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Over 20 days had pa.s.sed in the underground s.p.a.ce. It was November now. Precisely, it was November 2nd. After 5 more days, it would be one month since Zhang Tie was taken as the G.o.d. Zhang Tie should get his monthly salary by then, if possible.

Most people's food was almost bottomed out. Although they were not starved, Zhang Tie was afraid that he had to manifest the "G.o.d's new will" in a couple of days.

"I really wonder how to explain them if I teleport food here, even fleshes of huge deep-sea monsters out of the void."

——In order to feed you, the Almighty G.o.d killed a huge deep-sea monster and brought its fleshes to you.

When this whim flashed by Zhang Tie's mind, Zhang Tie felt hilarious.

"If It's sacred to have spring water at G.o.d's will..."

"It should be acceptable to have food out of void..."

"But if a pile of fleshes came out of void, would it be?"

Zhang Tie remembered that G.o.d never sent roasted meat to those starved people in any religion or legend. When Moses and a great number of people felt hungry, the G.o.d turned dew and water drops into pies, instead of steaks or roasted meat.

If he had to do this, Zhang Tie decided to slip away the moment he returned to the ground. "F*ck, I cannot disguise as the G.o.d any longer. This is not a human job at all. Before being caught away and cut into pieces for study, I'd better escape away from Ice and Snow Wilderness as soon as possible."

If he truly feed them with the fleshes of huge deep-sea monster, Zhang Tie was not sure whether someone would connect the attack of the huge deep-sea monster against the Polar Light with this. By doing this, he might greatly break apart his halos and increase his risk. That would be very irrational.

Thinking of the halos, Zhang Tie was still confused about the new look of his battle-Qi totem. He wondered about the meaning of the new totem. h.e.l.ler's explanation was very simple, "The new totem is the reflection of Zhang Tie's will, spirit, desire and his mysterious strength. The secret of the new totem could only be explored by Zhang Tie himself. h.e.l.ler could not tell him much about it now."

Although h.e.l.ler didn't tell Zhang Tie about the answer but what he said did arouse Zhang Tie's curiosity. Zhang Tie was sure that the new totem was not simple. As for its function, he could figure it out gradually. The priority was to leave out of here.

The only good news these days was that Golden Roc Bank and the huge bear tribe had already dispatched their rescue teams here and had helped them from outside for many days. Benefited from this, they could leave out of here earlier than that they expected.

"If only the tunnel was broken through before the depletion of everybody's food." Zhang Tie walked out of the tent as he thought about this.

He slept in the main tent of the allied forces, where Gangula once slept in. Everyone thought it was reasonable, including Gangula, except for Zhang Tie, who felt a bit shameful about that.

It was really s.p.a.cious to sleep in such a tent alone. If it was before, Zhang Tie felt that Sabrina and O'Laura should always visit his tent; unexpectedly, they both kept a distance with him. Although they were on his side, even touchable, they regarded Zhang Tie with more reverence because of Zhang Tie's different status. Not only O'Laura, even Sabrina became increasingly more solemn when facing Zhang Tie.

"Is this the sacrifice that I have to make as a fake G.o.d?" Zhang Tie finally knew why those evil fathers in Blackhot city were so abnormal. "D*mn it, they have to do that..."

Seeing Zhang Tie walking out of the tent, all the soldiers who were guarding outside the main tent looked solemn.

At this moment, Roslav and Waajid walked over here. They were more like granites which had been weathering for 1000 years.

O'Laura also walked towards him while holding the sacred kettle with hands. Zhang Tie could not see her expression under the mask; after glancing at her tidy green skirt and the bracelet and finger ring that he had gifted her, Zhang Tie let out a sigh. Zhang Tie knew that O'Laura didn't care about these details before. Compared to her current look, if she wore a set of wearable warrior's clothes and carried that ugly kettle by one hand casually, Zhang Tie would feel much better.

However, Zhang Tie knew that it was impossible. Even though she disliked dressing herself up but she would also pay attention to her image in the public sacred spot. If you want a woman to dress herself casually in such a scene, it was nothing different than ruining their looks.

At the beginning, O'Laura was not used to the bracelet because emerald was very fragile for a LV 10 strong fighter. It could be easily broken. In such case, it was not suitable to wear it. Nevertheless, after noticing that Sabrina was wearing a bracelet gifted by Zhang Tie, O'Laura also wore one. Besides, she put on her finger ring of eagle's eye, which was very eye-catching. Especially when she held that kettle, her finger ring and bracelet attracted others' eyes naturally.

When Setton exposed that Zhang Tie sent the gifts to O'Laura, O'Laura's status became special. Wherever she went, she would gain respect. Although Sabrina didn't say anything, Zhang Tie could sense that her eyes turned increasingly gloomier.

Zhang Tie knew that O'Laura and Sabrina disliked each other. Unexpectedly, they were still contending with each other at this moment.

Sabrina's counterattack made her a real G.o.ddess. As she was responsible for distributing the water in the 7 huge vats, Sabrina could touch more people. Zhang Tie checked there when she was working and found that her smile was so pure and kind. Her gentle att.i.tude almost made Zhang Tie mistake her for someone else.

Therefore, in this period, the G.o.ddess Water's name was even louder than that of the G.o.ddess Kettle.

Zhang Tie walked ahead of them quietly in a sacred and solemn way.

