Hello, Heir Chapter 733 - Recurring Climax! The Truth Behind What Happened Five Years Ago! (1)

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Chapter 733: Recurring Climax! The Truth Behind What Happened Five Years Ago! (1)

At the Si residence…

After hanging up on Si Zhengting, Zhuang Nainai felt uneasy, and she found herself unable to even sit still in front of the television.

Ding Mengya raised her brows. “What’s up with Zhengting? Divorce? How could he say such a thing? When he comes back, I’ll give him an earful on your behalf. Nainai, you…”

“He must have had his reasons for saying that,” Zhuang Nainai said, cutting Ding Mengya off resolutely.

Now, she trusted Si Zhengting more than ever.

They had been through so much pain together, and if she still distrusted him… then she had no right to be by his side.

Zhuang Nainai took a deep breath at the thought of this. She fixed her eyes on the television screen, but nothing was going into her head.

Lowering her head to take a look at her phone, she saw that Si Zhengting hadn’t called back after the previous call.

But Zhuang Nainai knew that he was surely busy with something. What he was busy with, however, was a mystery to her.

Zhuang Nainai pursed her lips while Ding Mengya busied herself with trying to contact Hu Zi.

She had captured the driver of the taxi, who was also Hu Zi’s friend, and had given Hu Zi a call after kidnapping him. But Hu Zi remained uncontactable, presumably because his phone was switched off, and so she had just gotten the driver to send Hu Zi a text message.

As long as Hu Zi switched on his phone, he would then be able to see the message.

If Hu Zi had any shred of conscience left, he would surely give Zhuang Nainai a call.

As time pa.s.sed bit by bit, the anxiety in Zhuang Nainai’s heart began to grow stronger.

The butler, seeing how disconcerted Ding Mengya and Zhuang Nainai looked, couldn’t stop himself from suggesting, “Madam, why not let Young Madam go rest first?”

Ding Mengya looked toward Zhuang Nainai. “Nainai, you…”

Zhuang Nainai stood up. “Alright, I’ll go upstairs to rest.”

She turned and began walking toward the stairs after speaking, but just as she reached the staircase landing, a news report came on the television. “As per our reports, there was an unidentified Chinese woman who has been confirmed to have been in the building in Kentucky state when it collapsed. When she was extricated from the rubble, she was covered in blood. Investigations as to why the house collapsed and why there was a small blast in the area are underway, and it is hoped that it has nothing to do with a terrorist attack. The confirmation of the ident.i.ty of the Chinese national is also underway.”

Zhuang Nainai had no idea why, but she stopped in her footsteps the moment she heard this. Her gaze flitted across the television, and the mention of the state of Kentucky made her take a second look.

And it was this second look that made her whole self stiffen!

Even though the images from the news report weren’t clear, even though the news footage was taken from a considerable distance away… the tall, large figure was all too familiar to her!

It was Si Zhengting who had pushed through the crowd and rushed into the house just as it was collapsing, and he had then emerged with a bloodied body in his arms.

The footage was only a few seconds long, but it was enough to send chills down one’s spine!

Si Zhengting was a mess with his s.h.i.+rt full of dust and dirt, but it was clear that he hadn’t been hurt.

But the woman he was holding in his arms… that woman who looked like she was as good as dead with all the bleeding… was her mother!

Even though they had not seen each other in a year, Zhuang Nainai could tell from a single glance that that was her mother! It was Mother Zhuang!

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Hello, Heir Chapter 733 - Recurring Climax! The Truth Behind What Happened Five Years Ago! (1) summary

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