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The human relations.h.i.+p was marvelous. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could get acquainted with a friend in Datang City even after disguising himself. 

The literati in white robe was Lin Yichen. After encountering with each other in Talents' Pavilion, the two people traveled around the pavilion together, then Steles Tower, Feathered Temple and Dragonhiding Cave. When the night was going to fall, the two people had a drink in Rainflower Building at the bank of Swordswas.h.i.+ng Lake. 

To be honest, Zhang Tie had read a lot of books and acquainted with many top figures in Taixia Country such as Meng s.h.i.+dao and Zuoqiu Mingyue, ect.. However, the personality, rich learning and intelligence of Lin Yichen convinced Zhang Tie for real. 

In the Talents' Pavilion, Lin Yichen commented those talents' poems and essays in a humorous, incisive yet modest way. 

Among Steles Tower, Lin Yichen told all the allusions, anecdotes and inscriptions on the tablets. When it came to calligraphy, he became excited as he directly dipped the rainwater under eaves of the Steles Tower using fingers and performed 81 variants of one Hua character...

In the Dragonhiding Cave, Lin Yichen introduced the history of the explorations about the dragon, starting from the Hua totem before the Catastrophe to the image of a dragon on Western Continent, from the legends of the immortal dragon in far-ancient times to the virtual image of the dragon of knights in this age. Zhang Tie learned a lot from him and figured out many things...

After traveling around Datang City for half a day, although he couldn't figure out the background of Lin Yichen, Zhang Tie was sure that this person was unusual. 

"Come on, Brother Lin, I will propose a toast to you..." Zhang Tie made a cup of spirit for Lin Yichen in the Rainflower Building. Closely after that, he took his cup and said, "Brother Lin, I know you're unusual. It's our fortune to meet each other in this city, cheers..."

"Hahaha, I'm unusual; young brother, you're unusual too. It's our great fortune to meet each other in Datang City among hundreds of millions of people across the country..." Lin Yichen burst into laughter as he threw a glance at Zhang Tie with a smile. Closely after touching his gla.s.s with Zhang Tie's, he bottomed up together with Zhang Tie. 

"Brother Lin, why are you here in Datang City?"

"I'm here for a person."

"Oh, Brother Lin, do you have relatives or friends here?"

"Neither relatives nor old friends!"

"Then it must be your enemy!"

"Not enemy either!"

"You make me puzzled. Brother Lin, have you found him?"

"I made a prediction using Eight Diagrams last year. According to its implication, I would encounter the very person in Datang City. Therefore, I travel to Datang City from afar. Although I've met the person, he was far worse than that I imagined. Previously, I wanted to take him as my apprentice; unimaginably, that person shares the same branch with me and even have greater achievements than me. He would have a bright future. Therefore, I feel embarra.s.sed proposing to take him as my apprentice..." Lin Yichen said as he suddenly heaved a sigh, "As for an emperor, it's easy to establish an army of thousands of people; but it's hard to get a good general. As for me, it might be harder to find a proper apprentice. Someone just waits there for his apprentice; however, I could only look for apprentice myself. If my apprentice lacks flair in cultivation, he would meet a bottleneck in the future and could barely break it. As a result, such an apprentice could only make limited achievements in his life and could inherit all of my profound learning..."

"What a pity!" Zhang Tie sighed with a smile, "I'm afraid that if that person could meet Brother Lin a few years ago and becomes your apprentice, he would laugh out in dreams!"

"Nothing to pity about. It's destiny. Although I don't have an apprentice, I feel also lucky having one more friend who could have a drink with me. It's nice if I have an apprentice; if not, I won't feel sad. Isn't it also a pleasure in our lives? Come on, cheers..." Lin Yichen burst into laughter as he cheered with Zhang Tie again.

Zhang Tie rented the entire top floor of the Rainflower Building, where they would not be disturbed by others. After drinking 18 jars of top-quality rain-flower liquor, it was already deep night. Lin Yichen then picked himself up while wavering his body. At this moment, one piece of bizarre secret knowledge crystal appeared in his hand. Closely after that, he gave it to Zhang Tie, saying, "I've not had such a drink with anyone for many years. I'm so happy to have a drink with an able young brother here today. Here's my little gift. Keep it as a souvenir..."

Zhang Tie didn't look into the crystal; instead, he took out a top-quality nan.o.bead from his inner pocket. When he took that crystal, he gave the nan.o.bead to Lin Yichen, saying, "As a vulgar person, I don't have anything valuable but this bead. Brother Lin, you can keep it as a souvenir too. There're some spears inside that I usually used and some home-made medicament. Hopefully, I could see Brother Lin again in the future..."

