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The b.l.o.o.d.y pledge was prepared quickly. When Bian Heng let his old servant took the b.l.o.o.d.y pledge, Zhang Tie even doubted that Bian Heng always blackmailed his patients in this way.

The process of the so-called b.l.o.o.d.y pledge was similar to that he made when he joined Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. The only difference was that this token, being used for the b.l.o.o.d.y pledge, was a little crystal dragon while the contract was a bizarre piece of semi-transparent paper being covered with dense runes.

Bian Heng soon wrote rows of words on the contract by cinnabar which gave out bizarre light. It was an employment contract. After writing it, Bian Heng cut his own thumb slightly and pressed his fingerprint on it before pa.s.sing it to Zhang Tie.

After taking the b.l.o.o.d.y contract, Zhang Tie read it seriously. The contents of this b.l.o.o.d.y contrast mainly contained the following four contents, which specified the relations.h.i.+p between him and Bian Heng.

——From today on, the employee (hereafter refer to Zhang Tie) would become the butler of Tigerback Mountain. He couldn't pose to resign for the rest of his life. As long as Zhang Tie is alive, he would be the butler of Tigerback Mountain.

——Zhang Tie is responsible for the fis.h.i.+ng ground in Whitedragon Gulf of Tigerback Mountain. Bian Heng the employer doesn't make any requirement on the management of the fis.h.i.+ng ground. Everything regarding the fis.h.i.+ng ground will be determined by Zhang Tie. Additionally, Bian Heng shall not delegate other tasks and affairs to Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie enjoys the freedom of movement.

——As for compensation, Bian Heng agrees to help Zhang Tie recover his qi sea in one year. If Bian Heng couldn't do it, this b.l.o.o.d.y contract would be null and void.

——Both parties shall keep secret for this b.l.o.o.d.y contract. 

"Do you really need one year to help me recover my qi sea?" Zhang Tie asked Bian Heng as he took the b.l.o.o.d.y contract.

"Humph, it's already the least period of time. If anyone else could help you recover your qi sea in one decade, that person would almost have no rivals in Motian Realm. If someone across Motian Realm could help you recover your qi sea, I would even call you master instead of making you my butler!" Bian Heng said confidently as he raised his head.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'Alright, just make it one year. It's neither long nor short. If he could really eliminate the trauma left by the demon emperor in one year, It shall be something. Many knights would suffer their traumas and sequels for dozens of years.'

Zhang Tie then left his b.l.o.o.d.y fingerprint on the contract, too.

Soon after that, the contract had given out strong red light while numerous runes were traveling across it. Closely after that, it burned up and disappeared. At the same time, two bean-sized runes flew into the central foreheads of Zhang Tie and Bian Heng respectively with a bit glow just like that when he promised to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

"My respects to you, master..." Zhang Tie cupped his hands towards Bian Heng as he said with a smile without feeling embarra.s.sed at all. As for Zhang Tie, a master was just like a boss or a general manager. It was just a polite appellation. By calling Bian Heng master, he would not suffer any loss. After signing the b.l.o.o.d.y pledge, Bian Heng would get his reputation as Zhang Tie would recover his qi sea. They just took what they needed. 

"Hahaha, from now on, you will be my butler of Whitedragon Gulf..." Bian Heng said happily as he burst into laughter, watching Zhang Tie.

"Err... master, when will you help me recover my qi sea?"

"Don't be anxious. It's a bit complex. I need to prepare something. Three days later, we could start medical treatment. You should get familiar with Tigerback Mountain first in case of laughingstocks.' Bian Heng said. Closely after that, he waved his hand and the gate of the parlor opened. The old man who took Zhang Tie up here just now entered again as he bowed towards Bian Heng.

"This is Qin Mu, my old slave, also the general manager of Tigerback Mountain. He's been following me for hundreds of years. When I'm not around, you could tell him if you need something..." Bian Heng told Zhang Tie as he pointed at the old man; closely after that, he pointed at Zhang Tie and told the old man, "This is Jin Wu. From now on, he would be the butler of Tigerback Mountain. He's only responsible for me. He's in charge of the entire fis.h.i.+ng ground of Whitedragon Gulf. From now on, he could access to Tigerback Mountain freely. After a while, take him to see the other people on the mountain. Don't forget to give him an ID card..."

"General Manager Qin, nice to meet you!" Zhang Tie greeted the old man with a smile.

The old man appeared having been used to see butlers of Tigerback Mountain. He just nodded towards Zhang Tie silently as he looked a bit kind.

"Oh, I remember there's a courtyard in Whitedragon Gulf." Bian Heng asked Qin Mu as he scratched his head.

"Yes, owner, Tideviewing Courtyard is at the seaside near the foot of Tigerback Mountain. It's close to Whitedragon Gulf, you've not been there for many years..."

"Is it still habitable?"

"I always have people clean it; it's still habitable!"

"Good!" Bian Heng then watched Zhang Tie as he said, "After a short while, let Qin Mu take you to Tideviewing Courtyard. You can live in there. A couple of days ago, I will treat you in that courtyard. As it's close to the ocean, it's convenient..."

Zhang Tie nodded as he muttered inside, 'Why is it convenient for treatment because it's close to the ocean...'

After saying these words, Bian Heng left there hurriedly as he scratched his head, leaving Zhang Tie and Qin Mu alone...

After Bian Heng left there, Qin Mu watched Zhang Tie, saying, "Butler Jin, let me show you around the mountain. You need to meet someone..."

"Sure, thank you, General Manager Qin..."

Qin Mu nodded as he left the room, followed by Zhang Tie.

Qin Mu took Zhang Tie straight to the complex where many people were busy working. They then walked around that place as Qin Mu started to introduce important figures to Zhang Tie.

There were totally four important figures on Tigerback Mountain besides Bian Heng. As Bian Heng's four disciples, they were respectively responsible for managing herbal gardens, herbal medicine processing center, medicinal powder center and workers' dorms.

After walking around, Zhang Tie realized that he was the No. 7 figure in Tigerback Mountain. Of course, Bian Heng was ranked first in Tigerback Mountain. Under Bian Heng was General Manager Qin, then the four disciples of Bian Heng. Then, it came to Zhang Tie. Although there were many other people in the mountain, they were just doing odd jobs and were not even qualified to approach Bian Heng.

As for those people who did odd jobs across the mountain, Zhang Tie was told that they were all enrolled for learning medical science from Bian Heng through strict tests. Some of them were famous doctors across Motian Realm. When they came to the foot of Tigerback Mountain, they were told that Bian Heng posed very strict requirements on selecting his disciples. Therefore, they made an inferior choice to do odd jobs on Tigerback Mountain. As for them, as long as they could enter Tigerback Mountain, even if they just did odd jobs, they would also learn a lot that they couldn't get from other places being imperceptibly influenced by what they saw and heard. In the future, when they left Tigerback Mountain, as long as they publicized that they had stayed in Tigerback Mountain for a few years, their social status would surge immediately...

Noticing how those people who were doing odd jobs watched him with admiring looks, Zhang Tie didn't know whether he should cry or smile.

'Tigerback Mountain is really a sacred land for learning medical science across Motian Realm!'

After figuring out the position of Tigerback Mountain across Motian Realm, another whim occurred to Zhang Tie——Now that Versatile Demon Emperor knows that I'm still alive, does he know that I will come to Tigerback Mountain for medical treatment?

'As it's in Emperor NvWa City, although demons couldn't enter it, would those people being controlled by Golden-Soul Runed Virus like Si Dan enter it?'

Zhang Tie became vigilant at once...

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