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The scorching white light made the surging seawater white. After it dissipated, Zhang Tie had long disappeared, leaving a person in bizarre s.h.i.+ny green full-body armor standing in the air. After shaking once, the person spurted out blood. Taking a look around, he unfolded the pair of metal wings on his back. Closely after that, he shot far away as fast as a lightning bolt and disappeared...

Not until then did the red sun jump out of the sea level.

After a few minutes, the air territory above the waters, where a fierce battle broke out, recovered its tranquility as if nothing had happened. 

In the distance, a flock of fish hawks was flying in the air. Some of them would dive into the water and catch a fish out of there every once a while...

One of the flocks of fish hawks was hovering there while focusing on the air territory where the battle had just broken out with its sharp eyes.

This fish hawk was Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie's subst.i.tute or Zhang Tie's eye in the air.

Zhang Tie had not imagined that he still failed to kill Si Dan the forebear of Si Clan at the cost of one subst.i.tute after preparing for that strike for one night. 

Just now, Zhang Tie got two visual angles: the fish hawk under his control and that subst.i.tute. From the visual angle of his subst.i.tute, Zhang Tie could see what had happened more clearly——

When the overwhelming scorching white light descended, Si Dan the forbear of Si Clan revealed a stunned look which left a deep impression in Zhang Tie's mind. At the most critical moment, a light suddenly appeared on Si Dan.

The light implied the start of a golden secret item. When Zhang Tie thought that Si Dan would take out a powerful s.h.i.+eld to defend it, he saw a bizarre, mighty s.h.i.+ny green full-body armor. 

Zhang Tie had not seen such a kind of powerful full-body armor silver secret items even in Taixia Country, not to mention a golden secret item.

With the protection of that set of golden armor, Si Dan was heavily injured. However, Zhang Tie's subst.i.tute disappeared the moment the white light approached him. 


"What a powerful golden secret item. Is this the real immortal outfit in Motian Realm?" Zhang Tie, who was absolutely invisible, exposed his head out of seawater over 160 miles away and murmured as he watched the direction in which Si Dan was heading for with a complex look. 

When Zhang Tie couldn't even find a proper weapon, the sage-level knight, also the head of Cyan Dragon Palace of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace had already got a powerful golden secret item——a powerful armor that Zhang Tie had never seen before. If Zhang Tie said he didn't admire him, he must be cheating. Sage-level knight's protective battle qi was already amazing. If each sage-level knight could have such a set of armor, a golden secret item, Zhang Tie had to a.s.sess the difficulty for him to kill a sage-level knight seriously in the future. 

As Zhang Tie was thinking about it, he dared not continue to stay in the waters any longer. After exposing his head for a short while, he dove into the water again. Closely after that, he swam fast towards afar quietly like a dark current.

At the same time, Zhang Tie started to consider about his current situation. Meanwhile, it refreshed his recognition of Motian Realm...

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'If Si Dan has such a powerful golden secret item, it could be speculated that Versatile Demon Emperor who was Si Dan's owner must have something more powerful than it. It seems that I'm really fortunate enough to survive Versatile Demon Emperor's attack. In the beginning, Versatile Demon Emperor didn't want to kill me as he felt I was useful. Later on, when he wanted to kill me, a stranger destroyed his plan. Therefore, I could seize the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, I might have long been killed.'

'If Versatile Demon Emperor is so powerful, those humans who could fight Versatile Demon Emperor or superb demon powers like Demon Emperor are definitely not bad.'

'There're various powerful secret items that I've not seen and superb powers with powerful trump cards that are far out of my imagination. This might only be the tip of the iceberg.'

After experiencing such a life-or-death situation in Motian Realm, Zhang Tie suddenly realized that he had not met any real powerhouses over the past 2 years. Nor had he encountered real tests and setbacks. Therefore, Motian Realm was far more complex than he could imagine.

'In the beginning, I took great advantage of the ident.i.ty of Dragon Emperor and promoted to a heavenly knight from a shadow knight rapidly. However, at the same time, the halos brought by that ident.i.ty covered my eyes too and limited my recognition about Motian Realm, causing me to lose alert and perception about real crises.'

When Zhang Tie recalled how he blackmailed Star Emperor the other day, he really oozed sweat. If not with the protective halos of Dragon Emperor or expose the real ident.i.ty that he was from the other world which meant great value for research, he might have long been killed by Star Emperor.

Now, he couldn't continue the game anymore. The halos of Dragon Emperor fabricated by him would also dissipate. Even though the other human immortal emperors in Motian Realm didn't know Zhang Tie's background, the Demon Emperor had already known that he was fake. Additionally, he must want to kill Zhang Tie by every means. Therefore, Zhang Tie could never go back to Dragon Emperor City or Dragon Emperor Big Domain anymore. As long as Demon Emperor was waiting for him in Dragon Emperor Big Domain or Dragon Emperor City, it was nothing different than seeking death the moment Zhang Tie showed up in Dragon Emperor Big Domain or Dragon Emperor City. 

Additionally, Zhang Tie couldn't bamboozle other human immortal palaces in the name of Dragon Emperor anymore. Otherwise, he was seeking death too. As long as Demon Emperor revealed a bit of information about Zhang Tie to Star Emperor or Force Emperor, he would be able to kill Zhang Tie with the help of Star Emperor or Force Emperor. If the two human immortal emperors knew that the real Dragon Emperor was not back at all and Zhang Tie was justing cheating them, it was not hard to predict what would Star Emperor or Force Emperor do. In the worst scenario, two more human immortal emperors would join the team of chasing Zhang Tie. 

As Zhang Tie was already being chased by Versatile Demon Emperor and Dark Emperor Immortal Palace, if he was taken as the thorn in the side of the two human emperor-level immortal palaces, it would be much harder for Zhang Tie to make progress step by step in Motian Realm...

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