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On the bed of Palace of Heavenly Purity which was so broad that Zhang Tie even felt guilty lying on it alone. He had a pretty sound sleep on it and didn't get up until the next sunrise. After that, Zhang Tie took a bath leisurely and rinsed his mouth. It was almost noon when he finished his hearty breakfast.

Zhang Tie finally became relaxed after being intense for a few months. He could continue to concentrate on his cultivation at full spirit.

The five iron cabinets that Emperor NnWa Palace had people deliver here had been moved to the backroom under Jiaotai Palace. After entering his backroom and closing its gate, Zhang Tie had opened all the five iron cabinets. 

There were indeed five demon heavenly knights inside the iron cabinets, including three iron-armored demons, one wing demon and one spider demon. All the five demon heavenly knights were disabled and covered with wounds. The wing demon's two wings had been broken. The spider demon was more like a meatball. Additionally, all the five demon heavenly knights were inserted with a long purple bizarre metal spike respectively on their central forehead, chest, and qi sea. 

The metal spike was called demon-nailing spike. As a high-end rune weapon in Motian Realm, as long as it was inserted into the three locations, even demon heavenly knights couldn't move anymore.

All the earlier two batches of demon shadow knights that Star Emperor Immortal Palace dispatched here were subdued by some secret methods; however, demon heavenly knights couldn't be completely subdued by a secret method; instead, they could only be controlled by demon-nailing spike.

The five demon heavenly knights looked very miserable. Given their looks, Zhang Tie could imagine how they were caught alive.

However, Zhang Tie felt pretty cool about their miserable looks. He preferred all the demons to die. Anyone who had witnessed the dark side of demons in the wars between demons and humans wouldn't have any sympathy towards demons. 

Zhang Tie walked to the front of the first iron-armored demon and observed it for a few seconds. When he found no problem with this demon, he immediately drew the demon-nailing spike out of its central forehead. 

When the demon-nailing spike was drawn out of its central forehead, the iron-armored demon opened its eyes at a stroke.

It gazed at Zhang Tie deadly with its b.l.o.o.d.y, insane eyes which were full of killing intent.

"Who are you?" The demon heavenly knight growled as it tried to struggle. Pitifully, it couldn't move at all as it still took the other two demon-nailing spikes with it while being fixed in the iron cabinet.

"Idiot..." Zhang Tie twitched his mouth in a disdainful way.

"What did you say...let me go...what do you want...I will tear you apart..." The demon heavenly knight kept growling.

Zhang Tie didn't say anything else as he put his hand on the head of the demon heavenly knight and triggered Purgatory Samsara Method to break the fire chakra of the demon heavenly knight.

The demon-nailing spike in the central forehead of the demon heavenly knight was used to seal its consciousness and spiritual power. The demon-nailing spike was especially sensitive to any change of the demon's spiritual power and chakra. If not draw it out of there, as long as Zhang Tie triggered Purgatory Samsara Method, the demon knight's brains would be blown up by the demon-nailing spike. Therefore, before triggering Purgatory Samsara Method, Zhang Tie had to draw the demon-nailing spike out of its central forehead. 

As long as the Purgatory Samsara Method was applied, the demon knight instantly felt like falling into the purgatory. It instantly changed its face while blood spilled out of its eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Closely after that, he couldn't stand to shriek loudly.

"What's this secret method...what do you want..."

Zhang Tie ignored the growls of the demon heavenly knight; instead, he continued his spiritual strike. As it was in his backroom, n.o.body would care about the demon knight even if its voice became hoa.r.s.e.

As the demon heavenly knight shrieked miserably, its fire chakra broke into pieces at a stroke. Closely after that, Zhang Tie started to absorb them madly. 

By then, the demon heavenly knight didn't look painful anymore; instead, it showed extreme fear. 

"My life...everything of mine belongs to the paramount dominator Demon G.o.d...You dirty and despicable blasphemer... Demon Emperor and the dominator Demon G.o.d will...will never let you go..." The demon heavenly knight directly broke all of its teeth as it kept wailing in front of Zhang Tie in despair. 

"Now that demons could eat humans, humans could also eat demons. They don't let me go? I won't let them go either..." Zhang Tie sneered as he soon absorbed the entire fire chakra of the demon heavenly knight. Closely after that, he inserted the demon-nailing spike into its central forehead again. As a result, the demon heavenly knight instantly became still as it closed its eyes.

