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Tuesday Chappy. h.e.l.lo, my silent readers. s...o...b..ll here with chapter 49. Almost at 50.

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Chapter 49

Feng Xingying feels like her body is completely frozen, and the soul seems to be trembling. 

    She knew that she was going to die. 

    As a G.o.dly doctor, she certainly knows the symptoms of the nine yin chills. 

    Everyone who lives is in the balance of the yin and yang. Usually, children are born with a balanced amount of each. Some a little more or less but close. Feng Xingying was a rare case she was born with far more Yin. 

   The nine Yin chills are when the human vitality cannot be confronted with the cold and will be taken away by the cold. 

    The age of nine, is generally the limit of someone born with these symptoms but her fire spirit power helped her gain a couple more years of life.

    Now fifteen years old, her nine yin chills have reached a terrible point.

    It is no wonder that the magical ants in the hole will be scared away. 

    Feng Xingying’s recent practice of cultivation is not just for the sake of medicinal herbs and qualifications, but because of the firepower in her body, she has been fighting against the cold and has been acc.u.mulating. 

    Nowadays, these fire spirits have been squandered by Feng Xingying, and her body suddenly becomes no different from mortals. 

    No medicine can solve this! 

    She could hear the cry of Yunxiang, and she could feel the falling body temperature of Yunxiang, and she wanted to warm her. But Feng Xingying can't do anything, only to wait quietly. 

    This feeling, really, is not good at all. 


     Searching for Feng Xingying who they had seen jump down the whole two days ago.

    The leader reached out and bought out his huge crystal mirror. He wanted to see if the brave girl was able to make it out. 

    This kind of mirror is the prize of all instruments, and it is said that every search is worth millions.

    As long as a tracer was placed on a person, the Mirror can follow this person everywhere and send back all of the images of them. 

    At this point, the focus was on Feng Xingying.

    Feng Yue and the people under the son of the head of the Dragon Adventures guild have widened their eyes and watched how Feng Xingying mess with the ants. 

    That was until Yunxiang fell into the hole.Feng Xingying was not strong enough to support Yunxiang, Feng Yue laughed out at her poor attempt to protect them both. 

    "Idiot, with your strength you want to enter the ant hole with no issues?" 

The son of Dragon adventures guild and eyes of the followers were very touched by the scene in front of them. The scene of Yunxiang declaring her undying loyalty and the strength and wisdom of Feng Xingying made them really admire them. 

    In the world of adventurers, being strong and brave was always worth admiring. 

    Feng Yue, a woman, took advantage of her position as the leader’s pet, and dared to laugh at the brave. 

    This time, even the leader were somewhat dissatisfied, and shook his heads with a sigh. "No, I believe that she has a way to pa.s.s the ants." 

     As he said, Feng Xingying has frozen into ice. 

    Feng Yue grinned disdainfully. 

    Ji shook his head, bright red lips slightly parted, " if she did not protect the back of the maidservant, she may have successfully fled. So there are feelings for people, she is qualify for my respect." 

    " brother, Are you blaming me?" Feng Yue's eyes are watery, and tears came out. 

    Ji has a fascinating smile on his face and shook his head slightly. 

    "How come, you can rest a.s.sured that I will never blame you. Just, I am sorry for you, your biggest loss is to lose a sister who you can live and die with."  

    Feng Yue was fascinated by the beautiful face of this time, and couldn't help but want to be close to his face.

    Such a perfect and powerful man, now is at her mercy, willing to be her skirt, this feeling, it is so wonderful. 

The white cat who had been sleeping peacefully in Ji’s arms suddenly opened his eyes and lifted his claws leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y claw mark on the face of Feng Yue.

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