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If one offended someone, he had to pay for it.

Not until now did Zhang Tie have a deep understanding of this sentence. Previously, he only wanted to stabilize his position in Motian Realm and acquire more requirements with the platform of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace; unimaginably, when he enjoyed so many conveniences and benefits provided by that platform, he had to pay and sustain more.

It was time for him to pay for that.

Zhang Tie even didn't know what Star Emperor would do after knowing his background given the latter's grim temperament. 

It indeed felt satisfying to refine the chakras of demon immortal generals gifted by Star Emperor Immortal Palace; however, as long as Star Emperor knew that the return of Dragon Emperor was just Zhang Tie's trick, the outcome might be not that pleasant anymore.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'Will Versatile Demon Emperor expose my background to other immortal emperors?'

Zhang Tie didn't know what Versatile Demon Emperor would do as the latter had the initiative absolutely. Additionally, even if Versatile Demon Emperor didn't leak his background to the other immortal emperors, Zhang Tie couldn't show up in the ident.i.ty of Dragon Emperor and the disciple of Grand Dragon Emperor any more as the fact that Versatile Demon Emperor had already known his secret was the worst scenario.

'If I don't return to Dragon Emperor Big Domain in the ident.i.ty of Dragon Emperor, where else could I go? What else should I do?' Zhang Tie was at a loss when he thought about the future.

It was one's normal psychological reaction. The other day, one was an emperor and a boss who owned numerous resources and population and could a.s.sume Dragon Emperor's authority as his own; however, a couple of days later, he had to abandon his ident.i.ty and all the benefits and conveniences that he could enjoy before; what's more, he was chased everywhere and could only hide from one place to another. Anyone would feel blank and helpless on this occasion.

People could barely adapt to the fast change of his ident.i.ty and situation in a short period of time, except Zhang Tie.

If others encountered such a thing, perhaps they would still be complaining about that and fidgety. However, it only took a few minutes for this man who grew up in Blackhot City as an ordinary person to drop all the negative emotions and thoughts and renew his spirit.

'I've acquired the secret methods of Grand Dragon Emperor; undoubtedly, I'm the successor of Grand Dragon Emperor. Additionally, who else across Motian Realm is more qualified to rule Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace than me?'

'I indeed have cheated others. So what? My meritorious services to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace could never be neglected. If I didn't join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, it might be a question whether Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace still exists or not. When I showed up, I unveiled the conspiracy of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and left Dragon Emperor Medicament to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. I don't feel guilty about what I did at all. At least, I lived up to the expectation of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Even though I have used some means to ascend to the throne of Dragon Emperor, I never used this ident.i.ty to bully people. Therefore, I don't feel guilty about that at all.'

'It's not a big deal even if I couldn't return to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace as I came to Motian Realm alone. In the worst scenario, I just returned to the original state. I've lost nothing at all.'

'As long as I could promote to an immortal emperor; even if I returned to Dragon Emperor City aboveboard and declared that I'm Dragon Emperor, n.o.body would dare to deny it! If someone doesn't agree, I will beat him up until he agrees. It's just a piece of cake. As long as I promote to an immortal emperor, the position of Dragon Emperor would belong to me. I could protect Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace too. In the final a.n.a.lysis, it's just a matter of power.'

'After getting rid of the limit of the ident.i.ty of Dragon Emperor and Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, I could gain freedom again. Isn't it better? Previously, I just cultivated in the backroom beneath Jiaotai Palace by absorbing elements and lighting up my chakras; now, I can travel across Motian Realm for free, taste local customs and practices, attain secret methods and rarities and fight Versatile Demon Emperor and the other powers of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace using my intelligence. Isn't it also a sort of cultivation? If I want to be a real unrivaled person, why do I fear about that?'

Zhang Tie gradually revealed a faint smile as he swam in the ocean.

'I'd better settle down somewhere so as to heal my wounds first...'

After thinking through it, Zhang Tie instantly felt as free as a bird in the sky. He then swam in a more pleasant and relaxed way...

Most of the living beings in the ocean were similar to those in the world he came from.

As Zhang Tie swam rapidly, he saw shoals of colorful fish, shrimps, jellyfish as large as tree crown, waterweeds, fierce sharks and various odd-looking aquatic lives even powerful aquatic beasts. 

After being saved by sea turtles and sand scale fish, Zhang Tie felt a sense of kins.h.i.+p with these aquatic lives.

Ocean was Zhang Tie's territory. Due to the power of Great Wilderness Sutra, waterproof body and powerful King Roc Sutra, Zhang Tie gained a supreme authority in this territory. 

