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Zhang Tie was surrounded by 7 people, all of which were average soldiers below LV 6. Although they were not powerhouses, they had very rich fighting experiences. They attacked Zhang Tie's different parts ferociously in different attacking frequencies. As Zhang Tie could not fight back, Zhang Tie had a very limited s.p.a.ce to move.

However, in the limited s.p.a.ce, Zhang Tie's performance was really shocking in the process of being beaten by clubs and wooden sticks.

Commoners might not figure out Zhang Tie's intention, however, in the eyes of that powerhouse who watched that together with Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie was unconsciously controlling the attacking frequencies by moving his feet. Furthermore, he even chose where to be beaten.

Through Zhang Tie's movements in the limited s.p.a.ce, the parts of Zhang Tie's body which would be beaten by those weapons were not determined by those soldiers, but by Zhang Tie.

After a short while, the major general found that a soldier had attacked Zhang Tie 8 times consecutively, each time on a different part like hindneck, left shoulder, right shoulder, lower abdomen, forebreast and arm.

In the end, that person's stick fell on the subscapular position of Zhang Tie's left shoulder.

The same to all the other soldiers.

An average LV 9 fighter could easily realize this when facing a LV 5 or LV 6 soldier's attack. However, Zhang Tie faced 7 soldiers.

That meant that Zhang Tie had to judge 7 opponents' attacking speeds, locations and constantly change his movements so as to have the disorderly attacks develop according to his own will at each second.

As those soldiers could attack several times a second, actually, Zhang Tie had to deal with over 10 attacks from all directions each second.

Those soldiers who attacked Zhang Tie didn't change. But Zhang Tie changed, causing everything change.

Additionally, Zhang Tie's movements were not from advanced secret knowledge. After watching it carefully, the major found that Zhang Tie had five kinds of footsteps, namely bow step, sliding step, side step, jumping step and quick short step. However, the five basic footsteps became marvelous under Zhang Tie's foot. Even though soldiers who attacked Zhang Tie had not found that Zhang Tie didn't even move his hand through the entire process. However, their attacking frequencies had been regulated and controlled by Zhang Tie's footsteps.

Controlling the opponents' attacking frequencies with changing footsteps?

In such a relaxed state?

Such an ability could only be described as terrifying.


"Ah, don't beat my face. Are you jealous about my handsome face..."


"Buddy, even though I want you to beat me, you cannot knock that place with your stick, that's my heirloom!"


While being beaten, Zhang Tie was still joking with his partners. A lot of onlookers burst out laughter. Some soldiers, when tired, would be replaced by another one at once.

Lan Yunxi realized the difference between Zhang Tie and her while watching him playing jokes with those soldiers while being beaten by them.

She couldn't do this. n.o.body in Hidden Dragon Palace could do this, not to mention her. None of the fighters above LV 9 in the Crystal Battle Fortress could do it. However, Zhang Tie made it although having won an honor in Selnes Theatre of Operations.

In Zhang Tie's eyes, he indeed treated these commoners as the same as him. No matter what to do with these people, he would neither feel embarra.s.sed nor feel being humiliated about that. Instead, he could enjoy it.

Although she would not discriminate against these commoners, she knew that she was different from these people. She knew it since she was young. Perhaps no high-level fighter or guy with a bright future who had awakened their ancestral bloodline would feel as same as these commoners, except for Zhang Tie.

This was also the biggest difference between Zhang Tie and all the others.

For the sake of those strange commoners, he even violated clan regulations and suffered in Heavens Cold City.

Here, he was enjoying being a human flesh bag of those commoners.


Lan Yunxi sighed inside. At the sight of Zhang Tie's jubilant look which had not been seen in recent months, Lan Yunxi's looked also turned mild.

Zhang Tie had long noticed Lan Yunxi and the man in a major's military uniform. The moment Zhang Tie glanced at that man's military uniform had he knew that there was trouble.

However, Zhang Tie didn't stop. He kept training until oozing all over. When he felt okay, he finally stopped and walked towards Lan Yunxi and that man.

Seeing Zhang Tie stop, the other soldiers exchanged glances with each other and knew that Zhang Tie had something to deal with, therefore, they all left.

"Senior sister apprentice Lan!" Zhang Tie came to the front of the two people.

"This is Ford, major general of the alliance command." Lan Yunxi introduced the man to Zhang Tie.

"Nice to meet you." that man reached out of his hand before Zhang Tie gave a salute to him, "I've long heard about the name of Selnes Eagle. Nice to meet you!"

Zhang Tie then shook hands with that man, "Major general, what can I do for you?"

After looking around, major general suggested, "Let's change locations."

"Fine, let's talk about it in my airs.h.i.+p."

Zhang Tie then invited the two people into the airs.h.i.+p.


After making a cup of tea for Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi, and the major general, the crew member left, leaving the three of them in the command module.

Major general watched Zhang Tie for a second before getting straight to the topic.

"There are some new situations about the demons' occupied zone in the north, which made the alliance command very concerned." The major general threw a glance at Zhang Tie. "If we don't confirm it and obtain some information in time, the human's defense line in Selnes might collapse in a very short time."

Lan Yunxi might have already known about this. Therefore, after listening to major general Ford's words, she didn't look too amazed, instead, she just faintly frowned.

"What's that?" Zhang Tie turned solemn.

"Demons might produce demonized puppets in a large scale in the occupied zone in the north. Many people could not escape out of the collapse zone in time. Therefore, most of them might have been killed and become demonized puppets. Now we're facing 2 or 3 millions of demonized puppets. In the future, we might face 20-30 millions of demonized puppets, even above 30 million. Do you know what that means?"

If we had to face 20-30 millions of demonized puppets, Zhang Tie knew that the Selnes defense line would collapse for sure. Demons only needed to dispatch all of those demonized puppets here. They would beat the allied human forces of 5-6 million people. Now, the most important reason for Selnes human defense line to sustain was that the human forces outnumbered the demonized puppets. As long as this advantage was lost, even though humans had air superiority in a short time, it was still meaningless.

Because airs.h.i.+ps had to land on the ground sooner or later. Additionally, airs.h.i.+ps' air-to-ground striking ability was limited.

After being silent for a few seconds, Zhang Tie asked, "Doesn't it take a puppet worm egg of a parent worm a long time to hatch after entering a person's body? How come demons cultivate so many demonized puppets in the occupied zone so fast?"

"It was true in the 2nd holy war. It took demons at least 6 years to occupy a place before obtaining a demonized puppets corps. But it's different now." The Major General watched Zhang Tie with a worrying look. "We got some intelligence. Demons might have already mastered a new ability, with which, they could realize the large-scale production of parent puppet worms. Additionally, they could stimulate humans being infected by parent puppet worms to turn into demonized puppets in a very short period."

As Major General Ford said this, he took out of a photo from his suitcase and placed it in front of Zhang Tie, "We obtained this photo at a great cost."

Zhang Tie looked over the photo.

That photo was taken in the evening. The photographer was a bit farther from the target. Therefore, the photo looked a bit blurry. However, Zhang Tie recognized a huge pyramid-sized object in the photo. However, it was not a pyramid, because pyramids were made of stones. It looked more like a mountain of flesh, which was covered with dense holes like honeycombs while disgusting mucus flew out of the holes.

There were numerous humans below that object, who were queuing up and moving into that dark huge entrance of that pyramid-sized object like walking dead.

At the sight of this photo, Zhang Tie felt chilly as gooseb.u.mps formed all over his back.


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