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Besides failing to accomplish a task requested by His Majesty, Fang Qingming left Iron-Dragon Sect with a puzzle. 

Actually, Fang Qingming had prepared well for this task as he had considered well for Zhang Tie. He didn't know that Zhang Tie had wavered his mind for a second because of the condition provided by His Majesty and the scene in the memory crystal. Pitifully, when Zhang Tie closed his eyes and considered it, he further fixed his decision.

Imperial Alliance had their conspiracy and methods. Zhang Tie had his decision and trump cards too.

Imperial Alliance regarded this event of black invitation cards as an opportunity to deal with Zhang Tie; however, Zhang Tie also treated it as a chance to dissolve the threat of the Imperial Alliance.

Through the event of Zhang Taixuan, Zhang Tie had been clear that he had long become sore in the eyes of the Imperial Alliance. He didn't have the way to retreat at all. The contraction between both parties could barely be reconciled. Imperial Alliance had planned to frame Zhang Tie since he got acquainted with His Majesty.

What was intolerant and annoying was that the Imperial Alliance also involved Zhang Tie's family in the case and arranged a piece beside Zhang Tie's elder brother, targeting at their parents. This violated Zhang Tie's bottom line. Given this point alone, Zhang Tie would turn hostile against the Imperial Alliance. Therefore, Zhang Tie just treated the black invitation cards from the three top sects as an excuse and figleaf of Imperial Alliance, which was nothing but sh*t. When powerhouses above heavenly knights were needed to solve the problem, this excuse could be ignored as powerhouses on this level would always regard laws and imperial decrees as waster paper, not to mention unwritten folklore rules. Whereas, since Zhang Tie was too well-known and enjoyed an increasingly higher honor across the country, the Imperial Alliance had to find such an excuse for the sake of the condemnation from the public.

Standing in an attic of Xuantian Peak, Zhang Tie squinted at the airboat disappearing in the skyline, hands back while his tender face revealed some resolute muscular lines. 

At this moment, he heard fine footsteps on his back, which were caused by Yan Feiqing, Bai Suxian and Guo Hongyi.

"Did you refuse the help of His Majesty?" Yan Feiqing asked Zhang Tie as she heaved a sigh slightly while Bai Suxian and Guo Hongyi were watching Zhang Tie with concerns. 

Although Bai Suxian and Yan Feiqing and Guo Hongyi disliked each other, they didn't make any trouble any more at this moment. 

After turning around, Zhang Tie watched the three women while slightly raising his mouth corners, saying, "Do you think the three top sects would not deal with me after I evade from facing the black invitation cards from them? They would find me trouble whether there are black invitation cards or not. They would fight me for sure no matter whether I choose to confront them this time or not. It's not a matter of black invitation card; but the fundamental conflict of interest between me, Iron-Dragon Sect and the three top sects, which couldn't be reconciled at all. We have to face it!"

"But I think His Majesty's concern is right!" Bai Suxian opened her mouth.

"It's right from his point of view. But it's wrong from my perspective. Do you think that the top three sects have not considered that I might evade from confronting with their black invitation cards?" Zhang Tie shook his head as his eyes turned sharp, and he said, "The Great Wilderness Sect was much more powerful than Iron-Dragon Sect in South Border; however, it was still exterminated overnight. Although the three top sects look decent verbally, n.o.body knows how many dirty things have they done secretly. If I treat them as disciplined gentlemen, I would be the No. 1 idiot in this world. In the eyes of the three top sects, there are only life or death and the great plans of their sects. Do you think they would value Taixia laws or black invitation cards? Even if they couldn't fight you aboveboard, they would also find you trouble secretly..."

Zhang Tie's words shocked the three women at the same time.

Yan Feiqing said after being silent for a while, "But you have time!"

"You know that, His Majesty knows that, the top three sects know that too. Therefore, I couldn't give a compromise to them or escape this time. Time wouldn't stand on our side unless we defeat them and have them feel the pain, making them restless. This time, I would strive for 2 decades for Iron-Dragon Sect, Jinwu Palace and our kids!" Zhang Tie moved two steps forward as he pulled the hands of the three women.

"What? You mean we've got pregnant..."

Bai Suxian and Guo Hongyi widened their eyes with excitement at the same time. 

"Yes, you have got pregnant on the airboat when we came back two days ago. You would feel it in a few days!" Zhang Tie watched Bai Suxian and Guo Hongyi with a faint smile. Closely after that, he took off the snake-shaped bracelet and put it on Yan Feiqing's wrist, saying, "I am still 3 months away from the duel on January 29. I need to enter secluded cultivation and would leave the backroom through a secret tunnel to do something outside during this period. Therefore, you will be responsible for Iron-Dragon Sect!"

The bracelet represented two heavenly powerhouses. With their help, Iron-Dragon Sect would be much safer even though Zhang Tie was absent. 

Yan Feiqing nodded.

The snake-shaped bracelet understood Zhang Tie. When Zhang Tie handed it to Yan Feiqing, he delivered an order to the two snakes——to follow the order of Yan Feiqing from now on in his absence. 


One hour later, after handling the affairs of Iron-Dragon Sect and leaving some words to Lu Yishan and Li Su, Zhang Tie frankly entered his backroom under the respectful gaze of the disciples and elders of Iron-Dragon Sect.

After entering the backroom and closing its gate, Zhang Tie heaved a sigh in that tranquil environment as he turned calm at once. 

Since he returned to South Border with Bai Suxian, Zhang Tie had been surrounded by a lot of people. Therefore, he had not entered the Castle of Black Iron for over two months.

After throwing a glance at the backroom, Zhang Tie triggered his spiritual energy and returned to Castle of Black Iron.

As he had not been back to Castle of Black Iron for a long time, when he stood in the hall of the palace tree and sniffed the fresh air full of Reiki, Zhang Tie felt as safe and relaxed as being back home. 

"Welcome back, Castle Lord..."

h.e.l.ler's familiar and intimate voice sounded in Zhang Tie's ears at once...

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