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Chapter 1809: Zhang Tie's Arrangement

Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

It was a bizarre experience to cultivate in a whale's belly. To a certain degree, this place was even safer than the backroom beneath Jiaotai Palace of Dragon Emperor City.

Only after staying in the whale's belly for a week, due to his great resilience, Zhang Tie had almost recovered all of his traumas, internally and externally. These days, Zhang Tie mainly concentrated on cultivation and introspection.

Zhang Tie had gradually recovered his spiritual energy in his mind sea as the grey fog in his mind sea slowly faded away and finally disappeared after consuming enough spiritual energy. Only after 10 days, the grey fog in his mind sea had already shrunk by 1/3. As a result, Zhang Tie let out a sigh as he realized that it would not be as troublesome as last time when he was struck by the thunder of nirvana; otherwise, Zhang Tie might be driven mad.

Although the situation facing his mind sea made Zhang Tie rea.s.sured, the situation facing his qi sea made him restless again.

The grey fog in his qi sea was not as powerful as that in his mind sea; however, as Zhang Tie's mind sea was heavily inflicted by Versatile Demon Emperor, eroded by the weird energy of Versatile Demon Emperor and almost detonated, Zhang Tie's battle qi in his mind sea recovered very slowly and could barely be stockpiled. Therefore, the grey fog seemed to be hungry forever.

The current situation facing his qi sea was like how a water pipe with high-speed water flow was clogged. Zhang Tie couldn't alleviate this problem at all. Additionally, he couldn't form the hot sun in his qi sea even a bit. Therefore, Zhang Tie became flurried.

It soon came to May 1, on which day Castle of Black Iron was available.

The moment it came to May 1, Zhang Tie heard h.e.l.ler's warning that he could use Castle of Black Iron today. However, Zhang Tie didn't enter Castle of Black Iron immediately; instead, he took some crystal plates out of Castle of Black Iron which he could use to contact the elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

This crystal plate was auxiliary. The main one had been destroyed by Versatile Demon Emperor's fatal formation. Therefore, he could only use this one to contact Qianji Agency.

Zhang Tie sent a message and received a response at once.

Both parties soon confirmed the other's ident.i.ties. It was Ying Gucheng, one of the 5 elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace who contacted Zhang Tie in Qianji Agency.

——Your Majesty, it's great to receive your message. As we've not received your message for a few days, all the elders were worried about you…

Ying Gucheng replied.

——How's Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace?

After slightly letting out a sigh, Zhang Tie asked a question. No matter how he was now, as Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was founded by the real Dragon Emperor who imparted secret methods to him, Zhang Tie was always concerned about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

——Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is cleaning up the moles of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

——Is there any big trouble facing Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Dragon Emperor Big Domain?

——Just a bit of turmoil. We've already cracked it down. This benefited from Your Majesty's fast decision about dealing with Xia Yangming and s.h.i.+ Zhongyu. Before the moles of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace were ready to make bigger trouble, they had already exposed themselves. The other elders were paying a tour inspection across Dragon Emperor Big Domain and placating all the other immortal generals and followers of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in the regions where branches of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace were set. Some moles of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace have already escaped away since the day when the event broke out. Although some of them were caught, all of their heads were blown up, leaving no valuable information at all.

——What are the responses of Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Force Emperor Immortal Palace recently?

——The event in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace shocked Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Force Emperor Immortal Palace greatly. It's said that the two immortal palaces have already started to investigate all of their immortal generals. Previously, the two immortal palaces were still a bit hesitant about doing that. But now it's said that all the deputy heads of the two immortal palaces have paid a tour inspection across their territories and started to check each immortal general's mind sea.

——What about the results?

——It's said that some immortal generals of the two immortal generals are missing. As emperor-level immortal generals in Motian Realm have made such good examples, the other supreme-level immortal palaces also start to be intense.

——Is there any news about me and the old man in Dragon Emperor Big Domain recently?

As this question sounded a bit strange, Ying Gucheng didn't respond until a few seconds later.

——During this period when Your Majesty was missing, we're all worried about Your Majesty very much. There's no news about Your Majesty and Grand Dragon Emperor in Dragon Emperor Big Domain for the time being.

After hearing this response, Zhang Tie was neither happy nor sad. He knew that the reason that Versatile Demon Emperor had not exposed his secret to the public lay in that the latter didn't think it necessary to do that instead of showing his mercy to him. Even though he exposed this secret to the public, Versatile Demon Emperor would not gain any benefits. ‘As long as Versatile Demon Emperor could hold this secret, he would have the initiative to choose any time he wants to expose my secret for his purpose.'

‘Of course, even though he didn't expose my secret to the public, I couldn't go back to Dragon Emperor City either. I have to make an arrangement about the affairs in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in advance.'

——Elder Ying, inform the other elders that I will not return back to Dragon Emperor City for a long time in the future. I might enter secluded cultivation for a long time in a secret place. During this period, all the affairs in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace will be charged by you and the other four elders through negotiation. If you have any different opinions, you shall make a decision through votes. The minority is subordinate to the majority. As long as the three of you agree with it, you could make a decision. If you meet any major event concerning the existence of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace like that we have this time, you could contact me on the 1st day or the 15th day of each month.