"I gift you a piece of crystal and you gift me a pearl. Thanks, young brother..." Lin Yichen instantly took the nan.o.bead as he continued, "As each banquet would come to an end, before leaving, I've got one suggestion for you..."

"Brother Lin, please..."

"In the future, no matter which step have you reached, don't forget about your original intention. If you could make it, you would be the real hero!" Lin Yichen watched Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes as he continued, "All the billions of people in Taixia Country are the beloved ones of you and me. With such great abilities, if we couldn't safeguard these beloved ones, we would be surplus and be finally eliminated in accordance with the universal law..."

Zhang Tie was shocked as he instantly stood up and made a deep bow towards Lin Yichen, saying, "Brother Lin, thanks for your precious warning. I would bear it in mind for sure..."

"Hahaha, see you..." Lin Yichen bottomed up as he laughed and sang towards the sky, "Autumn wind the desolate; you wave the flowers and twigs; thin frost the white over the earth, you make cicada silent; swallows you leave north for south, flapping your wings towards the lingqiu Hill..."

In the long tunes, Lin Yichen dropped his gla.s.s and strode out of the Rainflower Building, white robe swaying in the wind. Then he entered the sky and disappeared in the distance, leaving his song reverberating in the sky...

Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could encounter such a great person in the Talents' Pavilion, who could have a drink and talk with him. That was fate! Zhang Tie watched the sky with eager leisurely. Who dared call himself a talent in front of Lord Fairysea?

Zhang Tie then threw a glance at the piece of crystal in his hand while some words instantly appeared in his mind explosively like a lightning bolt——Deities Killing Swordsmans.h.i.+p. It was unrivaled swordsmans.h.i.+p of divine dominator in which the user could directly break the void above the opponent's mind sea using spiritual swords...

In the nan.o.bead that Zhang Tie gifted Lord Fairysea, there were ten jars of top-quality all-purpose medicament that he brewed in Castle of Black Iron and nine golden spears.

"Aah...knight...knight..." The waiter who served liquor stared at the disappearing Lord Fairysea as he stammered.

Zhang Tie turned around. The moment the waiter caught Zhang Tie's eye light, his dumbfounded look had disappeared as his memory about Lord Fairysea was erased by Zhang Tie. After being puzzled for a couple of seconds, the waiter had recovered his composure as he said, "Sir, here's your liquor..." When he put down the jar, the waiter looked at the empty chair and gla.s.s in the opposite and asked Zhang Tie, "Yi? Where's that guest..."

"He's got something urgent to deal with and has left. Check out..." Zhang Tie waved his hand while a handful of gold coins appeared on the table with clatters...

"Aah, it's too much, sir..."

"Keep the changes..."

After leaving the words, Zhang Tie walked out of the Rainflower Building.


The taxi driver had long left. Zhang Tie walked at the bank of Swordswas.h.i.+ng Lake alone as he felt a bit confused. It was an accident for him to encounter Lord Fairysea in Datang City. When the two divine dominators stayed together, their strong qi fields responded to each other like two fierce tigers on both sides of a hedge. No matter how well both parties hid, they still sensed the ident.i.ty of the opposite. As a result, Zhang Tie's plan of killing third prince met a bit of uncertainty. 

'If I kill the third prince at this moment, the others might not know that; but Lord Fairysea would know it for sure. Perhaps Lord Fairysea had already noticed why I come to Datang City from Youzhou Province in another look in the current situation.'

'What should I do? Do I continue my plan?'

After walking around half of the lake, Zhang Tie gradually became determined as before. 'As long as Lord Fairysea is not on the same side of Imperial Alliance, it would be fine for me to kill third prince. Given the last words of Lord Fairysea, he might be warning me that I should stick to my bottom line——As long as I don't do harm to the country and the people, I would be his friend; instead of his enemy.

'Is it harmful to the country and its people by killing third prince? Of course not. In the holy war, third prince who wants to usurp and Imperial Alliance are the culprits who do harm to the country. Undoubtedly, domestic turmoils and consumption could be avoided by killing third prince and collapsing Imperial Alliance.'

'If Lord Fairysea wants to prevent me from doing something in Datang City, he would not give the Deities Killing Sutra to me. Now that he gives me Deities Killing Sutra, he must not want to interfere with my own plan.'

'In fact, Lord Fairysea has not asked me my purpose in Datang City even though I've asked him about his purpose here.'

Right then, Zhang Tie quivered all over for a second as he instantly thought about a possibility, ' Lord Fairysea might...might have long known the conspiracy of third prince and Imperial Alliance. He might have known everything, including the black invitation cards and why I come here in another look?'

'He has to die! But I have to make a good plan. No loophole is allowed!'

As Zhang Tie made his decision, he found he had already come to the front of a super high grand hotel at the bank of Swordswas.h.i.+ng Lake...


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