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It was Zhang Tie's first time to experience the method of an immortal emperor since he came to Motian Realm for such a long time. 

Leng Manxue had already warned Zhang Tie to be alert about Star Emperor; therefore, Zhang Tie was also meticulous. 

In Zhang Tie's opinion, Star Emperor could only take advantage of demon generals in two aspects: first, let those demon generals to arouse a big trouble in Dragon Emperor City after their iron cabinets were opened; second, after meeting Zhang Tie, demon generals would pa.s.s the image of the culprit of this trade to the side of demons, incurring a big trouble from demons. 

Therefore, when each batch of demon generals arrived there in iron cabinets, Zhang Tie would always confirm that those demon generals had lost their resistance and didn't carry any hazardous objects; especially tools that could pa.s.s messages such as jade plate before starting to break and refine their chakras. 

Besides, Zhang Tie really didn't know how else could Star Emperor take advantage of these dead fish. 

Just now, when Zhang Tie opened the iron cabinets and observed those demon generals, he had already seen through them using his lotus-flower eyes. After confirming that they could be used safely, Zhang Tie finally drew the demon-nailing spikes out of their central foreheads. 

With lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie could catch any real objects on these demon generals including silver-secret items and their physical conditions. However, lotus-flower eyes were not almighty; at least Zhang Tie couldn't see through the effects of some soul-related secret method in the mind sea of demon generals by lotus-flower eyes just like that he couldn't see one's thoughts.

The rune of the soul-related secret method applied by Star Emperor didn't show up until Zhang Tie applied a secret skill called Mountains' Reflection Skill of b.l.o.o.d.y Soul Sutra. Zhang Tie soon realized how domineering and brutal was the secret skill. Even if the wing demon heavenly knight didn't have any problem in his mind, its mind sea and brain would also blow up the moment the secret skill took effect. 

Like looking for rats in a china shop; if you didn't break up those chinas, you could barely find those rats among the gaps of chinas. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't apply this secret skill until he fully refined the fire chakra of the wing demon knight. If he did it before refining its fire chakra, he would get nothing but a carca.s.s.

Zhang Tie had not imagined that Star Emperor was proficient in such a bizarre and powerful soul-related secret skill. 

Strictly, the effect of the secret skill was similar to that of Zhang Tie's soul-transfer animal controlling skill. The difference was that by using Mountains' Reflection Skill Zhang Tie turned the wind demon heavenly knight into an information collector who had been isolated from its pain despite with senses and spiritual perceptive capability. However, by applying soul-transfer animal controlling skill he transferred a part of his original soul and spirit into one carrier while maintaining all the senses and capabilities. 

Watching the blood and brain that sprout out of the wing demon heavenly knight's head and sniffing the gradually diffusive b.l.o.o.d.y smell, Zhang Tie slightly frowned. Meanwhile, he racked his mind to sorted out this thing and work out a solution. 

Strictly, Zhang Tie had just ended a wrestle with Star Emperor in a draw. 

Zhang Tie had not imagined that Star Emperor could apply such a secret method to the demon heavenly knight. The Star Emperor simply took demon heavenly knights as sh*t. Meanwhile, Star Emperor didn't imagine that his secret skill had been discovered by Zhang Tie due to the demon knight's abnormal indifference of extreme pain. Nor could he imagine that Zhang Tie could notice his existence in this process. 

Although they didn't see each other face-to-face, it was almost like that.

It was absolutely embarra.s.sing for Star Emperor and Star Emperor Immortal Palace to be caught on the spot when Dragon Emperor examined his commodities. 

As for Zhang Tie, his greatest loss was that the secret that he grasped Purgatory Samsara Method had been unveiled to Star Emperor.

'As I'm in Motian Realm, not in Taixia Country, I don't have to carry a heavy burden because of Purgatory Samsara Method. Even though Star Emperor knows that, so what? Now that I dared ask for demon generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace as compensation, I was not afraid of unveiling the secret of Purgatory Samsara Method to them. It was completely different than exposing Star Emperor himself to me.'

Zhang Tie gradually revealed a sneer. 

'Although Star Emperor's trick makes me feel uncomfortable, it's not necessarily bad; especially after Star Emperor was caught by me on the spot.'

'If I were Star Emperor, I would definitely think that Grand Dragon Emperor had grasped some more powerful secret methods during the past hundreds of years like what I applied that night and Purgatory Samsara Method that Star Emperor has already know. None of these secret methods exist in Motian Realm.'