After a few steps, Zhang Tie looked around and stared at Roslav and Waajid, "You two don't need to be that serious, so doesn't others. If you don't know how to relax the muscles on your face, you can attempt a smile. I won't mind that. So won't others!"

Hearing Zhang Tie's words in a solemn manner, Roslav and Waajid slightly frowned their foreheads. After exchanging glances with each other, Roslav twisted his strong neck as he ordered his soldiers, "Have you heard that? Relax your facial muscles and smile!"

Looking at those twisting faces, which could almost scare kids to cry, Zhang Tie was finally defeated, "Alright, whatever you want. But don't force yourselves to smile. Take it easy!"

Everything recovered.

After accessing to the path which was surrounded by tens of thousands of people, they arrived at the entrance of the tunnel, where Sabrina and her female cavalries were waiting in the most pious manner.

Although everyone had seen what Zhang Tie was going to perform for many times, they still kept their eyes on the water which flew out of the kettle constantly like enjoying a very beautiful drawing in a pious and solemn look. Many people knelt down the ground while putting their palms together. It seemed that their minds was filled with holiness...

When he caught sight of their expressions which were almost the same, Zhang Tie understood it right away. He was afraid that he could not make their faces relaxed before they escaped out of here.

The G.o.d's will was manifested once again. After the ceremony, Zhang Tie handed the kettle to O'Laura. After that, he started an hour preach...

The moment he opened his mouth, everyone became fascinated while Maxim rapidly noted them down...


When Zhang Tie was preaching, the other end of the tunnel was completely different.

A 1000 m long team of 70,000-80,000 soldiers were moving away all the stones that blocked in front of them...

A huge rock blocked their way, which could be barely moved.

"Go away!", hearing this roar, those experienced ones hurriedly ran away. With a gleaming battle-Qi, a figure flew over here. With only one punch, he had inserted his palm into the huge rock. The huge rock was broken into pieces at once, which now could be easily moved.

Closely after that, the soldiers rushed forward and moved all the stones in a wink like diligent ants.

Half an hour later, after another huge rock was broken into pieces, the soldiers yelled as they had broken through the tunnel.

What made everyone curious was that n.o.body was in the opposite. When they were dumbfounded, a team of powerful fighters had already rushed in.

Hearing the footsteps surging towards him from behind, Zhang Tie's heart pounded heavily. He was so thrilled that he wanted to jump up. Thankfully, he stood still and didn't move. So didn't the tens of thousands of people.

After breaking through the tunnel, the soldiers only saw a handsome young man sitting on a stone platform in a solemn way. Those tens of thousands of people whom were supposed to be flurried and thrilled were all sitting calmly in front of that young man while crossing their legs. They didn't even look that the newcomers at all.

Only that person's sound was resonating clearly in the relics.

Two women were standing on the young man's sides. One woman was holding a kettle. Roslav and Waajid were standing behind that man with a team of the huge bear soldiers.

The scene in front of them had undoubtedly indicated that young man's status.

Those newcomers drew in a deep breath.

"All the fear comes from your false perception, which is the nightmare. Suppose I cast light on a person who is making the nightmare, he would also include the light into his nightmare and intensify his fear. When he wakes up, if he recognizes the light, he will become fearless while the false nature of nightmare will be exposed. This doesn't rely on your illusions and false perceptions, but on your perception about the real world. The perception not only makes you free, but also makes you clear that you're born to be free..."

After saying this, Zhang Tie stopped, as he calmly looked at those soldiers who had just rushed in. Zhang Tie sensed a powerful Qi from these fighters.

Zhang Tie finally let out a deep sigh. He knew that his career as the fake G.o.d would finally come to an end.

However, Zhang Tie became happy too early...

When the team of soldiers arrived in front of Zhang Tie, they all knelt down in front of him with one knee when Zhang Tie thought that they would say something. Even Roslav, Waajid and those huge bear soldiers walked to Zhang Tie's front and knelt down together with them.

Not only Zhang Tie, even O'Laura and Sabrina didn't know what was going on.

"My Lord, the huge bear tribe welcome you back to the Sacred Mountain!"

When they knelt down, they caused a boom, which woke up everyone else.

Zhang Tie's brain powered off for a few seconds. If not he knew that n.o.body was behind him, he really wanted to see whether these guys were talking to him or not.

"Roslav, what's going on? When did I become the lord of huge bear tribe!" Zhang Tie calmly said while his heart was pounding. "Are they playing a trick with me?"

"Since you were born, you were doomed to be our Lord. This is the prophecy of our great pontiff Elzida. Pontiff Sarlin has already confirmed it. We've already waited for this day for hundreds of years. Please forgive us. Waajid and I have already confirmed your status. However, we didn't tell you about that. If you're angry about our concealment, hope you can be satisfied with this..." after saying this, Roslav and Waajid exchanged glances with each other while a fort.i.tude look flashed across their eyes. Meanwhile, they drew out their daggers and stabbed towards their own hearts.

Seeing this, Zhang Tie raised his hand and fly out to knock off their daggers at once...

After thinking about it for a short while with his eyes closed, Zhang Tie finally opened his eyes, "Is Pontiff Sarlin above there?"

"As Pontiff Sarlin is too old, he's not convenient to come inside. Although he's together with the army, he could only welcome you above there!"

"Let's leave out of here first!"

Zhang Tie picked himself up and walked towards the entrance of the tunnel...

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