When in water, as long as Zhang Tie released a bit battle qi, all the fierce aquatic beast would become as docile as kitties. All of them wanted to flatter Zhang Tie like lackeys.

Zhang Tie swam at a high speed according to the memory of his subst.i.tute. Over 1 hour later, when he reached tens of thousands of meters deep into the ocean, he finally discovered his targets... A shoal of giant vegetarian whales.

At the bottom of the ocean, a shoal of over 30 dusty blue gra.s.s-eating whales was swimming leisurely in the seaweeds as deep as tens of thousands of meters. The smallest one was longer than 100 m while all the others were longer than 500 m. The two largest ones were even longer than 1,000 m.

Those gra.s.s-eating whales didn't see Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie became thrilled at the sight of them...

Right then, a 100 m longer ferocious sea serpent who was as thick as a gasoline tank blocked Zhang Tie's way. There was already a bulging c.o.c.ks...o...b..sized bone on the top of its head. Given its qi, this sea serpent had already reached LV 17. It was absolutely a sea serpent king. 

This sea serpent king was very sensitive to changes in water. Even though Zhang Tie was utterly transparent, his movement had still caught the attention of this sea serpent king. Being startled, this sea serpent king instantly stood up before swimming towards Zhang Tie. Although it couldn't see Zhang Tie, it was ready to attack him...

Zhang Tie released a bit of battle qi, paralyzing the sea serpent king at a stroke. As a result, it dared not even escape; instead, it stayed still, exposing its underside.

Zhang Tie ignored its existence as he continued to swim towards that shoal of vergetarian whales.

After feeling that Zhang Tie didn't want to hurt it, the sea serpent king wiggled its body and followed Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, it started to perform itself beside Zhang Tie by swimming as fast as a lightning bolt or frightening the surrounding little fish and shrimps. Given its movements, Zhang Tie realized that it wanted to be his mount in the ocean in case that Zhang Tie was tired in water.

Zhang Tie almost rolled his eyes. 'Are you kidding me? Look at how poor I am, how dare I take you as my mount? Am I afraid that Versatile Demon Emperor can find me or what? p.i.s.s off. Don't tell others that you've met me in the water...'

After feeling Zhang Tie's will, the coquettish sea serpent king swam away while looking back every once a while as he dared not "hara.s.s" Zhang Tie any longer...

Only after a short while, Zhang Tie had arrived at the front of the shoal of vegetarian whales. In water, those gra.s.s-eating whales were like flat skysc.r.a.pers and underwater airboats.

Zhang Tie selected a vegetarian whale which was longer than 600 m. Closely after that, he delivered an order to it. The vegetarian whale immediately widely opened its mouth. In a split second, a powerful swirl with great suction formed in front of Zhang Tie. He then dove into the huge mouth of the gra.s.s whale along with enormous seawater. Closely after that, the vegetarian whale closed its mouth.

Zhang Tie then slid straight to the first stomach of the vegetarian whale with surging seawater which looked like a falling waterfall. 

As a huge s.p.a.ce with over 20 m in length, width and height respectively just like a huge water tank, it was close to the esophagus of the vegetarian whale. On top of the s.p.a.ce, there was a tube that could be closed whose diameter was over 1 m, leading straight to the blowhole on the back of the vegetarian whale...

It was the first stomach of the vegetarian whale.

Very few people knew that whales had 4 stomaches like cattle. The first stomach was a granary.

Huge whale rarely chewed food; instead, it gulped its food down before sending all the food in the first stomach and storing them there. After that, it would spurt surplus water out of the blowhole on the back. When it needed nutritions, it would transfer the food into the next stomach.

The first stomach of the whale was very clean. Its gastric wall was pink, smooth and wrinkled. Besides seawater, there were also long seaweeds, odd-looking items and small fish and shrimps which were swimming at the bottom of the stomach. 

When Zhang Tie came in here, the pink gastric wall started to wriggle, spurting surplus seawater out of its body through the blowhole on its back. 

After taking a look around, Zhang Tie finally understood why someone could still survive after being gulped down by a huge whale for 2 days. This place was simply like a room in the water.

There were some white which were longer than 1 m in this stomach, which were especially gulped down by this gra.s.s whale. When it suffered from indigestion, it would send some big into the next stomach so that these could rub and squeeze food for the sake of digestion...

Zhang Tie came straight to the top of a big sh.e.l.l as he started to take some rest, eyes closed, legs crossed...

Zhang Tie needed to rest urgently so that he could slowly recover his vigor...

If Zhang Tie stayed in the whale's stomach, who could find him?

It was the safest place for Zhang Tie.

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