally made him walk the path of a monarch. Wherever he went to, he would conquer and rule the area so that he could enhance his Monarch Qi. Now that he had appeared in Mysterious Domain, he would find ways to invade it, and would cause a wave of b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre.

“That man said that he will rule the entire domain one day. The White Tiger beside him is very scary, I can't even handle it.”

Nebula Kidd expressed his thoughts to Jiang Chen because they had become friends now. It was also because of the future of Nebula Sect. The previous battle was enough to tell him that the situation in the Mysterious Domain would turn chaotic very quickly. As one of the strongest five, his sect would inevitably be involved in the battle. He felt rea.s.sured and relieved after learning about the existence of the reincarnation of the world’s Greatest Saint in his sect.

“What’s Nan Bei Chao’s grade now?”

Jiang Chen asked. He was very concerned about this.

“If I’m not wrong, the blonde haired youth was a First Grade Combat Emperor. What I don’t understand is how did that young man make a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint follow him willingly. In addition, the beast is the rare Divine Beast White Tiger.”

Nebula Kidd was confused. A high and mighty Divine Beast wouldn’t take orders from any human beings. But on that day, the White Tiger obeyed the blonde youth’s orders smoothly.

“Things that ordinary people can’t do, Nan Bei Chao can.”

Jiang Chen had no doubt that  Nan Bei Chao had gained full control of the White Tiger as he was an outstanding genius with a Celestial Soul. Nevertheless, he was only a mere First Grade Combat Emperor which lessened Jiang Chen’s worries a bit.

“Nan Bei Chao, it seems our old conflicts in Qi Province will come to this big piece of land, the Mysterious Domain. In that case, we will have a fight to see who will be the winner this time.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile, igniting the desire to fight in his blood. To him, adversities and challenges were always the most exciting activity to have. Playing games with people like Nan Bei Chao would have endless fun. The conflicts in those days had been brought to this day, from a small stage in Qi Province to a larger stage in Mysterious Domain.

The thought of meeting his opponent made his desire to fight burn inside him. Nebula Kidd could feel Jiang Chen’s concern for that young man, which also made him worried. One that could be an opponent of the Greatest Saint wasn’t a weak being.

“I can see his obsession in conquering. He is abnormal.”

Nebula Kidd said.

“According to Nan Bei Chao’s method, he will utilize the strength of either one of the five major powers to set foot in. It will become obvious to us sooner or later. Sect Master, all you need to do is to relax, recover, and cutivate. No one must know and talk about my matter. I think the checking hasn’t ended yet in the Martial Art Arena. We need to go back now, then give all of them a reason. From now on, I’m one of your inner sect disciples and you’re my master.”

Jiang Chen said.


Nebula Kidd nodded and brought Jiang Chen back from the main hall. They left the independent spatial zone and headed for the Martial Art Arena.

On the arena, the checking of the Brilliant Mirror had just ended. Except for Jiang Chen and the black s.h.i.+rt guy, all of them pa.s.sed the checking without an incident, becoming one of the official disciples.

“Everyone pa.s.sed. I don’t know how’s brother Jiang going?”

Lan Yi said with a sigh.

“I sense more foreboding than propitious. The sect master will probably interrogate him through torture.”

“Too bad for a rare genius that has helped us so much in Huang Ling Desert.”

“Yeah, I really hope brother Jiang is ok.”

Many of the disciples were concerned about Jiang Chen’s condition. They couldn’t forget the exciting feeling of killing in yesterday’s battle. They felt so high, fighting alongside Jiang Chen in an intense battle. They wouldn’t want something bad to happen to Jiang Chen even if he couldn’t be one of them.

“Why is big brother Jiang not coming back?”

Zuo Ling Er pouted her little mouth. She didn’t feel good about it and was very worried.

“I’m afraid he’s not coming back.”

Cong Zhong Sheng was full of delight on his face. If Jiang Chen was gotten rid of by Nebula Kidd, it would save him a lot of trouble.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Cong Zhong Sheng’s voice faded, a wave of Qi appeared in the sky above the arena. Two silhouettes emerged, they were Jiang Chen and Nebula Kidd.

“Big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er felt extremely happy and cheered when she saw that Jiang Chen was fine.


Huo Yi Gu led the greeting and was followed by the others with a bow without delay. Seeing Jiang Chen perfectly fine , doubts and fear ran through them. No one knew what had happened. To Lan Yi, the current situation was a lot better than what they had imagined.