Licking his lips, Zhang Tie thought, 'The demon heavenly knight in above 5 change realm is really fat. This demon heavenly knight had already reached a bit above 6 change realm. The fire element that I've absorbed from it is equal to over 10 years' ascetic cultivation of mine. If I refined all the fire element of its fire chakra, I should be able to reach above 2 change realm of the heavenly knight. 

'What a nice promotion! However, pitifully, as long as I promote to a semi-sage knight and light all the four chakras, the Purgatory Samsara Method would be useless to me. If I want to promote to a sage-level knight or immortal emperor, I have to depend on myself.'

After refining the fire chakra of one demon heavenly knight, Zhang Tie came to the second one. After drawing the demon-nailing spike out of the demon heavenly knight's central forehead, Zhang Tie continued his refinement under growls and wails.

Zhang Tie prepared to refine all the fire chakras of the five demon heavenly knights this time. After that, he would slowly absorb their fire element so as to light his own fire chakra.

Zhang Tie soon refined three iron-armored demons' fire chakras. Then, he came to the wing demon heavenly knight.

Zhang Tie found that the wing demon heavenly knight was strange. When he drew the demon-nailing spike out of its central forehead, it instantly opened its eyes. However, it didn't growl towards him like the other iron-armored demons; instead, it gazed at Zhang Tie deadly.

Zhang Tie didn't think too much about this fat on the kneading board as he started his refinement at once. Even when he shattered the wing demon's fire chakra and started to refine its fire element, the wing demon still remained silent...

Zhang Tie suddenly became alert.

'Impossible! Neither humans or demons could bear the sharp pain caused by Purgatory Samsara Method and stay silent, even the most strong-willed dauntless demon knights. Perhaps some demons could remain silent when their chakra was broken; however, the pain in the process of the refining their chakra was ten times greater than that of slicing and mas.h.i.+ng up their meridians, flesh and bones alive using hot saber spiritually and physically. How does this wing demon heavenly knight make it?'

There was only one reason for this demon knight to stay silent in this extreme situation, namely, it couldn't feel pain at all.

There were many ways to isolate someone from pain. However, there were only two ways to isolate a living demon heavenly knight from pain, being active or being negative. As for the active way, to cut off the connection between its senses and its neurons in some secret method so as to enclose its brains and awareness. In this way, it would lose its control over its own body while being isolated from pain. However, apparently this wing demon heavenly knight was captured alive in combat. Therefore, it couldn't isolate itself from pain. What was more, demon knights were usually very valiant. Among all the demon knights that Zhang Tie had met, none of them were afraid of death, not to mention pain. Therefore, even if demon knights grasped this secret method to isolate themselves from pain, they would never use it; because it symbolized weakness and impotence and was the most contemptuous behavior in demon knights' eyes...

Therefore, this wing demon heavenly knight's perception of pain must have been cut off by someone else after being captured alive. Among all the secret methods that could isolate one's perception from pain, this one must be a high-end spiritual secret method which could keep the demon's senses even spiritual perceptive capability after isolating it from pain...

As a powerhouse who was proficient in spiritual tricks after grasping the b.l.o.o.d.y Soul Sutra, Zhang Tie had a lot of secret skills. He then refined the entire fire chakra of the wing demon heavenly knight in the shortest period of time. Closely after that, under the gaze of the wing demon heavenly knight, he pointed at its central forehead.

At the same time, Zhang Tie launched a runed secret strike of b.l.o.o.d.y Soul Sutra into the mind sea of the wing demon heavenly knight using his great spiritual energy. 

Zhang Tie then felt the mind sea of the wing demon heavenly knight rock once. Closely after that, like a piece of wet sponge being squeezed, a b.l.o.o.d.y rune flew out of the deep mind sea of the wing demon heavenly knight. In the split second, it collided with Zhang Tie's rune and shattered into pieces at the same time. 

When the two runes collided with each other, the head of the wing demon heavenly knight blew up in a split second as if a bomb was detonated in a watermelon.

The invisible strength caused by colliding spiritual energy caused Zhang Tie to move one step back with a m.u.f.fled harrumph.

Meanwhile, a domineering yet a bit feminine face of a middle-aged Hua man appeared in Zhang Tie's mind sea. That strange look even took a deep look at Zhang Tie out of a bit shock...

Zhang Tie had never seen him before. However, Zhang Tie knew who he was; because he had viewed this man's image in a collection of celebrities in the study room of Dragon Emperor Pavilion.

This man was Star Emperor!

'Through this late wing demon heavenly knight, Star Emperor should have already known that I've mastered Purgatory Samsara Method.'

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