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"Okay, I will change it immediately."

   She deeply sighed after hearing the words of the head teacher, Song Chumo worked really hard to show the appearance of an innocent 18-year-old girl, however, no matter what expression she portrayed, with this face it was just scary.

   The head teacher's mouth lifted upwards awkwardly, and then he nodded, fixed his and quickly walked. Song Chumo sighed and went to the cla.s.s. Unexpectedly she is going to have to go back to live in the fires of h.e.l.l again.

(The teacher's expression in Chinese is described to be “lift up lift up”. According to my understanding, this should mean the teachers attempt to smile but can’t. )


   "What?! Song Chumo! Why do you want to change my position back? Was everything you said before all just talk?!"

   I have to say that the white flower in front of me is very beautiful, even when angry. Hey, you can’t blame me for having good taste.

Song Chumo is helplessly thrown her hands up and pointed to the podium.

”This is something I also do not want, but you also saw, the teacher wanted me to switch back with you, he said Gu Xicheng ‘s learning is affected by your talking. "

   Old head teacher’s reason...The small face of Bai Ning was once again green and white. This Song Chumo was the biggest insult to her!

   "You are talking nonsense! It is obvious that you want to come back and take care of Gu Xicheng! Song Chumo! Don't think that you care about it, I don't know, you like Xicheng, right?! You thief who stole my bracelet. Dirty! You dirty girl, how dare you sit with Xicheng!"

I would think that her bracelet would look like this. Click on it to see the price... ヽ( ε∀ε )ノ

   Thoroughly stimulated by the words of the Song Chumo, Bai Ning's face is rising and turning red, Song Chumo said that Xicheng ’s study was affected. This is obviously a lie! She never did anything to him and always talked very softly near him.

  Song Chumo must be lying!

   However, at the moment when Bai Ning tears broke out, no one saw the darkening eyes of the Song Chumo. Song Chumo ‘s aura, bit by bit changed, showing more and more of the queen she had been in her previous life.

   Everyone was shackled, and the scene in front of them was eye-opening. They couldn’t believe the sudden danger of Song Chumo, the existence of this victim that used to only be bullied by them. Now fighting back? Just a look, really confused them? !

   What's happening here?

   The atmosphere was so dead for a moment, but after a while, Song Chumo suddenly broke through the silence, and while everyone had not had enough time to relax and process what hadhappenedn, the sound of Song Chumo rang through the air again with a heart-rending voice.

   "White flower, if I don't say something, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Don't touch my bottom line."

Can you guess what she is going to do?? (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

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