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Tang Mei watched Zhang Tie in a daze as she didn't understand why Zhang Tie became so excited.

Zhang Tie indeed had not been such excited for a long time. However, he couldn't control his mood at this moment; because he had figured out the origin of the war between deities and the conflicts between humans and demons. 

Zhang Tie was still muttering with excitement as he almost danced with joy, "According to the records, Gong Gong hit Buzhou Mountain and shattered it, causing the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the Earth to tilt towards the southeast. As a result, the sun, moon and stars moved towards the northwest and water flowed towards the southeast. The war between Gong Gong and Zhu Rong was actually not the war between water deity and fire deity, but the war between two incompatible groups originated from the same race. In the beginning, Buzhou Mountain was built on the north magnetic pole, also the rotation axis of the Earth. After Buzhou Mountain was damaged, the two magnetic poles of the Earth altered together with the rotation axis. Therefore, people could see the sun, moon and stars moving towards the same direction..."

Additionally, at this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood why Satan in western legends was a serpent, why dragon which had the features of reptiles symbolized evil in the west, why the combination of demons and humans could lead to hybrids, why Adam and Eva would degenerate after eating fruits in the Eden in the Holy Bible and why Hua people took Nvwa and f.u.xi as the forebears of Hua people...

Deities and demons shared the same origin!

The pulp that gurgled out of the ground divided the same batch of deities into two utterly different camps, G.o.ds and demons. From then on, humans had turned utterly hostile against demons. The conflicts between humans and demons also lasted for numerous years.

Unexpectedly, the real history and truth were such absurd; perhaps even those deities who arrived at this world had not imagined that they could walk on two utterly different roads because they had eaten different parts of the yummy pulp. 

A far-ancient version of "A b.l.o.o.d.y case aroused by a steamed bun"?

Zhang Tie wanted to laugh; however, he finally didn't do it.

'The origin of all these is the pulp that gurgled out of the ground?'

'No, it's people's heart which caused all these. It's because of people's heart which discerns beauty, ugliness, kindness and evil. It's greed, envy, hatred and hostility in people's hearts which caused all these.'

Even though there was no pulp, as long as those deities could discern things and have these demonic thoughts, they could never avoid disputes and casualties. Such disputes and casualties would happen between brothers, in the same clan or the same race due to issues of profits and contradictions, not to mention between different races.

According to the records, when demons disappeared and Three-Eye a.s.sociation didn't spread over humans, humans were still not in peace as humans were still fighting and killing each other and troubled with a lot of issues.

Even though in the intervals between those holy wars between humans and demons, were there fewer wars and contradictions among humans? No!

Were all the contradictions in the imperial court of Taixia Country, between sects and inside clans because of demons? Did Zhang Taixuan screw Zhang Tie up because of demons? Did those major sects in Taixia Country exclude Zhang Tie because of demons? 

As long as people had demonic thoughts in mind, they would never avoid disputes and killings.

After unveiling the secrets, Zhang Tie became excited and ecstatic at the beginning. However, when he gradually recovered his composure, he realized that he couldn't do anything to change this situation at all even though he knew all these. 

Could truth stop wars between demons and humans? No!

Could truth enable people to unite with each other and treat each other cordially? No! Could truth turn the fierce jungles into mortal paradise? No!

The truth told you about the reason; however, it could never tell you what to do!

Time was the most ruthless law. n.o.body could change what had happened, even deities. If deities could make it, there would not be wars between deities and demons. Now that what had happened couldn't be altered, what would you do when demons' sabers and swords almost approached your neck, turned your wives and children into their food and ingredients for walking deads and wanted to destroy your hometown?

Would you persuade demons with the evidence, reason and virtues and tell them that our forebears were of the same kind billions of years ago? Would you hope that demons could become peace envoys...

Would you want to give up resistance and reach out your neck for the coming death like a coward or expect to be demons' slave for a better life?

Otherwise, you took battle sabers and chopped off demons' heads and kicked them away before demons' sabers approached you, t.i.t for tat?

Actually, there was only one way! Zhang Tie only had one choice, whether his enemy was the owner of Huaiyuan Palace or demon.

On many occasions, the truth must succ.u.mb to reality. They just did as same as before. Nothing changed their original trace due to the disclosure of truth. At least Zhang Tie didn't find that the truth inside the magical rock could do any help to the current situation facing Taixia Country and Motian Realm for the time being. 

Tang Mei found that Zhang Tie gradually became excited, open-minded and finally recovered his composure. He even heaved a deep sigh.

"What's wrong?" Tang Mei asked Zhang Tie.

"I've spent so much spiritual energy in vain. The secret in the magical rock should be useful more or less!" Zhang Tie said with a bitter smile as he told Tang Mei the key information that he had learned from the magical rock. 

"Alright, I've not imagined that, either." Tang Mei became temporarily stunned too before heaving a deep sigh and said, "Even though we know the truth, we cannot change any bit of it..."