'As I've grasped Purgatory Samsara Method as the disciple of Grand Dragon Emperor, Star Emperor must think that Grand Dragon Emperor has grasped this secret method too.'

'As an immortal emperor, how would Star Emperor, being always skeptical, feel after knowing so many trump cards of Grand Dragon Emperor?'

'Fear, Star Emperor must fear about the Grand Dragon Emperor which has long perished pretty much.'

'If not, Star Emperor would neither have proposed to cease fire with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace nor peep into the reason that I asked for these demon knights. Therefore, what happened just now must have made Star Emperor more scared of Grand Dragon Emperor.'

'The real Dragon Emperor has already disappeared in this world; however, Star Emperor still don't know about that yet, at least now.'

'It's a good opportunity for me to strike the iron while it's hot and hold high the banner of the late Dragon Emperor.'

'If the real Dragon Emperor is still alive and very powerful, what he would do after knowing that Star Emperor applied a trick on one of the demon knights that he sent to me.'

After considering it for a short while, Zhang Tie's eyes slowly turned bright. Finally, he almost laughed his a.s.s off. 

'Now that you've created such a good opportunity for me, of course, I will grab it to blackmail you!'

Zhang Tie sent a message to Leng Manxue, "Notice Emperor NvWa Palace's agency in Dragon Emperor City, let Wu Qiankun wait for me in Yangxin Palace. I will see him in 1 hour!"

Apparently, Leng Manxue was amazed by Zhang Tie's message. She thought that Zhang Tie might be in secluded cultivation for a few months again this time. Unimaginably, Zhang Tie wanted to see Wu Qiankun soon after he entered Jiaotai Palace.

"Roger that!"

After receiving Leng Manxue's reply, Zhang Tie immediately came to the front of the last iron cabinet. After drawing the demon-nailing spike out of the central forehead of the spider demon heavenly knight, Zhang Tie started to break and refine its fire chakra in the ear-splitting wails.


One hour later, Zhang Tie saw Wu Qiankun in Yangxin Palace once again with a cold look. 

Being muddle-headed, he didn't know why Zhang Tie suddenly wanted to see him as he had just left Forbidden City yesterday.

"Your Majesty, do you have any more requirement about the trade of Dragon Emperor's Medicament?" Wu Qiankun asked conscientiously as he could easily notice that Zhang Tie was unpleasant.

"The trade of Dragon Emperor's Medicament remains unchanged. I'm not calling you for Dragon Emperor's Medicament; but for Star Emperor Immortal Palace." Zhang Tie said distantly. After that, he even uttered a cold harrumph.

Wu Qiankun finally became relieved. After rolling his eyes for a second, he asked, "Your Majesty, don't you feel pleased about the last batch of commodities?"

"General Manager Wu, do you think a pot of soup could drink with mouse dung? Last time, given the reputation of Emperor NvWa Palace and General Manager Wu, I forgave Star Emperor Immortal Palace for what they did. I didn't want to plunge the people into misery and suffering. However, Star Emperor Immortal Palace has really gone too far. They bullied Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for a couple of times..." After saying that, Zhang Tie slapped his palm onto the desk in front of him as he added with full killing intent, "General Manager Wu, you could tell Star Emperor Immortal Palace, if Star Emperor Immortal Palace doesn't mean to solve the problem in a peaceful way, our agreement will be invalid and Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace will seek revenge from Star Emperor Immortal Palace for what they did before. Star Emperor Immortal Palace could use whatever methods they could. Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is ready for that!" 

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Wu Qiankun immediately realized that something was wrong with the last batch of demon generals. However, he still asked meticulously out of a bit fluke mind, "Err...we've checked each commodity that Emperor NvWa Palace has sent here. There should...should be no problem with them...Err...Your Majesty, there must be some misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" Zhang Tie sneered as he added, "Ask Star Emperor whether it's a misunderstanding or not. You could tell Star Emperor Immortal Palace, all the conditions that I posed last time are invalid. If Star Emperor Immortal Palace still wants reconciliation with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, they must send me 10 more demon wind immortal generals in over 5 change realm or something else of the same value by the end of this year. "

"Of the same value?" Wu Qiankun watched Zhang Tie with wide eyes as he wondered about the value of a demon wind immortal general...

"Star Emperor should be crystal clear about this. General Manager Wu could directly tell my words to him!"


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