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Chapter 217
Chapter 217: Know how to talk, Too early (Part 1)

“No!” Xiao Tianyao firmly refused because he really didn’t want to let her go.

Is Lin Chujiu joking? At this time, the palace was in chaos. If Lin Chujiu entered the palace, won’t things become more troublesome?

“I’m not going there to play, I have a business to do.” Although Lin Chujiu doesn’t really know what the medical system wanted her to do, she must enter the palace at all cost. After all, if Xiao Zian died, the medical system will definitely blame her and punish her.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to talk about it: “No, no matter what.”

With Xiao Tianyao’s repeated refusal, Lin Chujiu’s anger burst: “And if I still go?” If Xiao Zian died, the medical system will punish her. The person could die, but she doesn’t want to end up miserable.

So, for her own sake, she must go to the palace and see if she can save Xiao Zian.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu’s eyes. He didn’t ask her any question. He only said disdainfully: “You can try it, try and see if you can leave Xiao w.a.n.gfu without benw.a.n.g’s order.” As long as he didn’t give a word, Lin Chujiu can’t go anywhere.

“You promised me that I can freely enter and leave Xiao w.a.n.gfu!” How can this man forget his own words?

“But benw.a.n.g never said you can freely enter the palace.” If it was an ordinary day, he won’t care. But, the palace was in chaos. How can he let her go?

“I am going outside of Xiao w.a.n.gfu, but where is my freedom? I can guarantee you, I will not cause trouble to Xiao w.a.n.gfu. I will just enter the palace.” Lin Chujiu

continued to reason out with Xiao Tianyao. But, he still didn’t allow her to go: “You will stay here at home. You can enter the palace if you want, but not now!” 

After he finished, no matter how Lin Chujiu stamped her feet in anger. Xiao Tianyao only ordered his guardsmen to stare at her and never let her go outside. Then, he turned his wheelchair and go outside.

But, before leaving, he deliberately added: “If necessary, you can use special measures. Benw.a.n.g will not punish you.”

Xiao Tianyao said to the guardsmen. But, it’s more like a warning to Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu’s anger burst: “Xiao Tianyao, you really know how to talk!” You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

If she was punished by the medical system, she will let Xiao Tianyao feel the same pain she felt. She will dissect him with a scalpel.

“You no longer want to be a hypocrite? You will now call benw.a.n.g with his name?” In the midair, Xiao Tianyao voice floated, but n.o.body could hear it.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Lin Chujiu cursed in anger, but she still has no way to go out.

Looking at the doorway, where the guardsmen were standing. Lin Chujiu knew she has no chance to escape. So, she only sat on the chair.

What should I do now?

Lin Chujiu asked herself, but no answer came out from her brain.

“How annoying! What a useless system!” Lin Chujiu slammed her hand on the table.

At this very moment, the medical system was still constantly reminding her to treat Xiao Zian as soon as possible.

“If the palace people will not look for me, I have no other way to enter the palace. How am I going to treat him?” Lin Chujiu was having a headache, so she walked back

back and forth, but still couldn’t think of a solution.

“No matter what, I need to go back to my room and prepare.” When it comes to emergency cases, Lin Chujiu always do her best.

Lin Chujiu stood up and walked towards the door. But, she was blocked by the guard: “w.a.n.gfei, w.a.n.gye ordered you can’t go.”

Lin Chujiu slapped away the guard’s hand and said: “I’m not going outside the Xiao w.a.n.gfu, I’m going back to my room, can’t I even do that?”

The guard hurriedly took a step backward and bowed his head: “w.a.n.gfei, this subordinate will escort you back.”

The two guardsmen were only an arm away from Lin Chujiu. So, even if Lin Chujiu ran away fast, they still could grab her.

The men under Xiao Tianyao were as ruthless as he is!

Chapter 217: Know how to talk, Too early (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao was very puzzled. Lin Chujiu wanted to go to the palace for what? So, he immediately summoned An Wei to ask what happened when Lin Chujiu visited the palace last time.

Everything was normal. The only unusual thing was that, when Lin Chujiu met Xiao Zian, she took the initiative to checked his legs.

“Did she had any interaction with the Third Prince before that?” Xiao Tianyao asked with a frown.

An Wei had longed checked Lin Chujiu’s past, so he could give an answer immediately: “No.”

If not, then why did she took the initiative to checked his legs? And this time, she wanted to enter the palace in desperation when Xiao Zian was sick? Was this just a coincidence?

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe it, but some things are good to be left uncheck. He raised his hand to indicate An Wei to retreat. Then, he tapped

he tapped his fingers on the table. The tapping sound was sometimes low and high, so no one could have guessed his thought.

“w.a.n.gye… …” Outside the door, Liu Bai’s eager voice sounded and he rushed inside. His sweaty forehead and hair looked extremely awkward: “Something big happened!”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t raise his eyes, he only asked: “What is it?”

“The grains we took to the Northern Territory, and the medicines we sent to the front line has been robbed.” Liu Bai said eagerly and with a bit self-blaming tone.

All these things were under his jurisdiction, but they lose everything.

Xiao Tianyao had spent a lot of manpower and resources to get those grain and medicines. It’s almost impossible to come up with those amounts. And without those grains and medicines, the soldiers in the front line will definitely die from hunger or injuries. However, Xiao Tianyao simply said without any trace of worries: “Who did it?” The Emperor’s imperial guards will not do it again. 

“Some people in the sect who robbed us had a relations.h.i.+p with Divine Doctor Mo.”

He was the one who looked for Divine Doctor Mo. He was also the person who tied Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer to Xiao Tianyao. Because he had never thought that these two people will stab Xiao Tianyao in the back.

“Divine Doctor Mo? He is really a decisive person. If he did this, the emperor will definitely look after Mo Yuer and she will rise in power.” Xiao Tianyao understood the situation in a blink of an eye.

Everything was for his daughter. He made a move on behalf of the emperor. As a result, the emperor will give him a face and will not treat badly his daughter. 

“What should his daughter. 

“What should we do now?” Liu Bai whispered silently at Xiao Tianyao.

The sects were supervised by the imperial court, but not necessarily under their jurisdiction. The imperial court usually doesn’t deal with those kinds of people. And these kinds of people had long been obstructed by Xiao Tianyao’s fame. They never dared to make a move related to him. But now… …

Divine Doctor Mo existed in the capital. As a famous doctor, he can prove that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were completely useless. And he has the support of the emperor. So, will those group of robbers still worry about Xiao Tianyao’s power?

Seeing Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak for a long time, Liu Bai said his opinion: “If that is the case, why don’t we use the Devil’s Palace to take a shot? It will give us a chance to expose that we had some connection with them.” The Devil’s Palace was not an ordinary place. A lot of sinister people coexist in there. If they use them, the imperial court will not pay attention.  

“No.” Xiao Tianyao stopped tapping his fingers on the table. Then, he stood up and walked two step forward: “Spread out a news, benw.a.n.g’s legs are now cured.”

Xiao Tianyao, who can now walk, was enough a threat to everyone. Once this news came out, those group of robbers will definitely retreat and abandon Divine Doctor Mo.

It’s just… …

“Is this okay? Isn’t it too early?” Originally, Xiao Tianyao was planning to appeal and join the war with bad legs. And once he gets into the battlefield, that’s when he will expose the fact that his legs were now cured.

After all, Xiao Tianyao with crippled legs can shut the emperor’s mouth much easier… …

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