“Master, how will you deal with Jiang Chen?”

Hua Gu Yi asked her master. Of all the people, only Hua Gu Yi dared to speak to the master.

“I have ascertain the facts. There are some underlying problems in the Brilliant Mirror that caused it to change and break, and it’s absolutely not related to Jiang Chen. Okay, from now on, Jiang Chen will be an official inner -sect disciple.”

As soon as Nebula Kidd was done with his statement, he vanished, leaving the crowd stunned.

“Haha…I have said that. How can brother Jiang have problems with the mirror? If he has, he should have been killed by it already, and the mirror wouldn’t break into pieces. It’s the problem of the mirror itself.”

“This is good. Brother Jiang has is one of us now. We can follow him to train in the future. This makes me feel excited.”

“Since the master has clarified it, there won’t be a problem. It is really terrifying. d.a.m.n the Brilliant Mirror, almost caused us to lose one rare genius.”

Countless people began to cheer and felt happy for Jiang Chen, telling how much respect and admiration the inner sect disciples had for him. That was very essential. To have such a cohesive and united group was the first time in Nebula Sect. In the inner sect, not even the chief steward had such charisma.

“Why did it become like this?”

Cong Zhong Sheng released a cold light and humph coldly in his heart.

“There’s no harm in being a disciple. As long as he is in inner sect, he is under my care and control. I didn’t notice any special treatment from the sect master, and the seven Feng Yun Brothers aren’t keeping him as apprentice anymore. I think he doesn’t have anyone to rely on in Nebula Sect anymore.”

Jiang Chen made a sway and landed on the arena. He approached Hua Gu Yi and Zuo Ling Er, then cupped his fists. “Elder Hua, I’ll pa.s.s my little sister to you now.”

“Don’t worry, being my personal disciple, she won’t be bullied by anyone. You should spend more time worrying about yourself. Ling Er, Jiang Chen is fine, so you can let go of your worries now. Follow your master back to Summit Gu Yi.”

Hua Gu Yi said and pulled Zuo Ling Er along with her.

“Hold on.”

Jiang Chen stopped her.

“What matter do you still have? I don’t have much time to stay here?”

Hua Gu Yi said.

“Elder Hua. According to the reward of the trial, whoever gets the devil soul of the devil leader can get an Emperor Pill. There is one devil soul in Ling Er’s possession. You should let her get the pill before leaving. She will quickly get to the Combat Emperor realm after using the pill.”

Jiang Chen said. He had been worrying about the matter of the Emperor Pill. On the way back to the sect, he gave Zuo Ling Er the devil leader’s  soul .

“Oh really? I never thought that Ling Er already has the ability to kill a devil leader. Very good!”

Hua Gu Yi looked at Zuo Ling Er and praised her.

Zuo Ling Er turned her hand then a devil soul appeared, and replied solemnly.

“Master, this was killed by my big brother.”

Hua Gu Yi’s eyes widened while looking at Zuo Ling Er, feeling a little awkward before she turned to Cong Zhong Sheng.

“Cong Zhong Sheng, where’s the Emperor Pill? Quickly take it out and quit wasting my time.”

“Yes, Elder Hua.”

Cong Zhong Sheng didn’t dare slow down. No one would dare to offend the barbarous lady in Nebula Sect. He quickly brought an Emperor Pill to Hua Gu Yi and pa.s.sed it to Zuo Ling Er. Ling er, in turn, pa.s.sed the devil soul to Cong Zhong Sheng before keeping the pill.

“Congratulations Elder Hua! You’ve kept a genius apprentice. She will become the number one genius of Nebula Sect soon.”

Cong Zhong Sheng flattered her.

“Quit flattering me and take a good care of the inner sect.”

Hua Gu Yi dropped the message, and vanished with Zuo Ling Er.

Cong Zhong Sheng returned to the battle platform and scanned the new disciples, and announced. “From now on you are the official disciples of Nebula Sect. These are your new ident.i.ty jade plates and the uniform of our sect.”

Cong Zhong Sheng waved his hand, and pieces of jade plates flew to find its owner one by one, that included Jiang Chen. The jade plate contained s.p.a.ces in it, like a spatial ring, but besides the uniform, there was nothing in it.

At this point, Yu Wei walked to the battle platform and cupped his fists at the Chief Steward Cong Zhong Sheng, “Chief Steward, this is the devil soul of a devil leader, I’m here to exchange it for an Emperor Pill.”

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