Previously, Zhang Tie always entered secluded cultivation in the backroom beneath Jiaotai Palace of Forbidden City. After the event concerning Xia Yangming and s.h.i.+ Zhongyu broke out, although Zhang Tie's decision was a bit abrupt, all the elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace could understand it——As Dark Emperor Immortal Palace has already been casting greedy eyes on Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, if Zhang Tie continued to stay in the Forbidden City, as long as an immortal emperor or demon emperor raided the Forbidden City, Zhang Tie might be killed before the old man returned…

As was imagined, after hearing Zhang Tie's words, Ying Gucheng didn't even ask him about the reason; instead, he directly replied to Zhang Tie,

——Okay, I will deliver Your Majesty's order to the other elders. But we still have not received any news about Xia Yangming and s.h.i.+ Zhongyu…

——I've already killed Xia Yangming and s.h.i.+ Zhongyu!

——Ah? Your Majesty has already killed them?

——Yes, although the two people have already died, we should still not be vigilant. After this trick didn't work, Dark Emperor Immortal Palace might be carrying out the other actions. Especially when I'm not in Dragon Emperor City and the old man won't show up due to various reasons, Dark Emperor Immortal Palace might have other tricks and conspiracies. They might start rumors to shake the foundation of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. I found that Xia Yangming and s.h.i.+ Zhongyu had relations with Versatile Demon Emperor. You should bear it in mind. In the future, when the old man and I return to Dragon Emperor City, we're definitely holding Earth-River Vehicle and Heavens-Separation Sword. Meanwhile, we will definitely prove our ident.i.ties by blood in front of you. If the old man and I don't take Earth-River Vehicle or Heavens-Separation Sword or prove their ident.i.ties by blood in front of you, they must be disguised by shadow demons. You have to bear it in mind and make countermeasures against this situation.

——I have to warn you about the possible tricks of Versatile Demon Emperor in advance. On this occasion, the tricks that Versatile Demon Emperor could play will be greatly limited. We probably would be able to protect Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

——Okay, I see!

——The production of Dragon Emperor Medicament continues. Find some spare bases for producing Dragon Emperor Medicament in Dragon Emperor Big Domain as soon as possible. After that, carry out auction and trade according to my plan. In the future, besides meeting the demand of Dragon Teeth Army, all the other element crystals would be allocated by Earth-Treasures Departments!

After arranging the production and trade of Dragon Emperor Medicament and receiving Ying Gu Cheng's promise, Zhang Tie ended this talk.

Closely after that, Zhang Tie took out another crystal plate to contact Leng Manxue. After leaving some words to her, dispatching her into Dragon Teeth Army to make her a subordinate of Huang Baimei again and warning her to spend more time in cultivation, Zhang Tie ended this talk.

After doing all this, Zhang Tie finally felt rea.s.sured. Closely after that, he entered long-awaited Castle of Black Iron…

“Welcome back home, Castle Lord…”

h.e.l.ler's voice sounded as euphonic as a piece of music from heavens…

As a light flashed across his eyes, Zhang Tie was already standing in the lobby of the palace tree inside Castle of Black Iron. Standing in front of Zhang Tie with a smile, h.e.l.ler was carrying Zhang Tie's clothes…

“It's nice to see you again, h.e.l.ler…” Zhang Tie said as he took in a deep breath. Closely after that, he took his clothes from h.e.l.ler's hands and started to put them on. Not until then did Zhang Tie realize that he had been hiding for more than 10 days nakedly. ‘d.a.m.n it! That's too shameful!' Thankfully, n.o.body else was here; otherwise, Zhang Tie even would consider to kill them…

‘I have to avenge my shame!'

Zhang Tie made a decision…

“Erm… this event…” After putting on the clothes rapidly, Zhang Tie watched h.e.l.ler as he wanted to say something.

“The other three don't know that you're coming back today, Castle Lord. They're in the kitchen. I've not told them to greet you. I saw nothing just now. Additionally, I'm suffering from amnesia today…” h.e.l.ler instantly talked nonsense as his face turned serious at once.

“Amnesia? When did you suffer from such a disease…”

“Hmm, it's a common disease that s.p.a.ce spiritual beings like me would always suffer from, once in a few decades. It shows its effect irregularly. Coincidentally, you encountered it, Castle Lord…”

Zhang Tie nodded satisfactorily as he patted h.e.l.ler's shoulder heavily, “Hmm, it's a fair disease. Don't give up curing it. If you need any help, just let me know…”

“Thanks for your concern, Castle Lord, what do you want first, having some medicament or a meal?”

“Of course, having a meal first. I need to increase some energy so that I could grow out a new eye and a new arm after taking medicament. These days, I was really hungry. Inside the whale's stomach, there are nothing but seaweeds, fish and shrimps. But I'm not used to eating food in a whale's stomach…” Zhang Tie said as he strode towards the canteen as his loud sound reverberated around the lobby of palace tree, “Edward, Edward, hurry, serve my your best dishes…”

Watching Zhang Tie striding towards the canteen, h.e.l.ler revealed a faint smile as he felt Zhang Tie was full of energy again after coming back as if he returned back to Blackhot City despite losing one eye and one arm…

Watching Zhang Tie walking away, h.e.l.ler hurriedly followed him up.

As a qualified butler, how could he not serve his master when the latter was enjoying food…

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