Zhang Tie said, "Yes, even if I was almighty and could make pulp gurgle out of the ground again and turn all the demons into humans, the wars between humans and demons would never stop either. By then, someone could enjoy the suns.h.i.+ne, rain and dew and the starry nightscape on the ground; someone had to live underground, where were grim, dark and full of poisonous living beings. Those on the ground admired numerous precious mineral resources. By contrast, those underground envied the good living conditions and rich food that people enjoyed on the ground. Some ambitious and greedy people wanted to own everything on the ground and underground. As a result, humans were still generally divided into two parties, who were hostile against each other. There were still different populations, nations and beliefs; however, by then, the wars between humans would not be called holy wars, but something else!"

"That's true!" Tang Mei replied.

Zhang Tie then shook head. After taking in a deep breath, he was back to reality. After taking a look at the two rarities on the high platform, Zhang Tie instantly made a decision. "I will teleport this piece of magical rock and the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm into Castle of Black Iron first in case of trouble!"


Tang Mei didn't pose any request. Neither did Zhang Tie waste time anymore. He then teleported that piece of magical rock, the remaining Nine-Heavens Immortal Spring and the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm into Castle of Black Iron at once.

As long as the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm was teleported in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie had heard h.e.l.ler's hint. "Castle Lord, a s.p.a.ce ball has entered Castle of Black Iron. Will we have Castle of Black Iron engulf it and integrate with it?"

Zhang Tie took a glance at Tang Mei. Tang Mei then nodded.

"Yes, start it!"

"When Castle of Black Iron starts to integrate with the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm, there might be some abnormal phenomena in Motian Realm. Because Buzhou Mountain is in Motian Realm, the inside of Buzhou Mountain would be influenced at first. These changes will be closely related to Castle Lord. Please stay calm about it!"


"It starts then..."

After saying these words, the Heavens of Light abruptly became dark as if it suddenly turned into the deep evening from daytime. Only the ground was giving out tender white light, which avoided the entire Heavens of Light from being pitch-dark.

Tang Mei blinked her eyes towards Zhang Tie as if she had understood it. She then asked, "Has Castle of Black Iron started to integrate with the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm?"

"Yes!" Zhang Tie looked up at the dome of the Heavens of light as he sighed. "I've finished the affairs in Motian Realm, I gotta get back to Taixia Country!"

Soon after saying these words, Zhang Tie found that his flight ability had recovered. He tried it as he slowly floated up. 

"Brother, you don't have to worry about being blocked by those deities' battle puppets anymore when you leave." Tang Mei said with a smile. Closely after that, she sighed, "As you're going to leave Motian Realm, I will return to Emperor NvWa City too..."


When Castle of Black Iron started to integrate with the s.p.a.ce ball of Motian Realm, the entire Motian Realm was suddenly in dark. In the dark, the sky of Motian Realm was glittering as many brilliant light bands were floating in the air, arousing great panic among people...

The dark lasted half a month until the sun reappeared in the sky of Motian Realm.

Very few people in Motian Realm knew why.


When the sun reappeared in the sky of Motian Realm, Zhang Tie took the last glance at Motian Realm on the top of the Buzhou Mountain before turning into a virtual image of huge 6-wing king roc which was longer than 10,000 m and diving into the s.p.a.ce crack above the core region of Mountain Ruins...


The s.p.a.ce crack was suffused with black mist. When he flew into the entrance of the s.p.a.ce crack, Zhang Tie felt like being involved in the eye of the storm. It was an endless tunnel ahead being covered with black mist on both sides. It was even releasing terrifying blue lightning bolts. 

Zhang Tie had already activated the secret skill "arrival" of "King Roc Sutra". He was flying across the mysterious dark s.p.a.ce in terms of a golden king roc. By flapping his wings, he could break all the obstacles, pa.s.s through thick mist and lightning bolts and fly forward like a streak of golden light given his sense about the location of Taixia Country...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After entering this s.p.a.ce crack for less than one hour, Zhang Tie suddenly caught sight of a pair of b.l.o.o.d.y and fierce eyes in the black-gray nihility ahead. 

Each eye covered hundreds of square miles. The b.l.o.o.d.y eyes contained a pair of golden pupils with infinite stress and fierce qi. They were staring at Zhang Tie like light&shade of mirage in the dark s.p.a.ce. 

At the sight of that pair of weird eyes, Zhang Tie's heart suddenly pounded. What the golden king roc to the pair of terrifying, b.l.o.o.d.y eyes was what a little bird to a giant.

Right in front of Zhang Tie, the black mist in the s.p.a.ce suddenly turned into a huge black hand which was thousands of miles in length. Closely after that, the black hand intended to pinch the golden king roc...

The golden king roc screeched as it instantly sped up by many times and avoided that black hand. Closely after that, it intended to peck that pair of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes like a lightning bolt with fierce golden flame all over. 

That pair of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes looked a bit furious as the lightning bolts in the s.p.a.ce instantly turned 10 times denser. After that, another huge hand of black mist came into being.

The second black huge hand didn't punch Zhang Tie; instead, it punched the s.p.a.ce tunnel directly...

As a result, the black mist became chaotic and the entire s.p.a.ce tunnel was shattered. The tide of the earth element, water element, wind element and fire element instantly submerged the golden king roc...

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